Resolved Higher Impact Inc.Took 500.00 from me with the promise to advertisemy webpage

I am disabled and 68 yrs. of age and I was looking for a way to have gainful employment from my home. I heard about Higher Impact and when I spoke to one of their representatives they took my address and sent me a package. It has all sorts of promises in it.

I took time to call them and they signed me up, they asked me to give them money for advertising my new web page so I did. they took 500.00 from me promising that anytime within the year, if the site did not bring me anyone to sign up or purchase anything I could get part of my money back.

My 500.00 is gone and I have not even gotten a reciept. I feel as though I have been used. I want my money back. They do not return my calls at all now.


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    Jan Hensley Feb 11, 2010

    I want it removed

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  • Sc
    Scott Cares Mar 09, 2010

    Hi Jan,
    You should call your credit card company and do a charge back on them and you will
    get your money back. I have been working online since 1999 and I have seen it all.
    If you would like my help on this matter feel free to email me.

    [email protected]

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  • Jc
    JCKJr Mar 18, 2010

    In December of 2009, Higher Impact’s sales team was relentless in calling me. Though I said NO on a number of occasions, they finally talked me into spending money I didn’t have to purchase one of their web sites. I was led to believe that they were a Christian led organization and that I would be working with Christians that were making money. I was told that if I made the purchase and followed their directions, I would be able to do the same. When their marketing representative called and outlined the advertising program, he offered the most expensive advertising package for $8, 500.00, which he led me to believe, was discounted. I thought that it was a lot of money, but based on the assumption that I wouldn’t be misled by a Christian company, I borrowed the money and made the purchase.

    It is now March 16, 2010. As I look at my back office information, I see that the only activity is one mortgage application filled out since the site went up in December (and that mortgage application was mine). I’m a 64 year old that could see the end of mortgage payments in the near future, but now I find myself in a position there I must refinance my home to be able to pay off my debts.

    You see, a few years ago, I hired a so called Christian contractor that took me for $80, 000.00. When Higher Impact came along, I thought that this might be the answer to digging my way out of debt. As it turns out, I am now $88, 700.00 in debt with “zero” revenue coming in to pay it back.

    I’ve called Higher Impact in the past about the fact that the site was not generating revenue and they said they would look into it. I must assume that none of the affiliates are making any money or that the marketing campaign set up for me is ineffective and not worth the money spent.

    Each day I view my web page results, and see that I’m not making money I find myself more and more depressed and overwhelmed by financial pressure.

    With this in mind, I feel compelled to warn others that Higher Impact’s program is NOT the answer to your financial problems and that it has proven not to work in these economic times. It is my desire to warn others so they don’t make the same mistake that I did. There are so many financially hurting people out there right now, I being one of them that are so desperate for an answer to their financial problems and unfortunately that makes us easy pray to a bad investment opportunity such as the one Higher Impact promotes.

    Fairfax, Virginia

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  • One of the things Higher Impact says is that they have NO complaints with the Online Business Bureau, why haven't you filed a complaint with the Online Business Bureau? People like me like to verify everything before I commit. I asked the gentleman if I could possible see a website of one of the businesses that are utilizing the services. They told me no. If I can't see what I am purchasing what is the point. I was given some line that everyone must sign a nondisclousre agreement. This is absurd. You tell me you help people advertise their websites. But won't show me what exactely you do, i.e. an example of a business that is doing well because of your services.

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  • Fo
    Foxmon Feb 08, 2011

    The Online Business Bureau has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. You will find their trusted site seal on the websites of the most fraudulant companies out there. e. g. A1 Marketing Unlimited.

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