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Hunt & Henriques Law Firmcourt document served to a juvenile instead of properly finding me insuring a no show on my part and a judgement for them.

Hunt & Henriques Law Firm (H&H), works for NCO collections. A collection agency that is known for using illegal tactics to scare people to pay on old debts that they purchased and held on to charging high fees and escalated charges making the bill three time more than the innitial amount. If you don't cooperate and pay them on an extremely exhagerrated bill that has far surpassed it's Statuet Of Limitation then they hire Hunt & Henriques. H&H then take over using there twenty plus years of bottom feeding and deceitfull tactical experience, as is explained thru there website. Fighting the little people for everything they got, using ### attorneys against inexperience, and cash strap individuals with no way to fight them on an equal platform. They are an unethicle law firm that is willing to use all the tricks in the book to take advantage of you in court. Service of court papers to a minor or an old residence, is against the law. Yet, this law firm with it's lengthy experiance does it anyway knowing that the possibillity that you will recieve your documents for court is slim or none and thats what they are banking on. In the majority of the cases they are granted judgement due to your no show. When you are later notified of there judgement and you try to fight in court, your cost with court fees and lawyer or parallegal help will add up making the situation incredibally stressfull. If you see Hunt & Henriques or NCO collections, know that they they are sharks, scam artists, and both fraudulent companies using the justice system to there advantage.

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  • Mi
    MIKE4455 Apr 22, 2014


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  • Cr
    Crad1984 Mar 04, 2014

    I just received a letter in the mail today saying "Notice of intent to file suit and incur court costs" for the amount of $3389.10 I don't know where to start with this? We literally have NOTHING, we rent our home and my husband is the only working person while I attend nursing school. The court is 700 miles away from where I am being contacted. Please someone tell me what action to take next!

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  • De
    debt collector hater May 12, 2012 contact them.

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  • Wh
    WhiteCapsBrew Mar 28, 2011

    A similar thing happened to me with H&H. They sent a collection notice, i promptly requested debt validation (none was received) and about 5 months later they sent some other correspondence and a couple months after filed a lawsuit against me. I have all my paperwork and return receipts in order and will counter sue for thousands. I think there is a possible class-action lawsuit out there for H&H. Let me know how any of your lawsuits went.

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  • Js
    JSC Feb 22, 2011

    I can relate on some of these complaints as we were serve the summon at our doorstep and didn't know what to do with it. Among many of us we got caugth in the adjustable mortgage and missed some of our credit card payments instead of missing our mortgage payment. We tried to do the debt settlement and got suckered in to that one, sold some jewelry to be able to get a loan with collateral and got suckered in and lossed money because we're really trying to get this situation fix. In between we tried to work with the law firm with what we can afford and they kept changing people and wouldn't call back. Our offer is not good enough for them and all I can say is that we tried.It's been really tough for us within the last few years and up to now and I am so stressed over these. There should be some law against this people. We're not trying to run away from what we owe, we're just trying to pay what we can right now and hoping to have better luck later. These people are ruthless! It's really hard and I pray so hard and that is all we can do.

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  • He
    Helper-1 Feb 16, 2011

    Get this . . . . this law firm doesn't serve me. In mid-Nov., I get a couple of notices from credit assist agencies offering to help with my case. They say that if I have received notice of the lawsuit, I will soon. I go on-line an check and sure enough there is a law suit that was initiated weeks before, indicating I had been served(which I hadn't). I wait for a notice of some kind and don't receive it. After Thanksgiving, I go down to check out the the service and what it says. It names a person not at my address and a description of no-one that lives there. When they don't properly serve you, the court has no jurisdiction. So, I wait, since I'm already past the normal time to respond. In the mean time they send me an offer to settle and set a date in late December as a deadline to respond. I don't. They finally send my service, which I receive 2 days later, dated on a private meter for back in October arriving in late December. What scummy lawyers. They were coordinating with the process server to defraud me of my day in court, by making sure I received service with a properly dated envelope from a private meter, but delivered 2 months later, clearly after any time normally allowable for me to respond. They have have violated the law, so I file on my own a motion to quash the service. (By the way, if you have insufficient income, the courts allows all filing fees to be waived) My motion to quash wins the day, as I walk into court showing the judge that the post office recorded the bar code on the envelope as not being mailed 2 months prior to receiving it, but 2 days prior 2 months after the date from their meter, he reams them out for such fraudulent practices and denies them their service. If you need help filing and you have a friend or a law school nearby, you can usually find someone to help with minor filings like this. All the forms for filing are on-line for each court. Good luck.

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  • Wa
    Wankler Feb 11, 2011

    I am in the process of fighting with these guys. I sent them a letter requesting Proof Of Debit, but like many of you have said, they ignore it. I want to stay on top of this and not allow them to get the upper hand. How do I find out if a court date has been set?

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  • Su
    susanstoltz Jan 20, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a summons 4 months after the court date. I was working with a debt settlement agency to assist me and my request to the debt settlement agency fell through the cracks. I received the judgment the day I received a lien on my house. I have tried to contact Hunt & Henriques and keep leaving messages. I cannot believe the customer relations that they have, which are non existent! I shall continue to reach them by phone. The law firm have ignored my letters, so I am caught between filing a lawsuit against this law firm for not serving papers in a timely manner or continue to call until they answer. This is truly a dilemma.

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  • Pr
    Princess me Dec 26, 2010

    I am curently dealing with these people...but in court! You must respond to a summon within 30 days or else it will be a judgement against you! Fight back...I believe they are junk debt buyers and lie about who they represent. You must conduct Discovery on them You need to learn about your rights and this is the way to do it!...and report them to FDCPA for violating

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  • Ma
    maevcharlie Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had similar experiences with Hunt and Henriques, and was wondering if any of you would be willing to sign a declaration.

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  • Ih
    ihateliars May 28, 2010

    Yeah.. they said they served us... first the legal assistant said my husband or someone at my husbands work was served... then I spoke to someone else who said that a man named "Mateus Reyes, " answered my door and took the court docks... What the hell... who the hell is that... there is no one by that name in my house .. my family or even a friend... Burn in hell ... criminals.. and to the brilliant whatsthe truth... have you seen the news... Citi bank alone.. a 3 billion dollar bailout... ok... so when I am having a hard time paying my cards due to un-expected reasons... get off your high horse and pray that you never end up in a situation like this... or have you already... why are you even on this blog???? Just for fun, or perhaps you work for Hunt and Henriques. In that case tell Gail she is a very ugly person on the inside!

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  • Ji
    jimQ2010 Apr 10, 2010

    taask them to provide legal authority to collect the debt, if not ask for the case to be dismissed.If they can't provide this, most likely they can't thecourt will dismiss, how old is thedebt most states have a 4 year staute of limitations.

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  • Su
    sunaj Mar 15, 2010

    I just got served by a guy giving me a "Summon Judicial Citacion" and the plaintiff is Hunts and Henriques for my Sears account with a balance of $1897.00. Later this account was sold to Citibank. I am very confused as to how to tackle this? Should I go ahead and pay them or is it too late? But Since I have been served by my county court, I guess I should obey the court orders and get everything done in front of them. Today I went to court clerk and she said that any case less than $25000 value wont be in front of a judge! I am unemployed but I can settle this account without giving them any other information. Or should I consult a lawyer and see if he tells me to go file the papers in court for acceptance.

    If I file papers, then their lawyer will meet me at the court, but if there is no judge to hear anything, how would this be solved? An out of court settlement?

    ANyone please help.

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  • Ha
    Hac darid Mar 10, 2010

    I deceided to settle with Hunt & Henriques for 13, ooo owned to Citibank; however, when I found out that Hunt & Henriques purchased this deblt for pennies to a dollar -- became very upset. My question is: wlll H & H report to the credit agency that paid the debt in full, and will they report to Citibank in regards to the settlement.

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  • These people NEVER EVER served me!!! I just received some paperwork from the court saying I had to appear and had been served. I never got anything from them. My attorney said the cost of proving that I wasn't served would be so great that it wasn't worth fighting it. They are collecting a $1500 Sears credit account (sold to Citibank). They're now after my wages for over $3300. Scam artists, ###, whatever you want to call them - it is unscrupulous and taints both Sears and Citibank.

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  • Dr
    DrJack55 Jan 20, 2010

    In Re: Whatsthetruth's "Has anyone thought of paying back their debt?"

    Seriously? You must be some sort of shill for the collections community because what you're saying is I should have just told my wife not to get cancer, my 4 year old not to become diabetic, and if they did, just let them die because I need to keep paying on those other more important debts.

    A lot of people who come on to these boards complaining about the actions of creditors fall behind in their bills because of events completely out of their control.

    So yes, Sherlock, we've all thought about paying back the debt, but for some weird reason, collection agencies don't want to be paid back in grief and misery.

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  • Kh
    khang Oct 21, 2009

    i got a complaint from them and it says it was from the court that they are suing me for the money i owed them but in that paper it doesnt tell me that i can go to court or a court date.. i dont know if it is real or scam.. i need help, , i tried to settle it with them so i dont have to deal with court and other fees, i agreed to pay them $100 every pay check and when i thought about being scammed, cus i havent got any receipt or statements from them so i immediately called them and asked them to stop my payment. but they threatened me and told me that if i dont pay that debt, maybe one day a cop would come up to me and arrest me which is really ridiculous! hes tryna scare me and i know that is against the law.. his name is nick., .what should i do?

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  • Rr
    RR125 Oct 16, 2009

    If these guys don't properly serve the one named as the defendent, and if you don't show up, can the judgement be upheld?

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  • Ae
    aequitas Sep 23, 2009

    These idiots are trying to contact me to collect a bogus debt I have fought with Citibank since the time of the charge first appearing. I cancelled the card with Citibank after they concluded the investigation resolved in my favor. Imagine my surprise when I got a bill in the mail from Citi requesting payment. I have sent 6 certified letters to Citi to maintain proof of the communication trail. I forwarded to these clowns Hunt and whoever and they have not replied knowing the charge is BS. I can't wait until they serve me papers (if they do), I am looking forward to going to court. As for whatsthetruth above, sounds like you might work for them. I have excellent credit, own and continue to pay the mortgage on the home I purchased 8 years ago, pay my credit card balances and am a responsible adult. So when you make generalizations like just pay your debt, these people are probably in the same situation as me having to fight for something (that is what the court system supports, both sides of the story). So, go back to your cubicle and enjoy your job posting counter replies so the "firm" you represent isn't made to look like such idiots.

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  • Wh
    whatsthetruth Mar 28, 2009

    Has anyone thought to just pay back their debt? I'ld like to not be in debt as much as the next person.. but when are the people in this country going to take resposiblilty for their own actions. While I agree fees suck, but we are in a world where saving is out of the question and stealing from a bank, or anyone for that matter is no big deal. Instead of trying to get one over on these companies, why not be responsible and honest and pay what you owe.

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  • De
    Dennis Mar 12, 2009

    I agree these guys are lying ### who will try to take advantage of you! I have asked for a few things that I have the right to ask for and expect in 30 days yet I have not gotten anything from them except nasty reminders to pay them on time or...

    The things asked for: 1)their contract with the original debtor allowing them to collect this debt &2) complete debt validation history. These guys have apparently made a nice living off intimidating and harassment. Me I am doing what I can do to make their life as uncomfortable as possible.

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