On the 18th of september my father and my brother who reside in Canada were leaving for work. They were standing on the zebra crossing when a car came from the back and hit my fathers leg.

My father already had a TSH problem but the Canadian doctors have not yet found a cure for it. His leg was not injured by the accident but the left foot was seriously damaged. Once the accident had taken place the police and the ambulance came. My father was quickly taken to the hospital and it was decided that an operation would be done soon.
He went back home and was told that an operation would be done in the morning. On Sunday, my brother personally called to confirm whether the operation would actually take place on Sunday and he was again assured that the operation will happen.

However, once they reached the hospital they were told that an operation was not possible since the hospital was understaffed. My father with a TSH problem and a broken ankle is still waiting for his operation. He has not been operated for a number of days. The so called Welfare State of Canada has failed badly in the provision of health care facilities to its citizens. This may have been expected in the civil hospital of Karachi but not Canada.

I, being a woman from a terrorist country in their words can only pray that the day he is operated comes soon enough.

Our terrorist and poorest nation asks question from Canadas health care that is this the way to treat your senior citizens? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

From Naureen Tanveer

My Fathers name : Riaz Ahmad
Brothers name: Danish Riaz

CONTACT ME: [protected]


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    I know this people very well, her brother use to own a computer store on Lincoln avenue in Montreal, his name is Danish Riaz, he did fraud sow many people. Including the governement of canada. his father get paid 2000$ a month desability from the governement. and he use to work in the computer store his mom get paid 700$ from the governement. Danisg Riaz just did banckruptcy for his business on lincoln street. 100 of clients came back to the store asking for there computers back, that danish was suppose to repair. this clients never got back there computer.

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