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CB Insurance Services Review of Homesite (American Family Insurance)
Homesite (American Family Insurance)

Homesite (American Family Insurance) review: Homeowner's insurance claim

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We had a water leak with major damage discovered on 8/19/2021 — well over a year ago. We went through our insurer, Homesite (now part of American Family Insurance) and had the damages assessed by an adjuster. We had a mitigation company and a restoration company to do the major work and filled out the requisite forms for contents. We submitted all related receipts.

We have had a string of adjusters managing the claim and they were very poor at updating us when we were assigned yet another one. The latest one, Katelyn, has been on the claim for several months. Work was completed in May, 2022, and all invoices and receipts filed immediately. Despite numerous requests for reimbursement of the remaining >$8500 of the claim, we have not received payment! We just get "we're working on it," "we're overworked/understaffed," and mostly no response.

I have tried calling alternate adjusters and supervisors with no results. It is now December, 2022, and I'm still sitting on a large sum of expenses that should be covered!

Desired outcome: We would like to see a balance sheet of all submitted expenses and payments to date and receive the reimbursement we are owed. We would like prompt (

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