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Hunters Gem review: Little Paws of Mine ROCKS!

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11:44 am EDT
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I was told by Hunters Gem Labs on two occasions that Hunters Gem Labs was going by another name (Little Paws of Mine).

This information named Little Paws as the same business and it is INCORRECT.

This is not the same company.

What I am trying to say is Little Paws of mine is not the same company so I wanted to post this to clarify. They are a very Good breeder and I regret the post was made by mistake.

I am sorry Little Paws for this error. Hunters Gem Labs is the business that does not honor the warranty. Little Paws Is innocent!

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Huntersgem Labs is now Pam Baine's did this to avoid all the negative feedback she is getting. This women has bred; labs, cane corso, french bulldogs, boston terriers, pugs, maltese, etc... I have been in her back yard to see over 50+dogs, and one dog with broken legs that was never tended to. She had a litter of pups that got PARVO and she treated them in her home! Not at a vet! She is a liar, and a fake. She uses her religion as a sales technique. Her dogs have whip worms, giarda, coccidia, demodex, & seizures. This so called farm is another puppy mill! She uses a quack vet who runs his business like a chop shop. She does not have legit paperwork on her dogs and lies about the lineage. Her dog are NOT AKC champion, merely competed in ICA sanctioned events. Any good breeder with common sense knows an int'l champion means nothing! She removes her puppies dew claws her self in her kitchen! She has so many dogs she has to hire employees. Breeder?no, puppy mill? yes!

Jun 11, 2011 6:36 pm EDT

Pam Baine - Hunter's Gem, due to so many complaints has changed her name to Gem's. Do not buy from her.