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A year ago I got an e- mail from saying that they
would like to represent me. So I called them up and they said that for
about $380CDN they put my pictures in a cd-rom send it out and get
auditions for me.
Stupid enough I trusted them and I paid them in full amount.
Needless to say I never got a any auditions from them. They just put a
picture on there website that's it.
I then went to the Better Business Bureau website and filed a complaint.
Weeks went by and I never got a resolution.
Does anybody know any other way I can get a refund.


  • An
    angryclient57 Jul 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Definitely as Scam at worse or a terrible and illegal business practices at best. I paid the fee became a member and within a couple months could not contact the company about changing /fixing/updating/removing my profile. There was no web support. The phones numbers suddenly stopped working. 5 year later ...I am still trying to get this profile removed. There were no auditions in their great connected database that didn't have anything that I could find myself online. Honestly I'm just pissed of. I did a whois search of and e-mailed the person who owns the site with no response. The whois search is now useless. I basically spammed the contact person given to me for a year asking for removal of a photo..and never got a reply. That e-mail accout no longer exist. I have used the contact form on the website multiple times and tried to phone number. No contact or return calls at all. I am going to try to start a class action lawsuit. This business needs to be sued.

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  • Om
    OmahyraD Oct 11, 2012

    Wow! Any company that has to get this defensive over so called allegations and speak this aggressively to potential and/or exsisting clients should definitely be considered suspicious. Where there is smoke, there is fire. You can only prey on people's inexperience of the industry for so long till karma eventually catches up with you. Good riddance to the entire staff and shady operation known as HOLLYWOODAUDITIONS.COM !!!1

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  • Ni
    Nicholasd107 Sep 07, 2012

    I dont know one way or another if this is legit or not. I am going in to meet with them tomorrow. The only thing i have ever heard from people who have agents, get work, and have been for many years is that any legitimate agency would never ask for a sign up fee or anything of that kind. I did not realize that this company charges you. If i had known i wouldnt have even said i would come in to do an audition. Please anyone who reads this be aware, ANYONE THAT ASKS FOR MONEY IS NOT A LEGIT AGENCY. It is upsetting that there are businesses in the world that prey on people with dreams. That being said, people need to ALWAYS research before paying for anything. I still might go to my audition tomorrow, just to see what they say. The minute they ask for any kind of payment i will know right away not to join. It may or may not be a 'scam, ' but anyone else reading this needs to know your best shot in this business is to find a legitimate SAG-AFTRA agent. Any SAG-AFTRA agency will not ask for money. Just a heads up to everyone.

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  • Co
    Corey Banks May 25, 2012

    NOW, I AM HERE TO SAY SOMETHING THAT HAS NEEDED TO BE SAID FOR YEARS NOW!(Some of you will get mad, some of you will keep your same mindset and keep on blogging, but some of you will feel hope that you do have a way to achieve your dreams, and that is all I am going for!)

    LOL It looks like you have no company here satisfied client of Michal Hamasaki!!! Misery truly does love company! The ones screaming SCAMMER!!! (That term is so loosely used in such a high volume industry that people want to be in and does no good for future inquiring entertainers because it is misleading and completely negative and just discourages people from taking chances and pursuing what they are interested in)

    There is no negative energy here! Negative energy can't survive around positive energy, try putting a negative and positive together. It doesn't work. It's physics! Bring light into a dark room and the dark disappears! That is why this first post of a happy client has been here for three almost four months without one reply, so I will be the second one and let's keep this positive energy going. Knowledge truly is power. The wrong knowledge is very detrimental however.

    The word "SCAM OR FRAUD" should not be used without proof and ninety nine percent of the time there is none! These guys are just a bunch of bloggers that are looking to be discovered over night and not put any work in to achieving what they want out of life. You potential clients in truth are the SCAMMERS!!! You are wasting talent reps' valuable time and taking that time away from more serious inquirers that are willing to invest their time and financials into a great program that you need!!!

    I am going to make a few points and then leave it alone, because it is not worth it and quite frankly, this is negative energy and I only deal in positivity! The people advocating for Hollywoodauditions that all you say must be "employees and bla bla bla are probably people who disagreed with you guys whining and talking about things you obviously have no clue about, because you have never tried the program! I know you cannot convince somebody of anything if they have already made their mind up. I have been in entertainment for over ten years, but most importantly I have been living for twenty eight years and understand the way things are done and the proper common sense steps you have to take to get them done..



    -ALL of you who are blogging and talking about things you obviously so clearly have no idea about want an agent from the very first time you realize you want to be an actor, model, singer, or dancer. And you believe that "you deserve a job in the entertainment industry because you are good looking or have some talent"

    All of that is good, but millions of people are good looking and have a lot of talent, but if it is not marketed properly and placed in front of the right people, you will never get anywhere! Can you get a good job without experience? NO! Nobody in this business knows who you are! You have to get yourself out there, pay the small reasonable fee for a website like and use the program!!! LISTEN! Get motivated take the steps and get out and do it! Look at it like you bought a gym membership. After you do that you go use the weights right? Your talent rep is their to help you (if you are helping yourself). Your talent rep is on your side and so is web support. utilize that.

    -An agent or manager strictly works off of commission, which means he/she only gets paid if their clients do! How is an agent going to get paid for their time with a 10 year old boy named Johnny who only has a couple school plays on his resume? It is not the agent who decides who gets work, it's the studios and casting directors! If you were budgeting a multi-million dollar movie, would you let Johnny have the main role or any speaking role in the movie? I hope not! You wouldn't have a job for too much longer!

    So, agents only sign clients with an extensive resume. Wouldn't you? A talent rep signs you up for a service and takes no commission from you so if you are making $4, 500.00 a day on a movie set that you acquired from our database, you keep one hundred percent of it! It would be illegal for us to take commission from our clients! We are not licensed agents and never claim to be agents or managers. Do your research!

    --To get an agent you need auditions to build up your resume which web support does for you free for three years. Do you know how much web service fees are? each link, updates? maintenance? Go contact a website developer and ask them their price and then you'll start calling them a scam!

    Learn how the world works people! We live in a monetary world! From gold to legal tender. It has always been that way and always will be. NOBODY IS GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR YOU FOR FREE! is a website service with access to nationwide auditions to give you the jump start you need to contact casting directors to "contact them" by phone or email directly to work with them to attach roles to your resume under "Experience" That is the key!

    Build up your experience and more people will be willing to work with you, so get passed the "beginners stage" (We all know what that is, if you don't just google "Hollywoodauditions scam or "scam" anything, try Disney, lol and read the messages of the bloggers, those are the ones that haven't taken the first step of their careers yet and are waiting for somebody to do it for them. So get passed the "beginners stage" and then you will see more and more opportunities open up for you! That is the magic! You have it! Hard work, effort, dedication, and consistency! is there to give beginners that opportunity to get their careers started and give them a 3 year membership to a database full of auditions for movies, tv shows, commercials, and film, magazines, and catalogues that updates every single week! Auditions are not free! The reason is they are professional people and are working on serious projects and only want SERIOUS PEOPLE! They are not public access, because they are intended only for serious aspiring entertainers. they don't want every dick and jane showing up with lawn chairs to see Denzel Washington or Joe Pesci for their weekend fun. lol Seriously though. This is a business! is a website advertising current entertainers pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. We own a hundred different websites attracting serious people who are interested in doing that and parents that are supportive if it is concerning a minor. We own all those websites and they all land under "entertainment" So for those of you saying you never contacted us and all that, you emailed us from one of those websites. That is the only way we recieve your phone number, email, address, etc.. You enter it into our website in an email! The main website where all the clients portfolios and auditions database is located and the one that gets over five million visitors every month is

    You try starting up a website that generates that kind of traffic over time and keeps building and make every single person happy. We work with aspiring entertainers nationwide, also in Canada and Puerto Rico, and have auditions in all of those places regularly. If you ran a website like that you would do it for free? Tell the truth now! lol Working with beginner entertainers is not easy trust me, and definitely doesn't help with all of these bs bloggers everywhere miseducating people looking to get into the business. That is for sure!

    There is no free program for fresh brand new beginner entertainers! Could you imagine such a company with all of these lazy bloggers not going to auditions and all the talent reps starving and dying, because there clients are not going to auditions to land roles for their careers? Sounds like a Wes Craven film. ehwwwuu.. Things are designed the way they are in large industries for a reason, to weed out the serious from the NOT SERIOUS! It works! I am glad none of you bloggers are my clients, there wouldn't be enough ibuprofine in the world! lol

    -----Now on to the wonderful company known as the "BBB" (that all of you regard as your bible it seems!) No wonder they make a lot of money, they scam the people thinking they are being scammed Ha Ha, You gotta give it up to them. I should go work for them. Cha Ching! lol I'm going to stop right there and just give you this. ... 43#.T7KlCFJnNkg

    Oh No! Now you are going to think ABC News is a scam and start blogging about them. Oh boy. I am damaging some heads lol. Some think the BBB possibly originated from "Al Capone" himself, look it up. It was a teamsters project. Sounds like a mafia tactic to me, In my best "Don Corleone voice" "You pay me some money and I will tell people you are a good business" Do your own research and your own intrepretation. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything, just posting facts, which none of you bloggers have done in the years you have been blogging, because you have none, because it doesn't EXIST!

    ---As far as the guy claiming the company is a drug front! Get a life dude! Your just another upset employee that could not hack it and had to go elsewhere to provide for your family and yourself. Nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with your false inflammatory accusations. You are right about one thing though; Someone could END UP IN JAIL! You! for Defamation of character and slander! Identify yourself and maybe we'll pursue that so you can post your story in the appropriate setting, in a court room, not in a public forum of people just like you that can just bounce negative energy off of one another!

    Do something positive with things you learn in life, don't just create more bad of bad and for once in your lives take some responsibility for yourselves. Parents, that means you too! Regulate what your kids do online, there are programs for that or just check the history. If you don't want your kid to be a part of the program, then just say so! It doesn't matter what the reason is. We're not forcing anything down yours or your kids throat.

    It is an opportunity to finally do what you or your child is interested in doing and you are getting direction from people in the business that know what they are doing and what they are talking about! Don't say "we will call you back or we need to do research then we'll call you back with billing info, etc none of that" If you sign up for a service use it! if you have a bill for the service pay it. Can you make excuses if you don't have your rent money? Don't blame us because something came up in your life and then blog that we didn't give you your money back for a service we gave you and time we put into you or your kids. That's not right and you wouldn't like it if somebody did that to you.

    You photographers blogging too is rediculous, because we can generate 600 people in your backyard monthly that need headshots for their portfolios. Just ask people who are beginners in the entertainment industry. Out of 200 emails of people who emailed us in your area, you can't get at least 20 people to invite into your studio to get their pictures done? Head shots are two to three hundred a pop. Do you have any idea how many people I talk to every day that DO NOT have professional pictures or how many emails I get that ask where can they get pictures taken? Abismo! So just like the inquiring entertainers take the chance and work the leads. We work in the same industry, we should work together!


    WWW.HOLLYWOODAUDITIONS.COM is more then just this one department. We have been around for 15 years in the same building. Have over 250, 000 clients to date and have only 40 complaints, sounds good to me. As I said we own several websites, over 100, also do media advertising for similar businesses in the entertainment industry. We also produce movies and have a management company that manages A list entertainers, professional actors, spokes models, movie directors, etc. We are attached to moves going back over a decade like; Are we still a scam or are you bloggers a scam? I quote a monologue from "A few good men" Can you handle the truth? because there it is once and for all told!

    You guys just starting your careers should set a goal to get to the level of management, which is getting your resume built up and getting passed the "beginners stage" Why would you not wanna go with a company that has such advancement opportunites? or doesn't have that and they charge way more and provide less!!

    Now for those of who are serious and don't know the way to get into the industry and are willing to start taking responsibilities for their own careers and put the hard work and effort in and want to get to the level that is the peak of our company, I will not promise I will make your dreams come true and you will land a Nickelodeon or Disney audition in one day. I will only promise you plenty of opportunities. What you choose to do with those or even recognize them when they come your way is all on you. email me at [email protected] if you are serious and are ready to get started!

    Best Regards,

    Corey Banks
    Marketing Director


    International Talent Network Online
    20501 Ventura Blvd., Suite 380
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
    Toll Free: [protected] Ext: 713
    Office: [protected] Ext: 713
    Fax Line: [protected]

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  • Ve
    veryupset3 Nov 08, 2011

    THIS IS ABSOLUTELY A SCAM!! Only 20 minutes after signing up (after reading the horror stories on the web) I called back to tell them that I no longer wished to do it and to ask for a refund. The vice president Taylor gave me a whole song and dance about how I shoudln't trust what I read and how they were just trying to feed their families like everyone else and went on to offer me everything you could think of: a photo shoot, an extra year of membership, the #1 spot on my state's "featured" page etc. etc. and assured me that if I wasn't completely satisifed within a few weeks he would give me a full refund. It took them "a few weeks" JUST to put my picture up on the website (which was poorly done by the way). When I called back to get my refund we "ironically" kept missing each other's calls and a week and a half later when I finally spoke to him, he completely disregarded everything that he had originally said, told me he would not give me a refund and then threatened to sue me. I am in the process of having it disputed through my credit card company, which is what I would recommend for anyone else who is in my position, but if you read this before you sign up DO NOT!!! You will absolutely regret it, I promise you.

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  • COMPLETE WASTE of TIME AND MONEY! July / August 2011.
    I registered my 14 year old daughter with for a 3 month subscription for $149.
    Be clear: This website is a pure FRAUD.
    They tell you to send pictures, send resume, send more pictures, memorize a "monologue",
    call them back, wait for them to call you back, they are "working with you" ...
    anything to make it seem like they are doing something and you are doing something.
    They are doing nothing but stealing your money, wasting your time, and destroying your dreams.
    You are doing nothing but wasting your money and wasting your time.
    Money comes and goes, but the time you waste with these con-artists will never come back.
    Bottom Line:
    -- My daughter did not get one audition, and we are right here in New York City,
    the media capital of the world. --
    They have no connections, they have no auditions to give,
    but they name - drop very easily and quickly,
    names like Disney and Sesame Street, and other industry names.
    As part of the scam, they use different names, Marvin Fenderson, Kurt Taylor, it does not matter.
    They tell you they are a "Christian", "bible-studying religious man" (amazing!)
    a real shame and a disgrace.
    Do not believe one thing they say.
    If their lips are moving, you can be sure they are lying to steal your money.
    Robert J. Greene CPA, Staatsburg, NY

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  • St
    starchild91 May 29, 2011

    Horrible horrible.. hollywod audtions if ur reading this YOU ARE SOME STUPID ###ING ### AND I'M GLAD I CANCELED MY CARD BEFORE U CAN GET MORE MONEY FROM ME STUPID TURDS..:D THAT IS ALL.

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  • Na
    NamelessComplainer234 Feb 16, 2011

    Hollywood Auditions is a SCAM! My parents and I signed up with them for the "$389 for 3 years" deal. The person who called me was named Henry Ramer. He said
    that if we signed up with them, sent in my resume, and send in some photos that we could get an online portfolio with get acting auditions every Monday if we checked the website. So of couse we signed up with them, took some photos of me, and sent them in with my resume. A couple weeks later we got the photos and resume back in the envolope with a stamp that said "Return to Sender." My mom then called them and asked why they didn't go though. They gave her a new mailing address and stated that Henry Ramer was on a 2 week vacation. The next day we called asking them how to find the auditions online. We asked for Henry Ramer and a new person said he didn't work there anymore. After that my parents and I had it. We went online to check them out for who they really are. They had an F rating from the Better Business Bureau and we saw all the complaints. My parents are now trying to get that off their credit card bill. This has created a mess for too many people. Do not sign up for Hollywood They are a scam and they know it. All they want is the money. They see all these complaints and don't like it. Let's make 'em squirm more. Spread the word! If we don't do it quick, they'll have us all in just one call.

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  • Ny
    NYC Photographer Feb 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HOLLYWOODAUDITIONS.COM is a SCAM. A few weeks ago, I agreed to place an ad for $250 in their website. They agreed to create the artwork for the ad as part of the deal. The artwork was supposed to be ready the following day.

    It is now more than 3 weeks later, and HOLLYWOODAUDITIONS.COM has only taken my money, but done absolutely NOTHING!

    I have asked them repeatedly to refund my payment, but nothing so far. I am going to take this up with my credit card company. They are a SCAM. Stay away from them!

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  • Sa
    sammers29 Jun 02, 2010

    ya we post our babies pictures on there web page and all the info that was needed and yes of course they called us the man name was charles sutherland and he seemed like a down to earth guy! he said our girls were so pretty and that they can make it! so he asked for us to send some more pictures and so we did and then he said ya they are interrested in our girls so an easy payment of 389 and he will make a portfollio and a cd rom to send out! dumb us so paid in full and now we find it to be a scam so we called them to tell them we wanted our money back and they said its not a scam!!! i was so upset cause they said will call you back in 15 mins and we called them back cause 15 mins passed and what our number was blocked oh i was so upset! yes this is a scam dont pay any money i used our daughters money for there social security money for this cause i thought i'd better there lives!! and now im barrowing money for formula and pampers!!

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  • Ba
    Bassmanhec Sep 30, 2009

    The other day I signed up for and I got a call from them today. I missed the call and listened to the voicemail. I was kind of psyched to get a call from the company, but my curiosity got the best of me. I decided to check on the company, find reviews, and see if it's legit. I'm glad I did. I found out it was a scam so I thought about not calling them.
    I got an e-mail earlier this afternoon saying that they are so happy that I was wanting to join their company. I sent them an e-mail stating how I didn't want to be on any of their lists anymore. They responded with,

    "The information you find is fake put out by internet hackers. Please don't be gullible and believe that junk. We have 10, 000 clients going to auditions currently and are doing very well. Obviously in this business not everyone becomes a star. I hope you understand and take care."

    I responded back by saying because I didn't want to be on their list anymore, I won't become a "star". I continued on with other words, but none of them were harmful. I just said that I wasn't going to pay money to a con artist on their hoxes. They responded back,

    "No you are not going to make it in this business. Sorry, not with that attitude :) Right now you are clueless. You actually think we are a scam because you found some garbage on the web. Like I said you are very gullible and uneducated. If you weren't, you would not jump to conclusions. Please don't contact our company or any of our 140 websites again."

    How am I uneducated? It's not just some garbage on the web, it was a lot of very convincing information. When the bad outweighs the good, I immediately think that it must be true. I think hackers would go for bigger fish than some website I just found out about the other day.

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