Hibu,Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Yellowbook / Fraudulent

Jun 26, 2013

Our company made a nationwide buy from YellowBook. YellowBook states they distribute 100 million books a year. We bought 6+ Ads. Therefore, we should have had 600 million ads nationwide per year, yet, we ONLY received 18k leads, which is ONLY 18k phone calls per year! What is wrong with...

Yellowbook / wrong advertising

We own a small computer company in Texas. I am a graphic artist. A yellowbook rep. came out and sold us an ad (February 2011). He made a quick sketch on his laptop . . . it was supposed to just be a sketch. I told him I'd re-design it and so I did. I sent him the artwork and he...

Yellowbook / faulty advertising, Scam


Yellow book is a criminal enterprise, if they are successfull at having you sign a contract with them, they will hold you personally responsible no matter what corporate filing you have, first they will bankrupt your company with advertising that does not work and will not work no matter...

Yellowbook / Sales


Yellowbook charged us for an ad that a 70 year old family member agreed for us to pay. They called the persons house and the family member stated they had authorization even though they did not and have never been paid any form of a salary. We never received a PO, proof sheet, or an...

Yellowbook / Yellowbook fraud


We have recieved an invoice from localonline yellow book for 549.95 that we didnt authorize. We talked to them on the the phone. Its a scam i have read many other emails of the same problem. Something has to be done with these people. yellowbook one international blvd suite 400 mahwah, nj 07495 [protected]

Yellowbook / websites


This piece of crap company created an alleged "website" that a six year old 1st grader could have made using any of the free website templates that are out there. Then when we told them how bad we thought it was, they offered a discount, which never materialized. We then tried to talk to...

Yellowbook / Unauthorized and incorrect listings


The Yellowbook contains inaccurate and incomplete information. Yellowbook customer service is non-existent. The majority of the info (except for paid classifieds) in Yellowbook is obtained from public record data bases that our outdated and inaccurate. As the CEO of a very large organizattion...

Yellowbook / Contract-Fraud


I just received a letter from Rauch-Milliken Internation, Inc. demanding I settle a debt or they are going to sue me. Unfortunately this is not my debt. Over 2 years ago I worked for a company which used Yellowbook for advertising, and because I signed off an an ad they are holding me...

Yellowbook / Tried to cancel


I was convinced to advertise in the Yellowbook - I tried to cancel because everyone I spoke to told me that I was over paying but the sales rep Stuart Rock convinced me that "he was giving me a great deal and I had upset him because I was saying he charged me to much" so I felt bad and...

Yellowbook / littering


I find it irresponsible that yellowbook hires drivers to deliver phone books to homes. But what is happening the drivers are delivering books to vacant addresses, delivering to smashed mail boxes, to no homes at all. They throw the books in the path of the mail carrier. They run over the...

Yellowbook / Cancellation


I signed up with Yellowbook to do some advertising for my small business. I wrote a check to the salesman and a few days later, I found my bank account in the negative. After further investigation, I found that Yellowbook electronically deposited my check, THEN cruised over to the bank and...

Yellowbook / Deceptive Sales


I am the former owner of Julian’s Home and Office Cleaning and Maintenance of Manawa, WI. In January 2009 I was contacted by the Yellowbook sales rep, Tim Calnin, regarding advertising in the 2009 directory. At the time I was awaiting the outcome of a pending real estate/busine...