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F Sep 16, 2018

This company is the absolute worst.

First of they are not regulated, so there's the first lie.

The managers claim that you can withdraw before payment then when is time to withdraw they give you the run around about how they changed their policy. Pure scam stay away

I've heard complains from people about how they invest and the account managers say it will only take 7 days or 10 days then a whole month passes by and they don't hear nothing back from these fools. Then to just be said that they need to offset the profit and be like you owe 15 or 25% of your profits to us, but this is to be payed in bitcoin to them. In my opinion every time someone gives you the option to just pay in bitcoin, that is a All high risk, you're completely risking your money because bitcoin is untraceable and unsecured, so they can up and run with your cash.

When explained to them that the terms you were told was that I can withdraw and then pay u, using my profits. They say, oh we had a lot of greedy people just run away and not pay us so we cannot grant you the old terms because they are now changed. Who in their right mind after finding a system that works that can possibly supplement your income will just run away with their first profit ever made, just doesn't make sense. We all out here trying to survive and move on to better things so the fact that people are running away with their profits makes it sound like their dealing with children. One thing about the excuse that many people became greedy and never payed us, is a tired excused used by scam services and regular people to just get your money and they run.

It's never the other way around.

So be very careful when someone brings up that excuse.

Moral of the story is Coin options trade is a fraud and a scam.
Stay away

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