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CB Insurance Services Home Warranty Division I would like to be permanently removed from their mailing list!!!
Home Warranty Division

Home Warranty Division review: I would like to be permanently removed from their mailing list!!!

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3:44 pm EST
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1/10/23 I keep receiving this scam thing in the mail I spoke to Dan several times but refuses to remove my name from their mailing list and is continuously harassing me by mail let alone rude on the phone. They also refuse to give me their address. I sent this to you last month around December 11th. But was late in confirming my email and what not. Their phone number is 1=[protected]. They send you a supposed check voucher that they can cancel within 5 business days To me it's to lure you into their scam. Record! D # HRT1118496. It always says final notice but then next month about the same time I get another this time and last time was a "fake Check" but both have a Sacramento California zip code of 95813. It's trying to get you to pay for coverage on your furnace your air conditioner and fridge and a few other home items all of which I've bought brand new in the last several years and have warranties through the companies I bought them from here in Maine. Can you please address this and see to it I'm permanently removed from their mailing list. I spoke to Mike4 yesterday around 554 pm and he said he would but I've been told this several times in the last 6 months Thank You Kevin...

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