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immigration unitfailure to provide full service

I paid the Immigration Unit proffesional fees of £4800 and they have now ceased trading. I have had no contact from them, and dont know how to reclaim my fees.


  • Wa
    wayne'o Feb 09, 2016
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    Verified customer

    I'm sorry to hear about all of you poor peaple who have been taken by Ryan and Han's Kroonenburg.I would love to help all of use. I'm not sure how all of this work's but I think I have a way of finding out were they all are, I also have many more story's that could help in the media eye's. My name is Wayne Kroonenburg and yes I am directly relate to both of them. [email protected] talk to me and I will try and help.

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  • Ch
    chinkybarker Oct 07, 2015

    Hello every one, i also was one of many, i felt sick of losing so much money for nothing, ya i did all my home work as well but it came to nothing, i tryed everything to get my depsoit back .To this day even after so many years have passed it still makes me feel sick knowing people like this can still get away with this, they say dreams cost nothing, but what a costly dream, its all wrong, some one should pay, dont tell me know one new what was going on.

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  • Ir
    IrishDevil Dec 31, 2011
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    Hi there
    My and I decided to go through the process of emigrating from South Africa to New Zealand. We did our homework and approached a number of companies in this regard. Finally we decided on Immigration Unit based on perceived professionalism and reports from friends that had used them.
    We went for our initial interview with them, filled out the necessary paperwork, sent our qualification certificates etc, and paid a R20, 000 upfront payment. Things were progressing well and then the communication stopped. I tried everything to make contact without any luck. I flew down from Johannesburg to their Head Office in Cape Town, which I found locked up and obviously shutdown. Upon further investigation with the neighboring company I was told that, 2 weeks previously, two gents arrived at 10:00 in the morning and told everyone that they had 30 Min to vacate the premises.
    I have tried to find out who the liquidators are I have been to the Master of the Court and to date I still cannot find out any information as to who the liquidators are.
    I accept that the money has gone but all I want is our file with our original certificates enclosed. We have copies but these are not the same.
    If anyone has any information about this I would be eternally grateful.

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  • Vi
    VisaConnectionVictim Apr 16, 2011

    We paid £2300 to Clare Molnar director of Visa Connection. They also went bankrupt in 2009. There was an article about it here;

    I think the credit crunch wiped out a lot of migration agents. I love how ever one accuses it of being a "scam" or a con. The reality is lots of agents went under all around the same time. Did they all plan this together? I doubt it. Thankfully we are now in Australia after doing our application ourselves.

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  • 4c
    4cornersvictim Apr 08, 2011

    We were ripped off by 4 corners immigration. We lost £4, 500 and had to start all over again. They went bankrupt in 2009 around the same time as imigration unit, visa connection & live in Australia. There is a thread about it here.

    The company was acquired by another company, however if we wanted to continue with 4corners then we would have to pay another £4500 to the new company. We decided to go it alone. That makes 4 agents who went bankrupt in 2009. Did anyone get their money back? Why did so many migration agents go bankrupt in the same year? Any ideas? We are trying to submit our application before the July 1st deadline. After that we won't be eligible. It just doesn't seem fair.

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  • Es
    Esteban Ramirez Apr 04, 2011

    Hi Stanswanwell,

    Well we finally got back our skills assessment. It was rejected due to not enough evidence. I can't believe it! Get Me My Visa promised we would get through, now we have to either appeal the decision or resubmit a whole new application to TRA. We are fuming! So far Get Me My Visa has not replied to any of our emails. No we don't have a back up plan after this. We are pinning all our hopes on get me my visa. I'm not sure who the registered agent is for this company? They are in Australia so they must have a MARA agent but I can't see anything on the paperwork they have sent me and the website is still "under development". We only went with this agent because we were recommended them by a friend of a friend. If it all goes tits up I think I'll fly over there and protest at their offices.

    Sorry to hear about your experience with We had friends who were using them as well however they lost all their money when the company went bankrupt. My sister was using Visa Connection and they ALSO went bankrupt in the credit crunch. I make that 3 agents who went bankrupt in 2009,, imigration unit & Visa Connection. Does anyone else know of any other migration agents who went bankrupt? Maybe we should form some kind of help group!

    Wishing you the best of luck. I will update you guys on our progress!


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  • St
    stanswanwell Apr 01, 2011

    Hi Esteban,

    We are using Get Me My Visa and have found them helpful so far but they have really messed us around on our application. We were but they also went best in the credit crunch and we lost all our money. We switched over to get me my visa as they charged half the price of other agents.

    We originally started looking at Oz about 3yrs ago & started the application process early last year; however things don't seem to be going our way.

    My nominated occupation is 323111 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics).
    & it was looking great in January last year - positive TRA, occupation listed on the Occupations in Demand list as 'top priority' etc etc. We were hoping to get State Sponsorship form Western Australia. But we were put on hold until DIAC came up with their new plans.

    In September last year we found out that had gone in to liquidation and we lost all our money. Then in December last year we checked the WASOML list and our occupation wasn't on it! WTF!!!

    So our back up plan is Queensland!! It was our 2nd choice, after all. Occupation listed on their SMP, no probs !! Then when we found out that we were WRONG AGAIN. Our application was rejected as "While your occupation meets the eligibility criteria to be considered for state sponsorship, there is not sufficiently high demand for your skills and experience to offer sponsorship at this time. "

    Unfortunately, time is not on our side as me - the main applicant is 44yrs young and I turn 45 in August.

    I cant believe Get Me My Visa did not check our application before lodging it to Queensland. We are looking at other states but I'm not too optimistic.

    Apart from the 176 visa route, we really haven't thought about other options - didn't really want the instability of a non PR visa, being a family of 5... but now we don't know what to do. Do you have a pack up plan at all? We are under pressure with both the age dead line and with the coming rule changes. I cant even sleep at night! I'm not sure you will have enough time even if you have your skills assessed now. It depends how far along your application is. Are you in the UK

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  • Es
    Esteban Ramirez Mar 28, 2011

    You paid $25, 000 for a visa? Which migration agent charged you that? That's day light robbery! We are using Get Me My Visa in Darlington Sydney. They charged us $2, 500 but we have yet to submit our permanent residency application and we are running out of time. We have been told that all the rules are changing on the 1st of July and that we may not be eligible for a visa. We received the following email from Get Me My Visa;

    Distinction between 40/50/60 point occupations abolished, those points removed from test
    Age points adjusted to reflect productive working years rather than youth
    Additional 10 point differential introduced for “Superior English” language ability (IELTS 8)
    Additional points for extended periods of employment in Australia
    Additional points for longer periods of professional experience generally
    Considerable additional points for university graduates, particularly for applicants with PhDs
    Relative advantages of trade and degree qualified occupations have been reversed
    Regional nomination and family sponsorship points reduced
    No indication of difference between independent and sponsored pass marks at this stage
    Pass mark of 65

    This is how it affects us

    Occupation: now 0
    IELTS 7: now 10
    Overseas employment: now 15
    Age 40-40: now 10
    Community language: now 5
    Overseas degree: now 15
    Total: was 120, now 55

    We are desperate to to get our permanent residency visa. Has anyone else used Get Me My Visa? We are still getting our skills assessed, do you think we will have enough time to submit our visa before the rules change?

    Esteban Ramirez

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  • Ma
    Martin Smith Mar 28, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We went to Immigration Unit in 2006 after my wife saw an advert in the newspapers. They made the arrangements and we arrived in Perth January 2007. We contacted them to advise that we had arrived. Rupert told us to follow the plan. then we tried to contact him again and had no luck. We had to engage a migration agent here which cost $25, 000. Then in 2008 Ryan came into our shop in Perth and gave us his card and told us he was involved in Silver Trail. When we said his fathers company did our migration that was the last we heard of him.
    Martin Smith Perth, WA

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  • Jo
    John J Brown Mar 27, 2011

    Just came across this ... I was conned out of A$50, 000 by Ryan Johannes Kroonenburg who was involved in a company in Perth, Western Australia called ABS ( Australian Business Services). He gave me migration advice. He son Ryan was involved with Immigration Unit ( [email protected]) Ryan Johannes Kroonenburg B.COMM, Immigration Visa Services Limited, (UK Company No: 4775143), Virginia Lodge, Blacknest Road, Virginia Water, Surrey GU25 4NU, United Kingdom, UK Calls [protected], or [protected], Fax [protected], International Calls dial ++[protected]
    The Kroonenburgs left Perth in a hurry in 2002 when the Tax Autorities wanted to talk to him. He may have a history of this kind of "fee paying advice" Suggest you contact DIMA in Australia. You may also like to contact Richard Gregan who is a UK Migration Agent who has also an interest in the Kroonenburgs

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  • Sh
    shirley h Feb 07, 2011

    so many people ripped off by these crooks its unbelieveable, i too was got to the tune of 5000.i too was told by the police that it was a civil matter this was nearly 3 yrs ago and it is still eating me up inside i am still paying back the money can they get away with it, this is daylight robbery, surely there is something that we can all do together.between us all its a substantial amount of money.if i stole a 10 pound pair of jeans id get jail in northern ireland????????

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  • Bu
    burnt46 Feb 07, 2011

    well its good to here this info before i go thrugh with handim=ng over cash

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  • Tu
    tukalorsee Feb 04, 2011

    we were ripped off by immigration unit about two and a half years ago.we cant believe there are posts from within the last couple of far as we knew they were dead and buried.there was no chance of ever seeing any cash back.5000 grand in our case.they filled us full of hope, took our life savings, looked us in the eye.(we went down to the main office to check them out.)then made fools of us.reading through some of the posts we got the same spiel.we are firm believers in karma and truely believe mr kroonenburg will suffer a slow and pain-full agonising death, as he deserves. tukalorsee.

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  • Ch
    christina crooks Feb 02, 2011

    this is a night mare situation i have jst realised that the company corporate migration who took over imigration unit dont have my fee of 4800 this fee was payed on top of fees for work done on my case.
    has anyone got any advise or recent information???

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  • Ha
    Happy to oblidges Oct 21, 2010

    Kroonenburg like all honest innocent, company directors surprise, surprise jumped on a flight back to South Africa, so I am reliably informed, I also understand authorities are aware of this, & would probably like to have alittle chat with him if he returns to these shores.

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  • Jo
    John McPake Oct 01, 2010

    We too were taken in by Immigration Unit and lost a lot of our hard earned money. Does anyone know where Johannes Kroonenberg actually is living at the moment, as our last known address of this man was in Virginia Waters, UK. Any information would be grately appreciated.

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  • St
    Stick542 Sep 13, 2010

    I am another person who has been ripped off. Just under £6000. What can we do about this con-man? I know what i, d like to do to him! The newspaper here in Scotland ran an item on it a while back, but it looks as if we have all been stung. When it was all happening a new company that has taken over from Immigration Unit told me that they could keep applying for me to get a visa, but it would cost me more cash to try. No way was I taking a chance to loose anymore of my hard earned cash.

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  • Is
    ISHAN puran Aug 31, 2010

    I have also been conned by Hans Kroonenburgh and Team by the name of immigration unit. i am a south african who met these guys at a public seminar. Having been promised my visa within six months, I stupidly paid these guys ZAR18000. they have done nothing for me all i got was a roadmap for the prossesion of the visa. when i got all my documents to submit i was told that they have liquidated and bye bye zar18000.

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  • Ca
    Calgaryclaimer May 10, 2010

    Hi I receved a letter through the post like many claimants against immigration Unit, from trading standards dissapointingly saying they were closing the case, I & I know of at least two others have complained as we never had the opportunity of interview unlike certain individuals who worked at immigration unit.

    There is a further route of complaint if you follow this link;, 128804&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

    It is for Hull Trading standards but the same applies to Surrey.

    Many questions on this case remain unanswered, & at present it is too easy to walk away from it, & let these people off the hook.

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  • Li
    lisa many May 10, 2010

    Does anyone know how we can get our paper work back from the immigration unit as i sent original school certificates and still trying to emigrate to which i will need them. i didnt realise i had to send copies and forgot about them . Does anyone know of any good immigration companys who we could go with.

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  • Li
    lisa many May 03, 2010

    i dont belive we could be this unlucky again weve only paid them £100 so far now we dont know what to do, our next installment is due on the 16th may. does anyone know of any good immigration companys . I just seen advert on this site for a company called capital visas and checked complaints and they have none. Thanks to canman for letting us know, at this rate were gonna end up staying and we really want to go. Lisa m

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  • Ca
    camman Apr 29, 2010

    Global Visas have a lot of complaints against them, many more than Immigration Unit. Search for Global Visas on this website, there are loads of complaints. We were thinking about using them too, until we saw how many complaints there were about them.

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  • Li
    lisa many Apr 28, 2010

    we found out that the imigration unit had gone into liquidation in jan 2010 as we put ours on hold until we sold our house, we then tried to phone them to the lines being dead, we went online only to find out they had gone bust. We paid them £5, 800 to go to canada. We know we wont get our money back and there is nothing we can do about it, but when its youre dream to emigrate its heartbreaking. We are now going through a company againbut its not as expensive as before. We are having help with paper work but doing most of it ourselves .The company is gloable visas and we hope everything with them will be ok as now its hard to trust the genuine companys. hopefully if its meant to be we will get there. lisa m

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  • N0
    n0166895 Apr 21, 2010

    Sorry but Johannes Kroonenberg had told our bank that we pulled out of the agreement. We also sent money to Immigration unit but apparently, we paid it to an investment bank, called cawendish hauser, and because they are still running we cannot get our money back.

    On our contract it states, that the agreement is with 'immigration unit ONLY and the client (ourselves) and no one else'. So our money has gone to cawenish hauser, who are not stated in the contract anywhere and Johannes Kroonenberg has said we pulled out of the agreement. He has also sent clients on a wild goose chase all the way to Canada knowing that they could never get citizenship. All this points to deciet/hes a con man.

    As much as he is to blame it seems that many of us have been let down by our banks, who for some reason are taking hanns kroonenbergs word over ours even though he has shown no evidence and we we have shown more than enough proof.

    From what we've shown a Birmingham newspaper, they believe that they can make enough of a fuss to cause a stir.

    Also i havent mentioned that after immigration unit went bust, corporate migration, a trading name of immigration consultants ltd, got in contact with us saying that they can take over from immigration unit, but we'd have to pay more money...this comany was the same company as immigration unit, they were trying to con us out of more money even after they had gone into administration. We have all the emails and letters to prove it. This is what weve shown our newspaper. THIS IS FRAUD.

    Our paper has informed us that if we can get others to com forward with their stroy publicly then we could cause more of a stir. So if your interested please get in contact. Email address is on a previous post.


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  • Co
    complaintman Apr 20, 2010

    We've got our visas now and we spent too much time, energy and money on this last time so I dont think we'll get involved.

    You should be careful what you say on this forum as its available to everyone. Calling someone a con man directly and then giving your full name is a very dangerous game. You are opening yourself to claims of libel and given the circumstances it would be very difficult to refute.

    When our solicitor investigated the company they said that there were at least 50 members of staff in this country. He said that if the company was to be tried for fraud, they would all have be involved in the case. Were they all con men, I'm not so sure? It looks to me like it was a legitimate UK company that went bankrupt. They may have given bad advice, in which case its professional negligence. But considering they are not still trading and haven't been doing so for 12 months, there's not a lot we can do. Also we tried taking it to the media ourselves and its not really a story the media want to pick up. A business going bankrupt in 2009 is not really a story!

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  • N0
    n0166895 Apr 20, 2010

    Was just wondering if any of you would like to get together or speak via email or phone and discuss this issue. I feel if we all come together and press trading standards, and our perspective banks that we have a greater chance of getting our monies back and also exposing Johannes Kroonenberg for what he is, a con man.

    My family are currently in contact with a local, Birmingham newspaper who are considering putting a section in their paper about Immigration unit, trading standards and perspective banks that have let us down. Id esepcially be interested in anyone who banks with Abbey, as that is our bank, and i feel the role they have played has been nothing less than dispicable.

    If you are interested please contact me at:

    [email protected]



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  • Ti
    Time for the truth Apr 18, 2010

    Hi found these comments really interesting,
    What I can't work out is why immigration Unit, would send out an undated letter to it's clients, telling them there's a change in policy, but forget to tell people that the policy meant the original pathways people where on had now been blocked. That they let people travel abroad, & tried to extend visas for them on pathways that they knew could not be acheived, whilst still taking monies from people.
    What I can't understand is if a company that has great experience in migration, why would it not inform it's clients of these changes & instead in a letter explain it away as a delay in processing times.
    What I can't understand is if the company is aware of the policy changes it still witholds clients monies, when if it can't gain those visas on a no visa/ no fee programme it then doesn't contact it's clients & return there monies?
    What I also do not understand is why Hans Kroonenburg would promise in an email that he could get you citizenship after all of this is alledged to have happened?
    What I also cannot understand is why they would allow a client nearly a year later under the same scheme that trading standards say is defunct to travel to canada & still attempt to gain employment.
    What I also cannot understand is when The Apprenticeship Board of Alberta, Service Canada & The temporary Foreign Workers department in Canada all say that this process is illegal & that individuals travelling from the UK under this scheme are illegible then why our government departments when presented with that information don't want to listen?
    What I can't understand is that when you have tape recorded telephone calls of people promising these things can happen later! these departments don't want to listen to that evidence.
    Perhaps it's a case of not what you know, but who you know!!

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  • Yi
    Yickerman Apr 15, 2010

    Hi Roberto

    All that I submitted were the receipts for the £4800 and copies of e-mails that I had received confirming that I had 5 years to complete the process.

    The clincher was the e-mails because after having my complaint referred twice it was upheld that the e-mails clearly stated that I had five years.

    With Immigration Unit going bust I could no longer receive the services that I had paid for.

    Hope this helps.

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  • N0
    n0166895 Apr 13, 2010

    Hi Yickerman,

    Hi my family have been also conned out of over £5000 by immigration unit/immigration consultants ltd. We too had the money refunded, but then taken back out of our account by Visa. My mother paid using her visa debit card, and we knew we were insured under the chargeback clause. We have proven that we have not recieved what we had paid for and that the company have gone into administration. Apparently we are not entitled to the money because it was paid to 'Cawendish hauzer' and Swiss company who are still running. But we cannot get intouch with this company and, to the best of our knowledge are not an immigration consultancy and the only connection between the companies is that Johannes Kroonenberg is director of both. We bank with Abbey and paid using a visa debit card. All Abbey are saying is that its a civil matter. If you dont mind me asking, who do you bank with and who is your credit card company? Also what information did you provide your credit card company/bank with? Because we have shown so much evidence that we are entitled to our money back but just keep gettin thobbed off.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, we are still trying to get our money back and are considering going to the media.
    Again any help would be much appreciated.


    Roberto Flint

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  • Yi
    Yickerman Mar 31, 2010

    I am in a similar situation to most posters on here. I paid £4800 on a credit card in March 2008 but couldn't sell my house so put the process on hold.

    Only found out that they had gone bust when I tried to look at going to NZ instead!!!

    Contacted my credit card company to arrange a refund which they initially did. A month later got a letter back saying the money was going back on to my account as Immigration unit had provided evidence of work undertaken.

    This was basically a spreadsheet with hours undertaken for setting up files and e-mails!!!

    I complained and said that I had paid for a service that I could no longer get from this company and that they had assured me that I had 5 years to go through the process.

    Received a phone call yesterday from said credit card company complaints department to tell me all monies would be refunded including interest.


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  • Al
    albert1 Mar 29, 2010

    we spent 18 months in canada, the work permit I got was for a labourer not an apprentice, Alberta hasn't issued an apprentices work permit in over 2 years, i spent a year working & taking my first year exams, passed them & was then struck off because as a temporary foreign worker you can't do an apprenticeship in Alberta only skilled entry. we located in Calgary they then offered my wife an LMO in Edmonton, i'm sure she wanted to drive 3+ hours to work everyday. they misinformed us about schools our kids spent four months at home when the local authority told us they would have taken them in!
    Temp foreign workers dept Alberta apprenticeship board, & service canada said I was never eligible through the pathway.

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  • Co
    complaintman Mar 26, 2010

    Hi Calgary Claimer

    You said the pathway you were sent down was never legitimate, what pathway did they send you down? We got our Australian visas 2 weeks ago so we are ok now. Shame we never got our money back but at least we still get to go.

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  • Ca
    Calgaryclaimer Mar 26, 2010

    At present trading standards are investigating, & awaiting further info from the canadian government, in my case the pathway I was sent on by this company was never legitimate & I have that in writing from the Alberta Apprenticeship Board & the Canadian Temporary Foreign workers department, along with further evidence from Service Canada.

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  • Pe
    petula Feb 19, 2010

    we were also conned out of £5000 by immigration unit and paid by personal cheque. again we heard very little from them and couldnt get in touch by phone the last letter we sent was returned 'not known at this adress' if we cant get our hard earned cash back is there any chance of getting our file back - it holds a lot of personal information.

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  • Ji
    jidgejit Feb 11, 2010

    We, paid immigration unit 2500 in April 08 to process our visas but personal circumstances a few monthes later meant we had to ask for the process to be stopped, they said they could put application on hold for up to 5 years, with out us losing our intial payment which was fine with us at the time, as we had every intention of re-opening the application at our earliest oppurtunity, we were contatced late june 09 by a compnay called corporate migration who informed us they would now be handling our case and they confirmed this in writing but now we cannot get hold of them either, I fear the worst does anyone know if there is a liquidator/administrator dealing with any of these companies for me to try and claim my money back as i didnt actually get off first base with them .

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  • Co
    complaintman Feb 10, 2010

    No they are not being investigated for fraud. Our solicitor looked into it for us, and it would seem that they were a "legitimate" company, they just went bankrupt. They only committed fraud if they did took your money and did not intend to provide any service for you. In our case they did our skill assessment and lodged our visa. So they did provide a service, they just didn't complete the service. Trading standards can't do anything as they are no longer trading. We tried claiming our money back from the bank as we paid on credit card. But as they shut over 6 months ago, we couldn't get any money back. Doesn't look like there is much you can do unfortunately. We tried our best and we almost spent as much money on our solicitor, as we did getting the visas so in the end it just wasn't worth it.

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  • Aa
    aab1 Feb 09, 2010

    Does anybody know what the latest situation is with Immigration Unit? They are apparently also known as Immigration Consultants Ltd by the Companies House. Does anybody know if they are definately being investigated for fraud? or if they are being investigated by Trading standards?

    Many thanks!

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  • Ka
    katemc Jan 12, 2010

    We thought that it was just us that had been conned by these people. We are trying to claim this money back and are really stressed about the amount of interest that we are paying on our £4000 credit card bill after being told we would have our visas such a waste of time as well as our money as we hoped to be in Oz by now. We're trying to get it back through our credit card.

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  • Co
    complaintman Sep 26, 2009

    We too lost £4600 when this company went bust. I dont think it was a scam however as they did get us our skills assessment and lodged our visa for us. We are just waiting on getting a case officer.

    We contacted the police, but they say its a civil matter and are just not interested. We talked to our solicitor and he said there was no chance of getting our money back. Called the bank and they say that as we paid over 6 months ago we cant make a claim under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. We called Trading Standards and they say that they have investigated them, but are taking no further action as a service was provided (even though it wasn't provided to completion!).

    I have a friend who was using Four Corners Emigration, who also went bust in the credit crunch and they are in the same boat. I think a lot of migration agencies are going bust now days. My advice is to do the application yourself.

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  • Sa
    SacWood Sep 26, 2009

    Can anyone tell me which Police Force is investigation The Immigration Unit, we have paid £7600 and have received only a few e-mails before that also dried up! What a scam!

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