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4:54 pm EDT
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The iLipo LipoLaser DOES NOT WORK. I went into Dr. Plaman's office to get the procedure done and was sold a bag of tricks. My suspicion increased as I went back to their website where they are advertising a Lapex BCS lipolaser not the iLipo. They are sucking you in with one laser, and then bait and switching you into another.

This doctor even has pictures of the real "lipoLaser" on the wall. I asked, "what is that laser" and they told me the iLipo is better and newer...come to find out the office had been robbed and the REAL lipolaser Meridian BCS was Stolen so they purchased a knock off.

The iLIPO is A Knock off of the lapex BCS. Do not use the iLIPO

iLipo = a china made rip off. Go for the real lipolaser and don't get scammed by this iLipo because it does not work! Please don't make the mistake I did.

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Update by Abqgirly
Apr 14, 2011 5:54 pm EDT

Wow, Ok first of all I am a real person not some Rep? I have never posted anything online and been attacked so viscously from all angles. My favorite answer came from Justin Richards until again he even attacked that I am not a real person.

Thank you "detail" for the only REAL response.

All of you others should be ashamed of yourself. Why don't you BSSniffer, slim doctor, and Brice Jones all put down your phone number like Justin did and I would love to call you and give you a piece of my mind. -ABQGIRLY

PS My name begins with a J, I live in Albuquerque and I have used the iLipo!

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Jun 20, 2019 8:50 pm EDT
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LASER LIPO, COOL SCULPTING, BODY SCULPTING, ETC, (Non-Surgical) --- WHAT THE DOCTORS DON'T TELL YOU .--- Many of these treatments "'Do Work"" in some fashion & Some are Better Than others. The so called DOCTORS see these Non-surgical Techniques (laser, Ultrasound, RF, Cryo) as THREATS TO Wealthy DOCTORS BEING ABLE TO CHARGE $10k to $20k for LIPO SUCTION Surgical TREATMENT (per Small tiny area). MANY OF THESE "" Non-Surgical"" TECHNIQUES ARE USED WIDELY IN EUROPE, INDIA, UK, INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN, ETC. ETC. AND COST LESS THAN IN THE U.S. THESE WEALTHY American DOCTORS UNDER THE GUISE OF '"""Consumer Safety"""" want to be the only persons to provide such services so they can still charge >$10, 000 Prices to fatten their wallets. I-Lipo does work to some extent but will require Multiple Treatments ($$$$) particularly when the Doctors Dial the laser Power Down. Another example of this is COOL SCULPTING which is a PROPRIETARY MACHINE (Franchise - Zeltic), Cool Sculpting works yes but average treatment plan given by doctors again is analogous to LIPO-SURGERY, 6000k to 20000k depending on the City & Area you buy from. CALIFORNIA --- IS THE MOST REGULATED, DUE TO THE MASSIVE LIPO-SUCTION INDUSTRY. GOVERNOR OF CA, ARNOLD SCHWAZERNEGGER SAID IT BEST ... THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY NEEDS TO FOCUS IN ON UNETHICAL DOCTORS ...TRYING TO GET RICH OFF OF PEOPLE TRYING TO BE HEALTHY rather than on people trying to loose weight or the appearance.

Jun 03, 2014 11:44 am EDT
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Hi Mahealey1, I would love to know how you do after your last treatment. What clinic did you do to?

Mar 02, 2014 11:44 am EST
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Not cool to accuse people. I am NOT a rep, for anyone! I am a 46 yr old woman who has a career in IT! I'll post pictures when I get through my 6 sessions!

Mar 02, 2014 11:09 am EST
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I have had one iLipo session, and noticed immediate results of 3/4" in the three areas measured. I measured myself at home before going... and I got the same results. And I can SEE the results in the mirror already! I work out 5-6 days a week and already drink more water than ANY human should ever (haha), so I have not changed my habits, but rather continue to do the same.

I was born with a hernia directly above my bellybutton and when it was surgically fixed a few years ago, I was left with an unsightly pocket of "fat" on both sides of where the hernia used to be. I assume it was there to protect the hernia. No amount of working out and diet was able to get rid of this, yet with just one session with the iLipo I already see an immediate reduction in the fatty areas! I am going tomorrow for my second session and am looking forward to seeing the results after my six-session groupon pack is complete.

Aug 02, 2013 9:10 pm EDT

I went to one place with that said it was ilipo with a groupon but they only used two of the nodes on one each side and I do not think it was a real machine. It was run by really slick chiropractor marketing types in Walnut Creek, CA that just rented out a place and also did diet foods and body wraps en masse. I didn't see anything and they rushed you in and interviewed you just to sell their "supplements and paleo diet products. I purchased another groupon I-lipo and it was also a chiropractor but a reputable one the machine was just like that was FDA approved by chromagenex and he put 4 of the nodes or whatever they are called on each side and had two conductors placed near the groin. he didn't try to sell anything! He did say that many people said the same thing that there are knock off I-lipos and took for the the brand name. Actually the brand name that the hawking chiros set up office just for hawking wares'; they did not do anything after they gave the pitch and they had the receptionist do everything in this crazy cattle like place...but I never did see the front of the machine. This machine totally was different it had bigger units that they put on your 4 on each side for 20 mins instaed of two. I think the other one was phony. I lost 3.5 nches in 8 sessions which was not bad and I didn't drink the gallons of water as required by chiro 1. I guess check the FDA website or info to see which machine is approved Chiro two had literature about it and a picture of the approve model with the info about and the study.

Jun 20, 2019 9:01 pm EDT
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I-Lipo is just an American Branding like Ford it comes from the UK. There are other products like LExus, Honda, VW, etc. that make superior products. Overall, I-Lipo is under powered as a Laser lipo. This is good for doctors so they can sell you (10-15 treatments) instead of 2-3. Understand the technology. Ultrasound and RF and Cryo are also effective. In the UK there are higher power Lipo-lasers that are 3x the power of I-Lipo being used not by medical professionals but aestheticisns, yes the products are regulated to ensure they are safe. The American Medical Industry wants to be the only makers of these products in the U.S. So the AMA, FDA, Medical Boards, etc. doctors want to make it so that only medical professionals can charge American Workers outrageous prices for very simple and basic treatments for fat reduction. These Wealthy People they don't really care about your health or well-being or of the American People. The medical industry likes people being unhealthy, so they can charge ungodly prices simple & basic treatments.

Jun 23, 2013 6:18 pm EDT

I am just about to complete an 8-visit i-Lipo treatment program.

I have seen no results at all so far. But I believe that I am partly to blame for this.

A year ago "Curves" wrote: "They also were required to work out twice a week and drink extra water."

In the 3 weeks I have been on the program I have been very busy at work and have only had time to work out (3 mile power walk) once a week, not even twice. I also forgot to drink extra water.

If the theory is that the laser liquifies (or semi-liquifies) fat and it is flushed out through the lymph nodes, well if you don't drink the water and sweat, there is nothing to carry it out to the lymph nodes - so it will presumably just re-solidify in place. No results.

Am I right about my theory?

May 16, 2013 2:13 pm EDT

I have had a pretty hard time finding fact from subjective banter on the I-lipo myself. The two things I would offer are: 1. I did find a site that reviewed all the Lipo Laser technologies out there and posted about it ( ). It's worth a read. Of the different lasers out there, the review showed the I-lipo is the poorest of the lot. Also, in response to Brice (not a personal attack, just trying to sift through the facts), turns out the patents ARE in effect in North America and as a result I-Lipo might have a legal issue on their hands. See ( ). I think Lipo Laser is a great alternative to liposuction and after doing my research (and this part IS subjective), I'm finding that paddles are better so it's between the YOLO Curve and the I-lipo. Between the two, I personally am sticking to the better built and performing technology while staying far away from what could be a legal battle for I-lipo. It's my company name my clients are going to hold responsible for results - not the one on the machine - so I'm going with the better technology of the YOLO Curve. Hope this offered something valuable to the thread.

Nov 26, 2012 4:38 am EST

I want to notice that most of the testimonials i found online show clearly that i Lipo is probably the most safe/efficient/less invesive laser lipo technique! Here you can find a few interesting details on i Lipo:

Sep 20, 2012 5:43 pm EDT

I have had 2 I-lipo sessions so far on my male breast area. I have recently lost about 35lbs with the Body By Vi 90 day challenge and finding their product has changed my life. I ran across the I-lipo as a Groupon and thought I would give it a try to reduce my difficult fat areas. So far, I have followed direction and did my work out after the treatment - I found that even after the 2 treatments of the 10 recommended, I see a slight difference. I was a little tender afterwards but only slightly. I am hopeful that it will assist in my troubled areas but understand that I-lipo is not the weight loss program that will transform my body. Diets don't work (as we all know) and lipo will not give you a miracle body forever without changing your nutritional program - that's why I became a promoter for BBVi. I have helped a lot of people find better health and a better body - but hope that I-lipo will help with those little trouble areas that in my late 40's are VERY difficult to remove.
Thanks for starting this post
John Harmon
BBVi promoter

Jul 01, 2012 10:25 pm EDT

I am looking at buying an I lipo machine, so was researching to find out what kind of results people have had. If you are going to go for treatment I feel you should be brutally honest about who you are and your habits. I have two family members who had different results. 1 goes to gym all the time and watches her diet. She says it works. But she feels you may need to go back for more treatments later. Its not permanent. The other did 2 sessions, then went back a few months later and did a few more. Does not go to gym regularly, does not eat a lot, but eats "whatever" ! She was disappointed and says she wont go again, it does not work. I feel if you are looking for a miracle, you are not being honest with yourself, the miracle starts with your own discipline. I feel this machine may be a great assistant to kick start a positive change, and that has got to be a good thing.

Gotta love the reps bashin a guy for his opinion...

Apr 13, 2012 12:14 am EDT

An optimists sees opportunity in every danger but a pessimists like so called "J" sees danger in every opportunity. I respect your right to express your views but comments like yours have no place in the public square. You shouldn't be allowed to express your self on this site. I went in for two i-lipo sessions already and I am seeing some results. You might have been feeding on Triple Whoppers every so often reasons why you can see results... louse

Mar 16, 2012 10:01 pm EDT
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I own a salon and had a technician in that offered the Lapex 2000 to my clients for almost 3 years. The results were really good and all clients were happy with their results. We made everyone go onto the ProEllixe (WBV) immediately after their treatment. They also were required to work out twice a week and drink extra water. Lucky for me, my clients will do what it takes to get the maximum results. Because of the results, I decided to buy my own machine.
At that time, Meridian Medical was updating their Lapex 2000 model. During that waiting period for the new model to become re-approved for Canada, I was doing research on so many other machines and techniques from RF, Cavitation, UltraSonicLiposuction and Cryolipolysis. They didn't know when the new improved machine was going to be available and my clients were wanting something to help fat reduction in targeted areas. I came across the i Lipo and in my opinion, it is way more effective than the Lapex 2000 Lipolaser machine. It works for those that follow the rules about drinking water, 30 min of cardio right after treatment and don't be gaining weight. Compared to the Lapex that has only 2 paddles with 3 diodes, the i Lipo has 8 paddles with 8 diodes. Here are some interesting facts found online.
i-Lipo is the most effective laser diode system for body shaping and fat reduction on the market. So what makes it different from other machines on the market? i-Lipo use reputable laser diodes that have constant energy outputs throughout the use of the paddles. Each paddle has 8 laser diodes, compared to other machines which have only 4 diodes. This means that even though you only pay less per session where other machines are used, you are getting less than half the results that you would have if you used i-Lipo. Even if you have double treatment sessions on these machines, you are still getting fewer results than what you would have with i-Lipo. This means that you are only wasting your time, and you are being mislead into believing that you are paying less, where in fact you are paying more for a lesser result. i-Lipo are being manufactured in the UK, by a reputable company, who have won several awards worldwide, and have certification, FDA approval and clinical studies to prove that i-Lipo really works, and that it has no known side effects, where the “cheaper” options have none of these. No certification, no FDA approval and no clinical studies, and therefore have no evidence to back up what they say. Before any i-Lipo therapist is allowed to treat clients, they have to undergo personal training and write an exam to qualify, where other brands have a training video clip that a therapist will watch over the internet. Cheaper is not necessarily better. Remember, you get what you pay for.
As with EVERYTHING, everything in moderation. There isn't just one thing that is going to work. 80% of diet whether it is a form of LipoLaser or traditional Liposuction, if you don't have healthy eating habits, NOTHING is going to work for YOU!

Mar 02, 2012 9:56 pm EST

I was thinking about doing the laser lipo but after some research I have decided to go with the old fashioned liposuction surgery. I have seen better results with the surgery. I know that there is pain, and other risks involved, but I would rather spend my money on something that I know truly works.

Feb 03, 2012 9:28 pm EST
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My wife and I both went for the I-lipo treatments and had NO results. I discussed the lack of results with the doctor and he gave us an additional 3 visits, which also yielded nothing but frustration for both of us. Together we spent $6000.00 and lost nothing but our money and our time. I expected to lose 4 inches from my waist. I was actually a little larger at the finish than when I started. The "inches lost" isn't a straight measurement at one location, but a series of four measurements and then all the fraction of inch measurements from the four are totaled to give your overall loss" This is a scam. The final measurements are taken tighter than the first ones. Additionally, when the measurement actually indicated growth, rather than loss, the doctor said, "Oops, used the wrong tape!" Then he remeasured using another tape! I have since used the Slim Fast 3-2-1 system and lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks for a grand total of less than $30.00! If it sounds too good to be true...It is! Don't waste your money on laser lipo! Ed & Maryann

Nov 29, 2011 8:35 pm EST

This seems like such a new procedure. There needs to be more people who have experienced the treatment. Also from what I understand, each area needs to be treated many times amounting to close to $2000 per area. There is nothing like eating well and exercising to get in shape, because there are many benefits to this. Your frame of mind, overall well being, nutrition and weight will benefit from losing by proper diet and exercise. These quick fixes don't last. Exercise and your skin looks great, you will have a glow and look more youthful.

Sep 27, 2011 1:04 am EDT

I have recently bought an I-Lipo for my practice in the states. Prior to buying this laser, I had 4 models (people that had troubled areas and begged to come for a FREE demonstration) come to my office and demo the I-Lipo laser. The results were very impressive. Model #1 = 4cm loss Model #2 = 5cm loss Model #3 = 6cm loss and Model #4 = 6.5cm loss in ONE (1) session. All but one (1) model went directly to do some kind of work out (treadmill, bike, aerobics) the other went out drinking. All models called to tell us how impressed they were the next day, even the one with the hangover... I'm sold and so are hundreds of others...soon to be thousands.

Apr 15, 2011 1:13 am EDT
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Well J? My name starts with a B and ends with RICE.
You might want to do your research before you lay out accusations and false information about two respected businesses. You should be ashamed for your lies and misstruths.
Yours Truly, B-R-I-C-E

Apr 14, 2011 10:42 pm EDT
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I am truly sorry you haven't had good success with whatever lipo procedure you chose to use. I wonder if you expressed your concern to the Dr who administered the treatment? Did you give him a chance to work with you? Also, having had I-Lipo treatments with very good results, I can't help but wonder where yours went wrong? Did you exercise right after? Were your expectations reasonable? (we all want to look like supermodels but not all of us are going to get there in THIS lifetime) As for how educated you sound regarding what you wanted in laser treatment, why would you use I-Lipo when you so clearly wanted this other Lapex Laser or whatever its called? I cannot imagine. I wonder too how you could have been misled into any other treatment when you so clearly seem to have done your research on what you wanted. I applaud you on your determination to be an educated this day and economy it is a wise choice, but honestly your post sound more like an attempt to discredit a machine rather than complain about a procedure that didn't work for you. I am quite certain that even in traditional plastic surgery there are procedures done that didn't meet the expectations of the patient but that didn't necessarily make the procedure or the surgeon bad, sometimes it just meant that someones expectations were simply too high. I would like to go on record stating that the I-lipo did work for me and I was very very pleased with the results and have and will continue to recommend it to my friends who have problem areas and reasonable expectations.
Sorry you did not get a similar result.

Apr 14, 2011 3:12 pm EDT

The iLipo is manufactured in the United Kingdom by Chromogenex, one of the world's foremost leaders in the development and manufacturing of laser technologies. It is distributed exclusively in the United States by Zone Life based in New York City. There have been numerous published scientific studies concerning the efficacy of the technology and the device. For further information concerning the manufacturer and the device, go to and

Apr 14, 2011 3:11 pm EDT
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iLipo from Chromogenex is more than likely the best the market has to offer, we are definitely not from Korea, we are based in the United Kingdom and manufacture from our factory in Wales, I'd be happy to take any calls if anyone has a question about this: Justin Richards, Marketing Manager +[protected]. Futhermore our product has won the Victoire de la Beaute Award in Paris for Best Slimming treatment of the year 2010. Our credentials stack up as we have been developing laser technology for over 20 years, we are the inventors of the first ruby laser for hair removal.
When using iLipo from Chromogenex you can be assured we only use the finest components available and quality build is unquestionable.

iLipo has and excellent reputation worldwide and has already made an impact in the US since its launch, I have my suspicions that the comment above was from a competitor and not a consumer at all, clearly they feel threatened.

Many thanks,
Justin Richards
Marketing Manager
and US distributor Zonelife

Apr 14, 2011 1:50 pm EDT

Stevie Wonder could see that this is a post by a disgruntled competitor- the only thing missing is a link to the Lapex website...Nice try.

Apr 14, 2011 12:57 pm EDT

I did some research on the complaint. I don't know wher this person got their information, but I-Lipo is manufactured in the UK. The Lapex is manufactured in Korea, the only place it has a patent for the technology. The above complaint is unfounded. Do the research, it doesn't hold water. A disgruntled Lapex rep?

I'm just saying...

Apr 14, 2011 10:43 am EDT

The iLIPO is a well-made machine out of the Untied Kingdom. It is far from Chinese manufactured. Are you sure you are not from a competing clinic? You see to know a lot about LAPEX