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Hoor Natural Reward Foodstuff Trading FZE

Hoor Natural Reward Foodstuff Trading FZE review: No payment policy by hoor group

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We as per our research found the following companies as scammers;

1.Hoor Natural Reward Foodstuff Trading FZE

2.SAL Traders LLC (AL Salwa Traders)

3.AL Salwa Traders LLC

4.H & MZ Global Worldwide FZE

5.Saya International FZE

6.VKI Foodstuff Trading LLC

7.ASA Foodstuff Trading LLC

New Company is coming?

They recently choose a new company to cheat people and they will cheat more innocent exporters we will expose their new company in the next episode with more evidence.

There is a mastermind Hayyab Arif Muhammad Arif Imran behind the mastermind scammer behind all these companies they have been looting innocent exporters for a long time and asking stories we pay on delivery order copy only our company policy, they have one portable office with furniture only ready-made office.

See their original emirates id before dealing with them they are not coming on Zoom meetings they say not allowed by religion it’s haram etc. but their religion allows them to eat people’s money in a haram way?

Hayyab Arif has cheated more than 150 exporters worldwide by millions of dollars, he cheats after saying he passed away and tried to be out of this story, when you come you will meet two ladies Farzana Aunty and Shabana, they are real sisters and used to do prostitution before. Farzana used to be a bus attendant where she creates sexual relations with the passengers for extra money and tips. She joined with Hayyab Arif now both sisters they are in the scam world. When exporters demand money in the office they say we will shout and call the police.

Their targets are only free zone companies in Ajman Free Zone and Sharjah Free Zone because free zone authorities do not listen directly to you when you go there.