SUBMIT A COMPLAINT advertising scam by martin edwards

D Nov 21, 2017

Martin Edwards ripped me off by advertising my services to the wrong audience.
He begged and pleaded with their advertising platform partner to accept my advert. They didn't want my ad on their platform and I was horrified when they told me.

I received no response at all and quickly told them to suspend my trial, as it was clear they did not know what they were doing.

After complaining Martin Edwards would not take my calls or answer emails but instead, I received childish emails from the owner's girlfriend Samra Malik (Ash Lewis owner) talking about knocking on doors and quoting terms and conditions.

Meanwhile they took another payment from my card.

Samra Malik claimed to be the Operations Director and Head of Legal. I clicked on her Linkedin profile from her email and could see she was a very young lady from Amsterdam. Her childish emails may have been a mixture poor English and experience.

After several weeks of quoting me with the wrong figures, admitting that the young staff did not understand that VAT should be taken, she finally stopped responding, and emails bounced back. I have been told she is still with the company - If she is, why as Head of Legal had she given up and passed it on to the owner's little brother Tom Lewis??

Now, Tom is a very pleasant boy, just out of school who looks a bit like the Milky Bar Kid (For those old enough to remember) He looks about 12 in his Linked in profile.

We spent an hour on the phone a few weeks ago, and he told me he was the man who would put this right. To this day he has not got back to me with the full refund I am demanding or even the offer of a 'MILKY BAR.'

Ash Lewis has not returned my calls, texts or emails. When I told little Tom of my disappointment of this, he asked me if Richard Branson would return calls and proceeded to lecture me that this company was not a startup anymore and that the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund was giving them lots of money for them to be Internet Millionaires.

Now, Ash Lewis does resemble a ginger rock star millionaire but with ZERO customer service, hiring crooks like Martin Edwards Employing kid brothers and girlfriends, I think it will be highly unlikely this guy is going to make it.

I gave them every chance to deal with this, but unfortunately, they have to learn the hard way.

Hopefully, this post will be a warning to others before they lose money or a platform to share their story of how they were scammed.

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