Hostess Brandshostess frosted jumbo donettes

B Sep 27, 2019

we had purchased a box of Hostess individual wrapped jumbo chocolate this morning, 09/26/2019 at 9:00 am, my husband opens one and scarfs it down...after swallowing the 3rd bite, he tastes some kind of chemical taste, he proceeded to violently vomit, gets dizzy, have blurred vision, labored breathing, and instant diarrhea. He texted me and told me what I get the one out of my lunch box and opened it. It has a terrible chemical smell almost like kerosene. I raced home from work and took him to the ER. He is home now, and the doctor said it was good that he vomited so much after ingesting it, and it didn't have time to absorb into his system. Please don't buy these or give them to your kids...Called and made a complaint to Hostess and was given a claim number and a fax number to send medical bills and records to.

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