Hyundai Mobeni (Durban)fraud and bad customer service

N Nov 27, 2018
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Purchased a hyundai vehicle from Hyundai mobeni in Durban in the beginning of October 2018. After taking delivery of car we realized alot of issues with the vehicle.We were not told of any of these issues and that the vehicle was in an accident previously when purchasing the vehicle.We then contacted the dealership in this case Hyundai mobeni where we purchased car from and mentioned to them all these issues with the vehicle and we requested refund of our money as the car was not roadworthy and none of the issues were disclosed to us.This car at this point was not safe to be driven.Car was not even driven more than 50kms and the car is bearly drivable and gearbox is also not functioning, being it an automatic makes this even worse.We sent several emails to the dealership and tried on many occasions contacting them with no response. Eventually weeks later we contacted Hyundai SA to report the matter and ask for assistance, when Hyundai SA responded they said we must talk to the dealership and the regional manager directly.In this case the regional manager and the dealership principal is the same person who was ignoring us and did not even acknowledge our emails or calls.Finally the dealer principal of Hyundai Mobeni replied to our email and said OTP was signed by us and nothing can be done apart from taking car back at 20% cancellation fee .Our lawyer was escalating this for us to Hyundai SA as Hyundai mobeni was just ignoring us.The dealer principle of Hyundai mobeni then sends a copy of the OTP that we signed to our lawyer saying nothing can be done further.We continued discussions with Hyundai customer care and the dealership with no progress made, Hyundai SA kept on sending us back to dealership who does not want to help a customer.

Hyundai SA as the international car selling brand treats us a customer in this manner??
This in any retail industry is not a practice that can just be accepted and overlooked.
We now have a vehicle that is not even drivable or roadworthy for my wife to use yet Hyundai profits from our R45 000 cash that we paid??Furthermore, till this day we have not even received the log book for the vehicle as promised to be given to us one week after the purchase.

Car was purchased on the 3 October 2018 and to date (27 November 2018) we still have not heard from dealership where is our log book?But dealership demands we keep vehicle as we signed OTP?This makes no sense at all..

Seems like Hyundai as a whole do shoddy business like this often, thus the customer is told to go to hell and keep a broken vehicle but our money is pocketed by Hundai??

I urge everyone out there and i will make sure people know that Hyundai Mobeni and Hyundai as a whole are part of scams and irregular activity like what has happened to us above.Considering the access i have to social media and the tabloids this matter is not going to be kept silent. We as a consumer have rights and are protected under the consumer protect act of our country and will not allow ourselves and anymore customers out there to go through the difficulties we are experiencing with Hyundai at the moment.

Stay away from Hyundai as a whole in south Africa especially Hyundai mobeni in durban region.Hyundai SA to this date have not taken us seriously and are just passing us on to the dealership knowing we are not getting any joy from them.

After escalating more to Hyundai SA :
Today i received a call from the dealer principle of mobeni who is also the Hyundai regional manager and first thing he asked me is what do you want??Is this how a customer must be spoken to?He called me to tell me he will not help us as we signed OTP already and what do i want??I am in shock that someone so high up in Hyundai is trained to deal with customers in this manner and arrogant way?

Lastly to note the reason we purchased a Hyundai vehicle from a dealership instead of gumtree or privately, so we could have peace of mind and know if we have any issue we could bring back to dealership and we could get good customer service.Seems like bying from Hyundai is the same as buying privately with no benefits.

I advise everyone out there to not deal with Hyundai as you will suffer pain and loss of income, look at where we stand, we have a vehicle, not drivable, no Log book and R45K in the hole!!!

Hyundai SA : So you reading this now what now??Would love to hear your response to the above.. (Will not hold my breath)

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