Resolved Hollywood, FLFradulent Mortgage Company

My mortgage was sold to MGC Company and when I finally received a statement they had me owing this large balance (28, 000), what happen to my mortgage payments that were transferred from my old company. I called their office, which it was very difficult to speak with someone, my husband and I left several messages and they take forever to call back. We requested a modification which we sent all the requested documents and still no response, months have now passed by. When we called to check on the modification, no knowledge of modification, we had to resend the documents. This company is a nightmare, they need to be shut down. We all have the same story and something need to be done. As a matter of fact we went to the NACA program and they never heard of this company, they are being investigated. As a matter of fact they may be Ameriquest for all we know, the company that has a hugh lawsuit pending.


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