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The HCL Way of Life. Come and experience HCL Infosystems, how we value our people, and what it's like to work here---this is wat they provided in their career page but do u know d real thing how do they treat their employee Inspite dis s a tamilian owned firm Shiv Nadar but no tamilian get a chance to show their talent specially in Mumbai zone all kerala people r ruling and they harass each tamilian joining d firm and make them to quit d firm wid so harrasment even i and many of my frens got a weird exp wid dis firm no tamilian can stay more than 3-4 months, n if u knw malayalam then only u can stay in this firm cos u dont need tech knwlge in this firm talking in ### malayalam is eunf, n one more thing they dont provide salary on proper time that is one month salary after gap of three months they have a ### off management. If you people get time ever look out for your employees problem.


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    Jawaaz Bhat Nov 17, 2015
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    complaint against hcl fake job offer on above link, , click for more details

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  • Ja
    jain rai Mar 22, 2015

    I was shocked to see an adamant and irresponsible person Kavitha Adhidoss in HCL technologies. She doesn't know any subject on domain technology. She is managing a team of QA.She lacks people handling skills.Shock to see an Indian company hiring such employees. Shame to be in HCL

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  • Sh
    shankar lal kandoi Aug 22, 2014

    sir me rajkumar kandoi aapki company ka shares holder hu mere pas 250 shares hai jo aapki company ke pas resvere pare hai folio no R000484 HAI jo 2007se aapke pas hai karpya mene bahut bar aapko letter diye hai reply nahi hai karpya mere shares mere ko send kare rajkumar kandoi
    gagron ka chowk
    dist nagour (rajasthan)

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  • Vi
    victom1 Aug 18, 2014

    I have no words all this is true.girls life is more spoiled in HCL bpo. All the managers and tl sleep with girls to promote them. They force the week girls

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  • Ra
    raj kumar kandoi Aug 05, 2014

    folio no r0000484
    hamare shares company ke pas 2006 se hai abhi tak hame nahi bhijawaye hai hamne bahut bar noida bat ki delhi bat ki hamare shares 250 hcl infoys ke nahi bijawaye please shares send me adress, raj kumar kandoi
    gagron ka chowk, didwana 341303 dist nagour (rajasthan )
    mobile no [protected] [protected]

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  • Yo
    yoyo honey singh Jan 10, 2014

    Dear all,
    Don't trust on "ADEO CONSULTANCY". I am also a victim of Adeo Consultancy Kolkata. I have completed my diploma in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, after completing my diploma suddenly one day I got a call from a girl. She introduced herself as Miss. SAMPA, senior HR from ADEO Consultancy. She informed me that she got my number from Naukri / times job. After a little bit conversation she asked me whether I am interested in HCL or not!!! Being as a fresher, I thought that HCL is a brand and when I am getting a chance to face the interview then why not?? After that she gave me the office address of HCL Infosystem Ltd. which is in saltlake, sector-V. At the end of the conversation she informed me that I have to pay 7500 INR as their consultancy fees. I was quiet sure I’ll get at least 10k in hand after getting the job, so I can easily pay their consultancy fees.
    On the next day I went to HCL Infosystem Ltd., Infinity Benchmark Building, Saltlake, Sector- V, Block EP-GP, Kolkata. After almost 10/15 minutes the HR (Mr. Avishek Das) came to me and ask me, am I from ADEO Consultancy or not !!! I replied yes, and then he asked me to wait for another 10 minutes... (Maybe he called SAMPA, and informed her that the "MURGA" is here).
    My friends let me tell you what question I faced during the interview...
    1. Tell me something about yourself.
    From the second question onwards his conversation was in Bengali!!!
    2. (In Bengali) Do you know how to Format a PC?? (As per my knowledge, no one can format PC.. we can format either "C" or any particular drive).
    3. (In Bengali) do you know assembling? (Yes / No, like I was in front of a Multiple choice machine).
    3. (In Bengali) Can you arrange the "wire", like the "internet wire".. Via that we can access internet!!! (Even that ### don't know the "internet wire is called LAN cable and the connector is called RJ45)
    4. (Of course in Bengali, the most important line of the conversation) OK... You are selected.. Just clear the Consultancy charge, and take your offer letter!!! (From that day onwards, I came to know many ### are alive because killing ### are illegal in INDIA)

    After all these nonsense I thought that at least after paying the consultancy fees I’ll get a standard amount. Frankly speaking in Kolkata 10k/month is ok, even it's good to start your carrier. I informed the HR and the consultancy lady SAMPA, that I am looking for a job in Networking. The HR and SAMPA both gave the assurance that after 2/3 months they’ll transfer me in a networking project. I was quiet happy. On the next day I paid the consultancy Fees of 7500 INR in cash, took the receipt and came to HCL Info system’s office. On that day I came to know that they’ll provide me 5000 INR / month!!! After paid 7500 INR, I'll get 5000 INR / month.. OK, not an issue. I thought that I’ll start my carrier with a Brand, for me this is more important than money. I was appointed as Associate Trainee. As per documents they’ll train me for the next 11 months. After 2/3 days, my seniors asked me to visit the customer place!!! Trust me that was the worst experience in my life till date. On that day I came to know People HATE HCL INFOSYSTEM LTD. All of us made a mistake that HCL means a big company, HCL is a brand.. That's is "HCL TECHNOLOGY".. Not "HCL Infosystem Ltd." HCL Infosystem has few banks in their customer list, one of the worst companies in INDIA. People join HCL Infosystem just because they need an experience, and a little bit of money also!!! If you join HCL Infosystem Ltd. they’ll provide you 5000 INR / month, not only that you have to go to the customer place by your own. They’ll pay you the conveyance, but there is no guarantee. May be after 4/5 months you’ll receive your 1/2 months TA (Travelling Allowances) bill. Not only this they’ll also provide you a new SIM CARD, not mobile. They’ll take care of your mobile bill up to 200 INR / month. But each & every day we had to call at least 10/15 customers, that means almost 10-15 INR / Day (300-350 INR per month). Each & every day we had to pay almost 50-60 INR for travelling to various customer point.. At the end of the month I got not more than 2000 INR after deducting the mobile bill and conveyance. After 1 year I left HCL Infosystem Ltd. and I joined TCS as a junior system admin with 1.75 lakh P.A. and my colleagues are still working in HCL infosystem Ltd. for [protected] INR / month.

    My Qualification:
    10+2, Diploma in ETC
    CCNA & CCNP (Global Certified)
    My Reporting manager's qualification:
    Name: Surajit Goswami
    "10th, Diploma in Electrical"
    If a company's territory manager is "Under Graduate", than how can people/customer expect quality service from that company? Being as a customer support engineer, I had to listen lots of SLANGS / ABUSES from customers because my company HCL Infosystem Ltd. is GARBAGE Company.

    Those who are reading this, they can easily judge the company by their HR (Mr. Avishek Das) who don't know anything about networking, but took the entire interview within 4 question!!! So what, he doesn’t know anything about networking... He can count money!!! I am sure he’ll get at least 5000 INR from my consultancy fees!!!

    HR Details:
    Name: Mr Avishek Das
    Contact: [protected]

    SAMPA : [protected]

    I wish someday someone will take revenge of us, we have paid our harden money.. And they are doing fraud!!!
    HCL Infosystem Ltd.
    1. Support= 0
    2. Customer satisfaction= 0
    3. Quality Service= 0
    4. Payment towards employee= 0
    5. Secure Future= 0
    6. Brand= 0

    One last message to the regional head, Mr. Kaausik Nandy. Dear Sir, please stop introducing you as HCL, people think about HCL TECHNOLOGY when they heard HCL... HCL is a brand, but HCL Infosystem Ltd. is not a brand...

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  • Ra
    raj1233 Dec 28, 2013

    hi all,
    hcl insys is a cmpny having bad culture, for me i got campus selection in hcl from polytech, so directly i jointed their, but i felt hell is better than this firm, employyes are teated as slaves, they ill post u anywhr in india by putting 3 yr bond, which means u ill get trapped and torture like slaves, Most Employees in hcl hv to do field wrk, only in PC part replacement, means No learning, u ill get only 8k which remain same for 3 yr, so no earning, no appreciation for ur hardwrk, so be careful dnt endup ur glorious career at this hell...

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  • De
    deepak888 Dec 06, 2013

    yes me to worked for hcl info they treated as slaves.Wasted six month working for this company without any benefits:(.If any one wish to join this company plz forget about your growth and career. even my three months ta also panding this is not sysytem

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  • Ch
    chowdary hcl Nov 10, 2013

    do the hcl info system employees recruit people for hcl technologies... plzzz rply

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  • Ma
    mark antony Oct 15, 2013

    yes me to worked for hcl info they treated as slaves.Wasted one year working for this company without any benefits:(.If any one wish to join this company plz forget about your growth and career.
    Salary range: For BE graduate 6500/
    Diploma: 5500/
    This is 100/%true

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  • Am
    Amal Prakash Sep 20, 2013

    If you join hcl you need to spend ur half salary for Travelling.

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  • Fr
    friend3 Sep 04, 2013

    Salary not satisfied..no career growth..they wl treat engineers as their slave indirectly. Its better to work in courier company instead of HCL info system becoz Field engineers has to carry monitor, printer, smps and all hardware components of computer and printer by the bag with HCL logo. They provide 5000 as stipend for OJT even if u r experienced. 4 months experience in HCL infosystem-bangalore is the worst experience in my career. I suggest people from BE cannot come to ths company as a field engineer. For diplomo its ok..

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  • Vk
    vk20 Nov 10, 2012

    if anybody having grievances with hcl infosystem than call and abuse to these ppl this whole comp is ###
    ankit -0-[protected]
    sunil verma, he is pimp his mother is pross abuse him 0-[protected]
    amit saxena his sis boob ummmm mast hai 0-[protected]
    sandip, harami 0-[protected]
    abuse them

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  • Vk
    vk20 Nov 10, 2012

    dont join hcl infosystem is just ### company i just left tht comp its worst than slums

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  • Cu
    cutebabes Oct 16, 2012

    I am also HCl infosystem employee, i would suggest not to join this company, i m from singapore zone, but here also they r like that no proper policies no proper working hours, no professinalism at all. BETTER FOLK PLZ SAY NO TO HCL

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  • Hc
    HCL Engineer123 Feb 19, 2012

    Please take ACTION Something... Don't simply give a complaint...we want independence...

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  • Fe
    fenandowilma Feb 08, 2012

    hi i am a fresher i got a offer letter for infosys hcl and genpact .so please help me out to join in the best company

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  • Hc
    HCL employee Aug 08, 2011

    I work for HCL in Belfast and I can only compare it to the way the people of North Korea are treated, Shiv Nadar being the dictator at the top I've worked for them for 8 years so I know what im talking about. I think their motto is always typed with a few words left off its mot "employee first" its " employee first to get screwed over" i know at the moment they are currently being fined £300, 000 for not filing tax returns for employees, which might I add resulted in hundreds of employees receving letters from the tax man being told they would be going to court for not paying tax. Also they have to explain what they did with £5million that was given to them to use for training by InvestNI a government body that helps business investing in Northern Ireland. This money was not used for training but to pay off bills, hope this gives you an idea of what type of company they are. PS they do treat their senior managment well, surprise surprise !!!

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  • Sa
    sasi kumar Jul 18, 2011

    pls dont tell like this..iam also working in hcl...i know how they are selecting the programmers...u shut u r mouth and sleep u r not having the capability to work in it field...

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  • Hc
    HCL ENGINEER Sep 15, 2010

    YEAH ...one of kind career damaging experience thats what HCL infosystem is all about ... zonal managers are BUSY sucking blood and money of their employee ... non cooperative maanagement ... if one knows the address of asylum it would be no better then HCL infosystem ... where highly qualified engineers ruined their career... MANGER like SANJAY CHAUDHARY are ... Beggers always starving not for food for money ... how cheap they can get can anyone guess ... u throw them 100 bug they wont even mind to poket it in front of u ... corrupt ...and what can be said to the ... SANJAY bhatia himself is 1 of kind ... you know theirs a saying in HCL even a X standard pass employee working in HCL can become the manager in HCL and m not joking its the fact about HCL ...
    consider their biggest so called project of TATA capital in MUMBAI ... Asset manager PRAVIN ... completed 12 did computer course was hired as OJT and now an ASSET manager ...
    HEMANT VASANI what else can be said ABOUT HIM AN FSM ENGINEER ... NOW PROJECT MANAGER ... VIEVK chauhan ... simple DIPLOMA graduate ... hardly knows o speak in english ... in the PROJECT HEAD ... thats the HCL infosystem ... where an distinction bacholor of engineer gets the salary of 3000 INR ...

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  • Ud
    uday vaidya Nov 28, 2009



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