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I am constantly being spammed and sent disgusting emails. I have tried unsubscribing over and over again and it won't stop. Worst offenders are:

Sidet Presearch
4924 Balboa Blvd #482, Encino, CA 91316 - [protected] Unsubscribe requests go to and say unsubscribe has been accepted, but they don't stop.

Also getting spammed by - [protected]

Is there any way you can make them stop? They send me 100's of erection, Russian girls, sexy Ukrainian brides and all other sorts of vile disgusting emails.

Can you please make them stop? I don't want to have to change my email.

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Mar 20, 2018 1:44 pm EDT
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These [censor] from help helpfory have consistently sent emails to my address after declining and unsubscribing numerous times. This past week alone 2600 emails have hit my box I have counted them and sent them to him. I've had enough as we were talking now or I'm writing this they are continuing the drop-down box on my phone I can see him. Somebody has to do something

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