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Dear sir,
im living in china. last month i decide to buy one bottle of health supplement doctor's best ginko capsules through online. I decided to buy through and transfer money 103.60 rmb(13.78 US dollars) to the companie's beijing representative's office. A month has been passed, so many e-mails i sent and i just got soapy answers. on the otherhand no one receive phone call in their beijing office. can you please help me to get my product or my money?

im a poor man. please help me sir.
sincerely yours

roberta kisZer
, US
Jun 24, 2016 11:01 am EDT

I ordered products through this company, ( H&L World Wide Inc) as well; on May 13, 2016. It is now June 24, 2016 and I have not received the products.. I paid through Pay Pal and have never received the products.. On my pay Pal Account The purchase was listed as "refunded". It was never refunded on my account although it WAS charged by the H&L company. . I still do not have the products. I am contacting Pay Pal to see how we may resolve this issue. I did an update on the credit card number with Pay Pal and this may have caused a glitch. However, someone still got my money and I have no products. I see from my research there are many other complaints against this company. .

el monte, US
Nov 03, 2011 10:44 pm EDT

By reading this complaint, we think we really should explain this story to everyone:

This order was placed on 9/15/2011, and our company had shipped out his order via DHL international on 9/25 with tracking number [protected]. When the package arrived at his country, due to some foreign custom rules, DHL had required the receiver to pay for the custom fee. We explained the situation to the customer, but the customer refused to pay for the custom fee.

As we stated very clearly in our international shipping policy online at

"We are not responsible for any of the restrictions, duties, taxes and broker fee collected from your country. While we only use the best shipping companies such as US post office to send the items for your order, customs costs including product return chargebacks and tax will be responsibility of the buyer. Should an item be returned by customs, the carrier charges us a product return fee which the buyer will also be responsible for. Any customs fees will be additional. As such, kindly make sure the items can be imported to your country prior to ordering."

Since the customer refused to pay for the custom fee, the custom at his country wouldn't release the package to him and was going to have DHL return the package back to us, and charge us for that custom fee. However, as stated in our policy, we are not responsible for custom fees; so the custom had to destroy this package at their country.

We as a small company has no power over other countries' custom policy. While we adhere to our store policy and couldn't do anything about other countries' custom policy.

Being in this business for so many years, we have ran into many situations like this with many of our customers, and most of our customers were willing to understand the situation and cooperate so that they get their packages. We always try to work with our customers to meet their expectations, but sometimes things are out of our control.

We believe we are doing everything correctly, and we are not doing any fraudulent business here.

Thank you,

, Yugoslavia
Oct 29, 2011 1:03 am EDT is fraudulent and scam company ! Customers beware !
Please help me to spread the word, report and shut down this company. I have already reported it to Yahoo to remove it from merchants list, and am planning to report it to authorities back in the USA, including the FBI's scam & fraud list. Also, I will lauch a furious online campaign and website to warn the online shopping community. I see I am not the only victim and this company seemed to have changed owners btw - the name behind it now seems to be so called Dudwell Enterprises and 'president' is Chineese Walter Huang. Please spred the word and let everyone know never to buy anything from Vitasprings, Dudwell or their related companies - there are several more - I checked !

I have fallen a victim of scam by this frauduletnt and scam online company, based in California, USA and I am writing this to warn all potential victims. My loss was 65.71 $
My order was placed on September 28th, 2011. @

The company is now openly suspicious - 'answers & support' I have received from supposed 'customers service' are barely in English, with mixed English & Chineese 'grammar'. Even their supposed 'supervising' manager Vanessa, she's an insult for English language & grammar, openly lies and denies facts of their fraud commiting ways of doing 'business'.

First, they've breached the agreement by sending my order via completely different shipping method I have opted & paid for - I have paid 24.50$ for and have chosen Regular Mail International. Instead they used DHL 1 Day Express without consulting me in any way - which was asking me locally to pay over 50$ of shipping & handling fees (completely customs unrelated costs). I highly suspect they've kept the shipping money I paid them and used the shipping that hands over all the costs to final customer - me in this case !
2. After I refused this, VitaSprings said - they'll get the order back & resend it via - Regular Mail International as they should have done in the first place. Weeks after - I discovered they lied to me, as local DHL has notified me that the sender has never requested for the order to be returned nor has paid for it to be returned to the States but to be given for 'destruction process' with customs department.
3. I have notified Vitasprings of this, once again they lied and said customs decided to destroy my order which is absolutely not true and I have a word for it from the local DHL department - their correspondence with the DHL in the States clearly states - that the return of the order was never requested by the sender - Vitasprings. They lied that they will resend my order.
4. refused all my requests for refund.
5. They've kept both my order & shipping money and I ended up frauded & with nothing !

I don't know who allowed and authorized them to do business in USA in the first place. Fraud & scam might work perfectly well in China, but USA shouldn't allow small businesses to be registered if their employees can't put together a simple sentence using proper English grammar. No suprise we then end up with a 'company' commiting fraud, scam and go against the very basics of good business and respecting customers interests.

Beware - they might also have similar fraudulent sites - If You see 15% restocking fee and similar description and names like Vitasprings, Livamed I susped too etc. You are likely to be frauded.

If You are buying supplements, vitamins etc. beware of the fraud and scam companies like Vitasprings. Learn from my mistake, be wise, double check, look only for companies that are trustworthy and comfirmed by authorities and real customers. Don't trust the overall positive ratings and stars system, it may not mean anything genuinly positive at all. Do not fall victim to as I did.

Please spread the word, and help me expose this company to authorities and all potential customers.
We all need to raise our voices and shut down this fraudulent company forever !

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