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CB Business and Industrial Review of Home Warranty Select
Home Warranty Select

Home Warranty Select review: Cancel my policy with full or partial refund.

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I bought home warranty select policy in Sept 2018 for 6 years for $2380.

I have never gotten a good service from them. I will explain in detail later.

I called today to cancel my policy and get a refund. With nearly 2 years left on my policy I was told I needed to pay a $75.00 cancellation fee and I would not get any refund on my policy for cancellation. I feel that Home warranty is a scam and a fraud. I tried to check on the reviews for this company, and they all look good? In checking further it appeared the reviewing company is based in Israel and is paid for by home warranty select. That's what it looked like, so no bad reviews never show up. Details of experience: 1. home warranty requires to file a claim and then they try to get a technician to come to your home and call them to get approval. Two problems, first a technician must sit around waiting for approval at his his expense. And a number of technicians said they will not work for them as they owe them for previously unpaid services. I called on a Friday for an emergency repair and they said it would be Monday or Tue when they start to looking for a tech and then they have 2 to 3 days to locate one. They finally said they could not find one and for me to get one on my own. In this case the technician called me and said he would do the repair but he would NEVER work for home warranty as they would not pay the techs. I will supply this techs name if you need it. If I get the work done with my own tech, I need to send them the bill and they will get their committee to look at it and review it.

Bottom like home warranty select has very bad service. you cannot get a service tech to work for them, thus customers get no service. You cannot cancel for their bad service with a cancellation fee and you get no refund.

It sure sounds like a scam and fraud. You cannot put a bad review on their website. I hare tried numerous time to get service for plugged drains, broken icemakers and other claims. I have not had one acceptable experience with home warranty. Anything you can do to disclose this company as a fraud or scam will be appreciated.

Desired outcome: and no cancellation fee.Policy #SHW 1797715New Jersey ph <span class="replace-code" title="This information is only accessible to verified representatives of company">[protected]</span>

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