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Icicles Eyewear review: Stay away

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At the end of Feb 2010 I contacted Icicles in regards to becoming a dealer. After a month of attempted communication I finally got to speak to Kemp, completed the necessary forms and awaited my first order of stock.

Icicles claim that their frames are hand made and are of the highest quality, and at the retail price point they are selling them for ($150 upwards or so) they should be. What I received were frames that were either scratched, had oxidation on the metal and poor paint finish.

None of the frames had the rubber inlay on the arms either.

Prepared to give Icicles the benefit of doubt, I took photographs and emailed them to Kemp. Essentially he told me nothing was wrong and each pair were unique!

I promptly returned the glasses and requested a refund. Time passed.

Eventually Kemp informed they don't do returns and all sales are final. Seriously, in this day and age?

After more chasing Kemp informed me they would send me new stock. Never arrived. Then he informed me that he would 'personally' pick the frames and ship them. Never arrived.

Bear in mind at this point was out of pocket by a $1k and had no stock.

Around June or July I had had enough a filed a chargeback via my CC company. Icicles first response was that they never received the goods back. After providing proof they had received them I heard nothing.

Now in August, I finally received my money back.

I've been in the sunglass business for many years and have dealt with many suppliers and Icicles are by FAR the worst company I have ever dealt with. Appalling customer service, inferior product (based on what I received) and they even had the audacity to grossly overcharge me for shipping by $40.

If your looking for some form of aluminum/cnc eyewear you would be wise to stay well way from Icicles, there are far better choices available.

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Sep 07, 2021 11:49 am EDT
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I bought a pair of prescription glasses in Sturgis (August 7) and was told it would be about a 2-3 week turnaround. It has been over a month now and I still have not received the glasses I paid 500.00 for. After repeated calls to the number listed on their site I was repeatedly told they were at the lab and will be sent out any day now and I will receive a tracking number. This is now 2 weeks after my initial calls and still no tracking number, and no glasses. At this rate I will have a new prescription before I receive these glasses. If you cannot meet the demands of producing prescription glasses in a timely manner then do not make false claims of your expected delivery time.

Jul 27, 2019 8:31 pm EDT

Ordered 9 pairs never any problem

Oct 08, 2018 5:46 pm EDT
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Be aware future ICICLES buyers... I purchases a pair in Dytona 2018 and was told they made the ICICLES glasses in the USA . Doing futher research and reading many complaints on the internet. I learned that ICICLES glasses are made in CHINA. What a RIP OFF and misleading pitch from Kemp himself when I purchased them. Also they misrepresent the safety factor of the ICICLES glasses. They are stamped Z-87 on them. The ICICLES company does not have the offical right to tell people this. The ICICLES glasses ARE NOT safety rated and do not have Z-87 or any other Safety offical use in the eyewear safety world. Shame on you Kemp the fruad and liar. If Anyone would like to expose them futher. Eyewear is a medical device. Contact the (FDA who controls the eyewear imports and demestic products). Write a letter to our president telling him that the (USA) is marked on there frames. This does not mean they are made here. The offical words of all products made in Americia is (MADE IN USA OR AMERICIA). They tell all costomers they are made here in the USA. Also you can contact HARLEY DAVISION CORP and share your thoughts with them. They also have been lied to and just a couple of stores in Daytona, Panama Beach Fl, should pull all ICICLES products from HARLEY stores that display and sell the fruad eyewear ICICLES Represents.

Dec 11, 2019 4:18 pm EST
Replying to comment of Ronnie111

I know what you mean, this company is a rip off. Bunch of misfits work there, they screwed me too

Oct 21, 2015 3:12 am EDT
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Holly Shat, I bought a pair at Sturgis 2011 and used them regularly for 4 years. A year ago they failed and I repaired them myself with superglue. As I live in Australia (Orstralia), I was about to order another pair off their website, but based on your reviews I thank all you for your knowledge of this bad company. Better to stay away from Icicles.