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HomePlace FurnitureCushions needed replacing within 1 week of purchase

This is a letter that I sent to HomePlace. Apparently the person who sold the furniture to you is your "ally". They are supposed to help. Jack sounds helpful but I think his hands are tied. When CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER places a call to you, there is a problem with customer service. After one week of purchasing this sofa, I asked to return it.

There was a $500 restocking fee! I should have paid it and considered myself lucky. No, I trusted them. I thought Jack and Anastasia would be working to help me but I don't think they can. Customer Service needs to step in and they don't. Almost 2 years of calls, emails, photos, forms (I had to send them 3 sets because "customer service never received the form or the photos of the furniture". 3 TIMES. Unreal.


February 26, 2010

To: Jack Webb

This is the continuation of the letter I started. I can’t remember how many calls I have made to try to get someone to care enough. I know I have placed at least 10-15 calls to the Pensacola store. I called corporate [protected] for help with property damage on my front door and the cushion replacements. I was kept on hold from 12:12 PM to 12:30 PM. Tammy said she would have to send replacement claim forms. (I had already sent in 3 sets with pictures) I asked to talk to Hank and she refused. She said “that’s what he hires us for.” I’m so happy your ads encourage customers to come by because its just a nice place to be HOME … PLACE.

I have never been so disgusted and disappointed in my life. I purchased a sofa with obvious problems and have been complaining since. No one there either cares enough or your system has broken down.

[protected] bought sofa, love seat and ottoman and paid with credit card
• Told Tom I had looked up the sofa I bought on internet and said it wasn’t same. He said ignore website.
[protected] store delivered sofa love seat and ottoman …WRONG SET (same as website)
[protected] I drove 25 mile to look at sofa I purchased. Sales representative said yes wrong set was delivered. Reordered with a 6/21 probable delivery date.
7-08, 09-2008 CALLED PENSACOLA STORE Asked when sofa set was coming. 7-21 delivery date.
[protected] delivered right sofa love seat and ottoman
[protected] love seat BROKE before driver got ½ mile down road.
[protected] delivered replacement love seat and damaged front door, driver said within 2 wks someone would be here to fix door.
• Told them about pictures I had taken of sofa with cushion not springing back. THERE WAS NO RESILLIENCY IN THE FOAM. It was flat.
• They said send pics to corporate with door damage pics
[protected] CALLED CORPORATE When would repair for door be done.
• Told them delivery guy said repairs would be made withing one to two weeks
• Said they had to get pics and review
[protected] I ordered all pictures on-line with Walmart. Got pics within few days
[protected] Sent all pics back to Home Place corporate. I sent my name, address, home and cell numbers.
[protected] CALLED PENSACOLA STORE Told them I haven’t heard anything. They said corp takes time.
10-24-2008 CALLED PENSACOLA STORE Told them I still hadn’t heard from corporate. They said it was best to talk to the sales agent. Jack not in when I called.
11-8, 9-2008 Talked to Jack he said he would call and find out what was going on with the order.
[protected] took new set of pic of sofa loveseat. Cushions getting flatter and flatter.
[protected] CALLED CORPORATE. Asked them when they would be replacing my cushions on my sofa. She said they never received my request for new cushions. Told her that the sales representative had requested them and I had sent her pictures. She said nothing had come in. She said she would mail me a form that I needed to fill out and send pictures with bids for door repair.
[protected] reorder all pics from Walmart on internet.
10-12-2009 sent form and pics and bids to corporate.
[protected] CALLED PENSACOLA STORE Talked to Jack. Told him they had delivered the wrong size of the cushions for my sofa and love seat.
1-1-2010 Talked to Anastasia, she said she would stay with me until this has been resolved. I have called her 2-3 time since. Corp is always looking.
[protected] Jack reordered the cushions. The representative that came out to my house didn’t order replacements.

2010 I received the check for the repair of the front door that was damaged July 2008. Thank you for that.
Please finish with the cushions for the sofa, loveseat, ottoman and stitch repairs.

4-29-10 I have called Jack at least once a week, and talked to a lady named Anastasia about 2/15/10. She said she wasn’t there full time but she would make sure my information gets to corporate and the problem gets resolved. (I have never talked to her since-2months ago). Jack tells me that all his information goes to corporate. He said customer service will help me. I have NEVER had a call since I bought the sofa, love seat and ottoman from customer service. Yesterday I called to talk to Jack again, not there. I talked to Tom, the asst mgr. He was busy but said he would look up my file and call me back. HE CALLED BACK about 8:00 PM.
He said he found notations all through my file and said he had sent the information he had to corporate.

I don’t believe they will ever call. I want the name of an attorney that will help!

Jeanne Elliott

This is my story with HOME PLACE ! I feel I have been getting the runaround and Home Place is stalling because when June 11th, 2010 comes up, I will not be able to sue them. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life. They ought to be ashamed of themselves. They could sell decent product but they chose to sell what they do and in the process, they can stall and drive you nuts until you give up and go away…that’s when they sell again and the circle of selling, not doing what they promise, keeping the customer running in circles starts and then the ultimate for them…when the customer gets so tired of their run-around they give up.
Home Place wins again.

Crummy way to do business.

5/7/2010 UPDATE: Well surprise. HomePlace called me !!! Yes they called me Monday May 3rd and said they thought the manufacturing company that made my sofa was going out of business but HomePlace had insisted that the manufacturer make my cushions immediately. HomePlace called and said the rep would bring my cushions on Wednesday, May 5th. I was elated. Wednesday he got here and...Of course...they were the wrong cushions. They were 2 inches too narrow and 3 inches too shallow. My cushions are T cushions and they sent all square ones!!! Why did I not see that coming? After having ONE YEAR AND ELEVEN MONTH of history with HomePlace for an issue that started ONE YEAR AND ELEVEN MONTHS ago, I said, install the cushions; this is as good as it ever will get. The rep cut the "T" off the old cushion Pad and stuffed it into the cushion cover, then inserted the new "too short and too narrow" cushion pad in, then cut the old cushion foam into wide strips and stuffed them into the sides of the cushion cover. Each cushion cover now new too small pad, one added foam piece to the side, one added foam piece to the depth. A couple cushions have four total pieces in them. Golly, does this sound professional or am I just a picky witch? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY !

If you think I am crazy for letting them put all these little chunks of foam and fiberfill into the cover to "make-do", you're right; anyone that would allow that is crazy but I'm also 2 years of tired of fighting to get them to do right by me and their merchandise. I spent $1800 on a sofa and now know what is underneath those cushions…the pads are in pieces. I know it won't last long but... I also know that HomePlace is not going to do right by me. They have stalled for two years (1 yr and 11 months), I know this is the best they will do even if it is a ridiculous job. They don't have to look at it or sit in it! They know I won’t sue. It will cost $750 for an attorney and by the time I have paid for that, if they lose, I will only have the balance of $1050 (if that). That won't be enough to buy a new sofa and love seat and they are banking on that. Yep all the way to the bank. What a shame. Their store looks nice; the ads makes you "feel" like they are “family”. They have the opportunity to do good and give everyone a WIN WIN but they have chosen to WIN over your LOSS. MY loss, but I am tired. I'm 64 and probably will never buy a new sofa again. I once was thrilled with getting a new sofa but each day I wake up and look at my mess of pieced together pads and think about their friendly ads. I also think "The joke was one me". I don't like thinking the joke was on me but I guess it was. The store is A NICE PLACE TO VISIT BUT DON'T BUY FROM HOME PLACE! I will never go into their store again and hope by informing you of their treatment and “warranty” on my sofa helps you decide the best for you so you will have a WIN WIN.

They will never get a good recommendation from me...EVER!

Cushions needed replacing within 1 week of purchase
Cushions needed replacing within 1 week of purchase
Cushions needed replacing within 1 week of purchase


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    Stephanie P Apr 21, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Linda is right! Home Place customer service and delivery is a joke! I've waited on my furniture for weeks!!! Now it's finally here and they can't even deliver because they book to many people in a 12 hour window!! I waited all day Friday and they called at 9:30 pm, said they were on the way. No show! Damn, am I dreaming, is this really how they do business! So I had to wait til 10:00 when they opened for calls. By then, the damn truck is loaded for the day! You'd think that they would of delivered my stuff first since they didn't get to me last nite, but no way. They lied and said they knocked on my door, which was a lie, cause my community is gated with 24 hour security. No deliveries arrived after 7:00 PM and they would of called me anyway! So they refunded my delivery, and put me on delivery for Saturday. Well their goes my fricken whole day with the waiting game. Got two teens staring me in my face mad as hell! Heaven forbid I leave and miss that call. Needless to say? Would of done better at Rooms to go or Ashley. Better yet Havertys!
    I will say this, at 3:45 am, Sunday with no furniture in my family room; Home Place will never get business from me or any of my military friends and I will be sure to tell them why! Many businesses get put on the off limits roster for military and I'm surely going to look into seeing about it! I would of been better off hiring a dude standing at the freeway exits, holding a sign for work and renting a truck then paying for their service. I'm a military spouse who husband is not around for the sake of his country and I have never ever had a furniture delivery go this bad ever!!!

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    camera1953 Oct 15, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here's the email I just fired off to the Destin store, I am waiting for Delivery right now. I am so worried what is going to happen what shape this will all be in and possible issues if something is wrong...

    First, as with any delivery, repair, install or anyone else who has to come to your home a call the day before to verify is customary. I received no such call to verify delivery; we instead had to call the Destin store on our own to verify. Your delivery system sucks plain and simple. Most companies who come to your home for whatever will at least give you a 5 or 6 hour window of arrival not a 12 hour window. Next were not told that the delivery area was 300 miles no wonder you all have a 12 hour window. Let me see if I can guess how this works; the delivery truck is based in Pensacola it is packed with Pensacola area deliveries. Once those are done they drive to the Destin (or other stores along the way) repacked and delivered and so on until they reach the end of the delivery route for that area, heck for all I know they may start out in Mobile.

    The typical person works hard all week and looks forward to the weekend (except for you guys cause you have to work on the weekends so may that is why you don’t care). So no matter what day you have off I bet you regard it as a day to relax or get things done you can’t do at other times of the week. What is that day off worth to you? I bet the same worth I place on my day off. You do not pay me to sit at home for 12 hours in fact I pay you for that inconvenience to the tune of $124.95 (plus tax and I was suppose to have “FREE delivery but he said he couldn’t put down as free delivery so he deducted that amount off the price of what we purchased, what a racket) and from the sound of Chance Jobe this morning I should be darn happy I paid for that inconvenience..

    Oh and if I decide to try and sneak and do some other things that can only be done today and I miss the call guess what I get to pay $124.95 again to reschedule another delivery. Oh and if something comes up that is more important that the delivery of the furniture and it’s less than 48 hours not I am screwed AGAIN.

    Heaven forbid if I don’t give them ample work space and a “clear” path to the area because that are not allowed to work around your house set up you must rearrange your home to accommodate them oh and what if I don’t like what I have or it doesn’t really fit in my room or any other reason that I would have to return it, I am screwed again. My furniture was $932.23 plus delivery $94.95 plus setup $30.00 plus tax $63.43 (and I have never heard of delivery & setup being taxed) for a grand total of $1, 120.61

    Now if I don’t like it for whatever reason I lose $124.95 (my FREE delivery) right off the top plus 25% restocking fee of $230.06 The awesome part is you don’t know any of this until you have paid and received your copy of the receipt and this little fact sheet is attached to cover your butts and leaves the customer out to dry without any choices.

    WOW, what a great deal you have going on, you give “free” delivery but you don’t and you keep 25% on returns man oh man and they wonder what is wrong with America. No one it seems is really honest these days.

    Your website only shows 99.8% good review & no bad reviews, makes you all sound like angels. People aren’t stupid there are complaint sites on the internet (and your company is all over the place on them) and next time I purchase furniture (which won’t be with you) you can bet I will be checking them out. We should have just stayed with Ashley’s.
    A Very Disappointed Customer who is still waiting at 11:34 for that magical 30 minute to hour call that my furniture to arrive. Oh and one last thing next time a customer calls about delivery at least be nice and verify that it is indeed on the truck oh wait you can’t because the truck won’t make it to the Destin locate for hours yet!!

    I won’t recommend you shore but I am sure you could care less,

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    Callum May 10, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They will never get a good recommendation from me...EVER!

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