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Heathrow's TSA Staff review: Poor behavior from TSA Staff

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Poor treatment we received from Heathrow's TSA staff and to request the return of our personal belongings wrongfully taken. On Saturday, June 10, 2023 around 10:00 am, my family and I flew from Miami to London's Heathrow Airport with a connection to Athens. We missed the connection because the flight was over an hour late and it was further kept from landing at Heathrow for another half hour. This was the inauspicious start of our holiday. After booking a new flight to Athens we entered TSA where they scrutinized all our carry-ons. The staff went through all our things, which is to be expected, but they did so in a brusque and unprofessional manner. Never have I ever seen such demeaning, rudeness, and sarcasm in a TSA agent. We were quite shocked by the treatment. I understand the rules and procedures that they must perform, but not in this manner that they feel superior to all. Many items were confiscated and placed into a bag that can be mail back to our home. Items, I should add, that were checked without controversy by the TSA in Miami. Many of these items were things we needed for our trip and gifts for family members. When we checked on line to retrieve our items to be mailed back to the United States, it would cost us 180 pounds! This amount is outrageous, and well above the value of the items taken. One might speculate that the high cost is to discourage travelers from trying to retrieve their confiscated items. Sadly, in the heat of the exchange, I failed to note the names of the TSA staff involved, otherwise I would single them out by name. However, I would like to request the return of our confiscated items at a more reasonable cost. I appreciate your attention to this matter.