Harald Rosell - Collective Intelligence Solution Group AGhe took over 500,000 euro from my clients as due diligence fee for loans that were never delivered

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Think twice before doing business with harald rosell
Who is the real Harald Rosell?- My true unfortunate encounter with the real Harald Rosell
Written June 18st 2018

This is my first-hand account of dealing with Harald Rosell (HR) and Collective Intelligence Solution AG for 9 months, with its address at Bahnhofstrasse 21, CH - 9100 Herisau, Switzerland, Tel: +[protected]. This address is nothing more than a virtual office like a Regus office. I should point out that I had no dealings with his business partner Patrik Nef. All the events outlined below are true and accurate and can be substantiated and backed up by a few hundred emails, multiple documents provided to me and my clients from CIS, recorded phone conversations and testimonials from my clients and other victims I have since found in an online forum. I am making this post under an alias to protect my clients identity, however, should you wish to contact me for more details, email me at - [protected]

Introduction to HR and CIS Group AG:

I was introduced to Harald Rosell (HR) by a friend who was told by his pastor (a mutual contact of HR and my friend) that HR has the ability to put clients into trade platform buy/sell programs as well as the ability to fund projects of all sizes. The fact that HR was being referred by a pastor got my attention. Not thinking that a pastor was recommending someone of such low moral character. The big question still unanswered for me is, to what extent did the pastor know the truth about HR's intentions.

Initial Call:

The first time I spoke to HR he came across as a very kind and genuine person who truly had the best intentions of others in mind. On our first call he did not pressure or solicit me in any way, he was very laid back and talked about GOD and his background as an ex-banker and desire to help people. He went on to allude to the fact that he had a Yacht and that my friend and I should come to Switzerland and spend a weekend with him on his Yacht to get to know him before doing business. This laid-back approach and the fact that he wasn't trying to convince me to bring him clients immediately got my attention. That's part of his hook, he has great confidence and posture and is never pushy when you initially speak to him, but give him time and you will meet a very different person.

My decision to bring the first client (regrettably)

We continued talking for a few months off and on before I decided to bring him the first client seeking project financing. During this time, I felt we were building a good rapport, based on similar values and intentions to conduct good clean business.
Once I made that decision he sent me the required paperwork for my clients to complete and return to begin the process.
The paperwork, in my opinion, was lacking, so as I often do I took it upon myself to redo and improve upon some of the paperwork. I cleaned up the documents and even went as far a creating one from scratch which he approved to be used in the initial process of engaging clients. Documentation needs to professional when you are putting yourself out as someone with the ability to fund projects in the Billions of dollars. This should have been my first red flag, that someone funding Billions of dollars would have such shoddy paperwork.
Once the paperwork was completed, I engaged my first client who was happy to find someone that appeared to be able to deliver on the promise of project financing. As most seeking capital know, its difficult to find legitimate players, most people holding themselves out as financiers or project funders are complete [censored] out to steal peoples hard earned money. Especially those asking for some form of upfront fee even if they call it Due Diligence retainer and use big company names that will be conducting the Due Diligence to win your confidence. This was also part of HR's hook, using names like Baker Mckenzie lawfirm and Price Waterhouse Coopers accounting firm as the companies that will be conducting the Due Diligence.
Once the first client submitted the paperwork and wired the Due Diligence retainer directly to CIS bank account at ICBC Bank in Germany, it took 30 days for the stories and excuses to begin. Unfortunately, during those 30 days, I brought 3 more clients who also paid their due diligence retainer of €100, hindsight, there were red flags but as the saying goes, hindsight is always 20/20. When he insisted on the funds going directly to CIS account instead of the Lawfirm, that should have bee the second red flag.
In addition to the Due Diligence retainers he took from my clients he also took €70, 000 from my two friends claiming that he will be able to put the money into trade where they will be earning a very attractive return monthly. To win my confidence, he had me speak to the trader who was going to trade the money. This person did turn out to be legit but HR never game him the money (more on this person later), I am absolutely confidence HR used the money for his personal lifestyle.

The change in personality and the excuses now begin:

First let's talk about the due diligence retainer and my clients;

After keeping my clients waiting for at least 30 days during which time nothing he promised was delivered on. By the way, what was promised was that Baker Mckenzie and Price Waterhouse Coopers was going to contact my clients to begin the Due Diligence process within two weeks of him receiving the Due Diligence retainer. When HR was confronted on why the delays, the excuses began. There were many excuses that started with, he was busy completing a large file (supposedly he was funding a large project in France for 20 Billion Euro, that turned out to a complete lie, I have evidence to confirm this). After the delays and excuses got unbearable and my clients insisted on getting their money back I ended up going to Luxembourg to meet him face to face, that's when the truth unfolded, more on this later, and the lies progressed from there. The excuses continued with him being busy closing several large trade deals (more on this later), then it was the accounts are frozen due to tax disputes with the Swiss government or German government, then it was the money is frozen because one of his partners was flagged by the bank for money laundering over 300MM Euro. Of course, he eventually claimed after a few months that he won the tax case and his partner was cleared of money laundering allegations, but it was going to take some time for the banks to receive the necessary paperwork before they can release the funds. That was all nothing more than lies to buy time so he can figure out where he's going to get the money to pay my clients back. It was clear he didn't have it and did not send a single penny to Baker Mckenzie or Price Waterhouse Coopers for the so called Due Diligence.
Once the pressure mounted from myself and my clients, we are now talking 3 months after the DUE DILIGENCE was to have begun, he suddenly decided that my clients are bad people, because they demanded that he keep his word, and now he wants nothing to do with funding their projects, so he decided he's going to refund their money. You would think if he was such a big shot with access to accounts that he managed with Billions and Trillions (yes he said he managed accounts with Trillions of dollars in it on behalf of rich Chinese families and other wealthy European families, he even tried to convince me that the Duke of Luxembourg is a friend of his, I am actually going to send this story by regular mail to the Duke so he knows HR is using his name to cheat people) if any of it was true he would have no issue returning the €500, 000 euro he took from my clients and friends. But instead of promptly returning the money once he decided he didn't want to fund them anymore, it became a long drawn out battle, where he continued to tell one lie after another, a series of nasty phone calls, nasty emails exchanges and one of my clients retaining a Swiss lawyer.
AS of today June 1st, 2018, almost 8 months after taking the DUE DILIGENCE retainer from my first client he has not returned the money to my clients. He has no remorse or regret for the collateral damage and reputational damage he caused me and my clients. Some client lost not only immediate opportunity but future opportunities, they lost their reputation in their community and business circle, not to mention the millions unrealized profits.

Now lets talk about the €70, 000 from my friends that was supposed to be growing at 5% a day
This is a simultaneous nightmare experience where I was told that he would pool my friend's money with a very large trade of over 2 Billion, that was the only way my clients could get into a high yield trade program with such a small amount of money. He went so far as having me talk to the person that was going to trade the money who convinced me that my friend's funds were going to be safe and secure. Well, I'm sure you can guess by now what happened to my friend's money, Not one penny was put into trade and from the day my friends wired the funds directly to his bank account he did not respond to a single message from my friends for many months.
Since I was in regular communication with HR on the project financing and other potential business matters, my friend didn't see his lack of response as a red flag at the time. Because whenever I asked for an update on behalf of my friend he always told me that the funds are growing according to plan, I would share this news with my friends who stayed calm because of the update from me. As time passed and we pushed for paperwork to support the fact the investment was in fact growing, it was always another story and excuse that he will get the paperwork to us, but he was so busy working on these monster deals and he didn't have time to go Frankfurt to arrange for the papers we requested. This continued until a I got to Luxembourg to discover that the entire HR persona and CIS story was nothing more than a house of cards, a series of lies he was able to perpetuate, because unless you were standing face to face with him in Luxembourg, as I did, you could not know what he was telling you was a complete lie. He is a master storyteller and a dangerous human being with no conscience because he will tell you anything to separate you and keep you separated form your money as long as possible.

He gave me two fake documents to convince me he had access to money to fund my clients:

1. He game me a fake deposit slip (which is available upon request) showing that he had 22 Billion in the bank.
2. He also gave me a fake contract (which is available upon request) showing that he put one his clients into trade for 9.8 Billion dollars on which he is getting 5% paid to his company a month.

He gave me two fake documents to convince me he had access to money to fund my clients:

The lies:

1. When we first spoke, he told me he owned a yacht. Complete lie.
2. He owned a castle, this a picture on his whatsapp profile. Complete lie.
3. Told me he had access to account with Billions and Trillions of dollars to funds projects of any size. Complete lie.
4. Told me that he was partners with the president of China. Complete lie.
5. Told me he was funding a large project in France on Behalf of the Chinese government. Complete lie.
6. Provided my client a document that he was part of trade of over 9 Billion, that was paying 5% a month. He provided that document as proof of funds when one of my clients pressed him to prove he could perform on the financing. That too was a complete lie.
7. He told me at one time that he had commissions of 5% of a 1 Billion dollar trade coming in a few weeks, that was months ago. That too was a lie.
8. Told me he's funded over 100 Billion in projects over the past 30 years. Complete lie.
9. Lied to my client for months that he would be sending out the refund of their DUE DILIGENCE retainer, next week, next week, next week, next week, next week. Until they decided to apply maximum pressure.
10. Told my friends that their money was in a trade earning profits for months. Complete lie.
11. Says he made me a director of CIS and that I had the authorization to sign off on CIS paperwork. Well after being in Luxembourg for over two and a half months I still haven't seen any evidence that I've been made a director of CIS. I knew after the first few days of being in Luxembourg, that too was lie.
I'm sure there are more lies but I can't recall them at the moment.

The decision to go public even though he paid by my clients:

As I spent time with him in Luxembourg It became evident that HR, in my opinion, is a sociopath. Why? In light of all that I've explained above, he is of the opinion that my clients are the problem because they angrily asked for their money back after months of lies and false promises. The characteristics of a sociopath are listed below, let's see how many HR posses in my opinion.

• Superficial charm and good intelligence - YES
• Absence of delusions and other signs of irrational thinking - I WOULD SAY SO
• Absence of nervousness or neurotic manifestations - YES - lies with a straight face
• Unreliability - YES
• Untruthfulness and insincerity - YES
• Lack of remorse and shame - YES - blaming my client when he was the one who didn't deliver
• Inadequately motivated antisocial behavior - YES - insults waiters in restaurant for no reason.
• Poor judgment and failure to learn by experience - YES - repeat offender, found other victims online, see links below.
• Pathologic egocentricity and incapacity for love - Not sure, but I'm assuming yes.
• Specific loss of insight - YES, doesn't seem to understand the consequences of his actions.
• Unresponsiveness in general interpersonal relations - YES - Never returns emails of text messages.
• Fantastic and uninviting behavior with alcohol and sometimes without - YES - Drinks constantly
• Sex life impersonal, trivial, and poorly integrated - I can only guess. No evidence of this
• Failure to follow any life plan - YES - Never delivered on a single promise in 9 months. Lost his bank, I'm sure for doing something inappropriate. Found out just before this post that he also spent time in jail, I will have an attorney in Europe find out the details of this charge and penalty and will post it at that time

It is clear that unless he is stopped he will continue to leave a trail of victims in his path. So this is the first major attempt at WARNING the general public about this predator. There will be further action taken that I will not disclose here.

Another persons unfortunate experience with HR (we will call him MR. X to protect his identity)

Within two weeks of arriving in Luxembourg, I met an individual (we will call him MR. X) who told me his experience dealing with HR. Mr. X and HR worked together on several deals over a two-year period. He characterized their working experience as normal until things started to go sideways in September of last year (2017). HR used Mr. X's background and credibility as a top currency trader and former platform trader to swindle people out of their money, money that was supposed to go to Mr. X so he can trade it. Unbeknownst to Mr. X, HR received the money from the clients but did not give to Mr. X, instead, there is no question he used the money for his lifestyle, much like what he did with my clients and friends.

The consequences of HR's action of not giving the money to this individual to trade after using his name to convince the clients caused a ripple effect of unfortunate events. Mr. X lost his relationship with his long-time girlfriend, he also lost his apartment and was left homeless while HR was driving around in his new BMW and spending lavishly. The final most devastating blow was he lost his daughter as a result of HR's selfish actions.

In addition there was major reputational damage caused to MR. X's name, certain financial commitments were made to people in his inner circle based on the money that was to come in to trade, since it didn't come in he was not able to honour his word and this caused people to question is honesty and integrity. Mr. X is still suffering the after-effects of HR's selfish and flat out fraudulent my opinion HR is a despicable human being.

As a final Note:
As I mentioned earlier, prior to arriving in Luxembourg HR gave me the impression that he was the one with all the banking contacts to put clients into Trade Programs. However, It became abundantly clear within a few days of arriving and spending time with HR and MR. X, that it was MR. X who had all the contacts for the trade platform and high-level banking contacts and HR was leveraging off his background and relationships.
The interesting thing is once I told Mr. X about what HR had done to my clients, he immediately stopped speaking to him and doing business with him. Mr X is a man of integrity and was not going to be associated with someone who was using his name to take money from clients under false pretense as well as taking money from people as DUE DILIGENCE retainer for funding that was never going to materialize.

Below are a few links to information independently posted, corroborating that HR is nothing more than a two bit hustler holding himself out as a successful ex-banker with access to Billions of dollars to fund projects and access to trade platforms. All complete lies.

HTTP:// - This is a link to a post by others who have been taken by Harald Rosell

HTTPs:// - This is a link to the judgment against HR for over $3 Million USD.

In closing, I have documents and hundreds of emails to support everything I've stated here. My only regret in posting this story, is the impact it will have on his wife who is actually a wonderful woman who deserves better. I am certain she had no idea that her knight in shining armour was nothing more that a two bit hustler, a compulsive liar with a very unpleasant disposition and tendency to blame his victims.
In my 24 years in business, dealing with all kinds of people, HR is the worst kind of person I've ever encountered. Be warned stay far, far away from this man.

Your Truly,

Richard Scott

Please contact me at: [protected]

The follow documents are being included as evidence to the extent Harald Rosell went to convince me he is a legitimate business man.
1. Receipt from Deutsche Bank that he has over 22 Billion dollars in the bank.
2. A contract that he is in a joint venture partner in trade where the client invested 9.8 Billion. He went as far as sending this to my client as proof of funds that he has access to money to fund my client personally.

Harald Rosell - Collective Intelligence Solution Group AG


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    Hello, it is unfortunate that you had to go through all this. But you said "It became abundantly clear within a few days of arriving and spending time with HR and MR. X, that it was MR. X who had all the contacts for the trade platform and high-level banking contacts and HR was leveraging off his background and relationships." Since Mr. X is a a legitimate trader, were you able to establish a working relationship with him? Are you aware of any legitimate trading platforms and brokers? Or do any real platforms promising such high returns actually exist? Please let me vistasakumal @

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