Happy Chis / Paula OrregoSick puppies and lied age and weight

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Warning to all Chihuahua lovers that considering buy from Paula Orrego, Happy Chis, www.chihuahuateacup.net She is an excellent marketing person, she present well her puppies looks adorable and playful. No doubt your heart wants her puppies after viewed the Youtube video clips she has. But here is the facts:

1. ) We specific asked her to take pictures of puppy on the weight scale and email to us, she calibrated the scale so the weight shows 1 lbs less than actual weight. When we received the puppy just 4 days later we weighted her on scale she is 1.1lbs MORE than we were told. ( On her email she told us 'the puppy will be full grown between 2.5~3.0lbs, or a little less, now weighted 1.7lbs at 19weeks' when we received her just 4 days after the email, she weighted 2.8lbs )

2. ) She said she never let puppy travel more than 6 hours alone and with no connection flight. The fact she booked the flight schedule that is convenience to her with connection flight and she made booking error on connection flight to the following day, the puppy spent over 24 hours in the pet carrier and waiting in cargo terminal for connection flight. She gave us incorrect flight schedule when we called from airport she didn't answer the call. She could have arranged directly flight to assure the puppy safety.

3) With all the unpleasant experience we had so far, we decided to take her to vet to check her actual age and health. Yes More surprises, based on her teeth development the puppy age is younger than we were told, which mean she will grow to a larger size Chihuahua and her immune system is not established to travel. Not sure if all the vaccine were actually done or just marked done on the paper. Either way it would be too soon for all 5 doses vaccines for her actual younger age.

4.) Demodetic Mange ( mites), There were sign of hair loss so the vet scraped her skin to test Mange, under the microscope she has positive demodetic manage which caused by her low immune system and genetic heritage. Now our puppy loss her hair and scratches her skin, she is still under medical treatment and it's very expensive and requires months to recover. At mean while Paula still breeding the unhealthy chihuahuas.

5.) After fecal (stool)examination, she has Giardia parasite which can transmit to human, vet said she got this from other puppies that Paula has. She didn't de-worm all puppies to keep them in healthy conditions which place you and your puppy in health concerns.

We are here to let all Chihuahua lovers know our experience and facts about Paula Orrego. They are adorable puppies but don't place yourself as us. Paula is continues selling unhealthy chihuahua and with Demedetic mange disease she shouldn't be breeding them, it cause more unhealthy puppies.


  • De
    Denise Burrell Apr 22, 2015

    I purchaded two wonderful chihuahua babies back in 2006 from Paula and Rosie and Angel are both 2 lbs. and now 8 years old and are the sunshine in my life. These tiny dogs sre perfect and have briught so much joy into my life and my children and grandchildren adore them! I alsi purchadrd a third little girl I named Bella who grew to be 12 lbs. - just more of her to love! :) She is so sweet natured and mothers the other two even though she is now 7 years old. She is much larger but so beautiful and the sweetest loving nature. She is adored by us all. I will always be truly grateful to Paula for her wonderful care and selling me these precious little treasures! I just wish I coukd locate het to tell her how wonderful her babies have turned out and about all the joy they have brought to my life these past 8 years.
    I found Paula to be a very sweet kind and gentle person.
    Denise Burrell from Ottawa Ontario Canada

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  • Pe
    peacelovejanell Feb 23, 2010

    I too bought a pup from her who is going to be 2 soon for 1600, she told me she was going to weigh 3 lbs max and she weighs 5-6 lbs now... i too am starting to wonder if she's younger than she said. Even though she answered my calls and gave me paper work and everything... my little girl came with mild case of mage which built up a lot before we noticed and giardia as well...something is definitely not right if all these dogs have the same sicknesses...shame because my experience with her was great always answered e-mails and phone calls... but we need to stop her! she is jeopardizing the health of these tiny dogs!!!

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  • Je
    JenZ Feb 17, 2010

    I agree with all that were ripped off, lied to and ignored. I had a recent experience with a chihuahua that was sick and had deformities and now I have no health record for him and he is ill and I feel so sad that this has happened to others.

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  • On
    Only.me Feb 10, 2010

    Nosotros hemos comprado dos hermosos chihuahuas de Paula...uno de ellos peso 4.4 lbs. dos libras mas de lo que ella habia pronosticado. Pero realmente no nos importo y compramos otra chiquita igual y ella actualmente pesa 2.1 lbs. es hermosa..! Mis chicos son espectaculares y realmente lo lamento por ustedes por la mala experiencia q al parecer tuvieron..! Toda persona q los ve mueren por ellos..son bellos..!

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  • An
    Anaiyuk Feb 08, 2010

    Paula has been wonderful to my family! I agree that our dog is bigger than was stated, but to believe that one could predict adult size is silly. There is a lot of room for error. Paula sent us a beautiful little girl who has been in our family for a year now. She was healthy when we got her and she is healthy now! Her name is Lilly and she is my daughters best friend! I am now preparing to purchase another puppy from her. I am sorry to those who had health problems with their puppy's, it is heart breaking. To those who are complaining about weight, it is a silly thing to complain about! You paid money for something so superficial as size. You are paying extra for a guess. Nothing more and you can't hold Paula responsible for a guess. I will forever be grateful for the best friend that she has given my 6 year old daughter and think that those of you stuck on size are missing out on something great!

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  • Hi
    highimpact31 Jan 20, 2010

    WOW I am so amazed. I thought it was just me. I too bought a puppy from Paula in Oct. 2007. I was told that my dog would weigh no more than 3 pounds. Today, my baby weighs 7.7 pounds! I love her dearly and would not trade her for the world as she is so cute and sweet, but as expressed by some of the other individuals, I feel as though I was misled. In addition, the dog was supposed to come from Vancouver, Washington, but instead, she arrived from Texas. I know that Chihs shake, but my dog is very scared of everything and constantly shaking. I have wondered if she actually came from a pet mill in Texas where she was mistreated, as opposed to from a loving breeder as I was told. I am glad to have saved her from whatever conditions she was being forced to endure if she did actually come from a mill, but I must agree with the other individuals that you may want to steer clear of this breeder.

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  • Bo
    boots12345 Jan 09, 2010

    I was shocked to find all these posting. I too have a chi from Paula. She told me he was going to be between 2 and 3 lbs but he is actually 4. She promised me that he was puppy pad trained and that was NOT the case. He is an adorable little guy and has seemed to be healthy in the year I have had him. I was very suprised to run across this site. I thought someone may have been up when her www.chihuahuateacup.net site is down. However, she is back up on www.chihwow.com.

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  • Ja
    J&B Jan 03, 2010

    We bought two puppies from Paula. One had mange (very expensive and physically hard on puppy), and the other supposedly 4lb max dog is 6 lbs. I am just grateful that we could "save" our puppies from this woman. Like the others we love our dogs, but as you have heard please beware!!!

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  • Ma
    Mashimaro Jan 02, 2010

    We bought 2 puppies from her for 3k (including the paper works for pet exports). They were under 2lb like she told us they would be, but after 5 months we had our puppies they've grown much bigger. we've paid extra 100 bucks per puppy so she could have all the paper work ready and also micro chipped on both puppies so we could bring puppies back to our home which is in europe, but later we found out that paper work weren't correct ones and puppies weren't even micro chipped. We had to leave the state in 2 days so we just got everything done correctly by ourselves by paying even more money.
    When I compare pictures of puppies from then (when we picked them up) and now, I can clearly see they were extremely skinny and malnourished. I believe she's not feeding them enough to keep them underweight.
    Even though i feel like i got ripped off, I still love my puppies and glad to know that I could give'em much better life than the condition they were in.

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  • Gm
    G.M.S. Dec 25, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh My Gosh, I am so happy I came across this web sight. I got a phone call from her after leaving a message on Christmas Day. I was at my sister law's and told her to pull the puppy up on the web sight so she could see how cute this little chih. was As she was scrolling down I noticed this web sight w/ sick puppies and her name (Paula). Thank You so much for all you complaints, I was getting ready to go home that evening and pay for the puppy on pay pal. This is absolutely terrible! So sad for the puppy that she obviously has no regards for...Thank you Thank you!!!

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  • Fr
    Fredaolmo Oct 22, 2009

    I just have to say i'm furious about all this, Paula got me too. I bought a male for $1600 and a female for $1600, and got about $3000-$4000 in vet bills. The female was dying in my arms. They both weighed about 1lb when I got them in Feb. Now my male weighs about 7 lbs and the female weighs 6 lbs. I could of gotten them for $200 bucks. Well I love them both so what can you do now. I did write several people (authories) but they could not find her. And my dogs were supposed to come from vancuver washington but instead came from Texas. I hope she rots in hell. All her pups are so sick she needs to go to jail and pay back every cent. These dogs cost me over $6000 to keep them alive. If anyone ever finds away to get her back let me know. I want my money back. My email is [email protected]
    I am so happy i found this. Thanks to all!

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  • Kb
    Kbubbles Oct 20, 2009

    I am furious about spending so much money on 2 chihuahua's from her that were suppose to be between 2-3 lbs. I spent $1800 on one and $1600 on the other. They are both between 5-6 lbs. I could have gotten that size for $200! I am so mad. I am also very glad that the camplaints are being posted. I have often suspected that my puppy was younger than she claimed to try and convince me (and others) that they would be small. I can't believe she has gotten away with this. I would love to get some of my money back!

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  • Lo
    lov chi Aug 11, 2009

    Warning! Happy Chis Paula Orrego www.chihuahuateacup.net has another operation www.chihuawow.com with another name: Paula Manterola. both website has same testimonials and you can see video clips from Youtube the same as www.chihuahuateacup.net We have to stop this breeder rip people off selling unhealthy puppies and lied everything about their age, health & size. Paulo Orrego / Paulo Manterola is a CON artist. DO NOT TRUST her. You can google on her and you will be surprise she has ripped off many people.

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  • Gl
    Glori09 Jul 31, 2009

    I was told that these are the best right now. www.bellachis.com, www.rgvpuppies.com, and www.firehousechihuahuas.piczo.com ! I'm going to be checking their backgrounds. Good luck everyone!

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  • Gl
    Glori09 Jul 31, 2009

    I am amazed about the comments. I am so happy I came across this Site! I was about to buy one from her next MONTH!! Wow! You guys rock! Thank you... and I did notice she doesnt answer my calls and neither my e-mails! Thank you sooo much!

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  • Lo
    Love Chis Jul 24, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oiskom, you did the right thing. after I read your comments I also send a note to Washington Animal protection and control department. We need to stop Paula Orrego not scam more people!

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  • Oi
    Oiskom Jul 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unfortunately I saw this comments after I engaged in buying a puppy from Paula. I send her the money for the deposit but seeing that she didn't delivered things that I requested (like a video of the puppy in question), she never answered the phone and responded to e-mails only when she wanted, I couldn't trust her anymore so I canceled the purchase. She promised to give me the deposit back but since then I lost all contact with her.
    It is good that we comment on this website but I think we should go further and let the authorities know about her. I will file a complaint on the FBI website and send a note to the Animal Protection and Control Department. She should be stopped so she does not scam more people. Also the puppies must be saved since it is clear she doesn't care about the dogs welfare.

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  • Ch
    chihuahua girl Jul 16, 2009

    I was buying a chi from her for $1600.00. We drove up to get my puppy and no one
    is there. I called her and waited at her house 5 hours after a 130 mile drive. She calls
    me and tells me my pup is at the vet said it got sick from a shot. I ask for the Vets phone # so i can call as i thinking i have been had for my $500.00 deposit. She said no i can't talk to the Vet. Now i know all i want is my $500. deposit back. Well we go on and on for about 2 hours on the phone i said i'm not leaving here without my deposit. I told her i'm calling the police it a crime to take ones money for a sick dog..Wow she can come meet me now and give me my money back!! After all that she sends me a picture of the
    pup and states i can come get it now! The picture of the dog she sent me is NOT the same dog. It's way bigger and the marking are not the same. She WON'T return calls she WON'T return e-mails. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE. She will have BULL DOG pup next .I saw her breeder!!

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  • Im
    imtelling Jul 02, 2009

    To whom it may concern,

    The person listing the complaint is absolutely correct about problems with this breeder. We have also purchased a pet from her and it is one problem after another. Lie after Lie after Lie.

    No papers, no records, poor health, malnourished, deformed.

    Stay away from her at all costs.

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  • Ph
    Phisco Jun 22, 2009

    You are not the only one. I am glad you made your comments and post online. I have a chihuahua from Paula Orrego Happy Chis and paid $1500, he is now over 6lbs much bigger then I was told, plus he had bad mange and I went though so much trouble and money on him to make sure he is fine. Regardless I still love him but I could have paid much less money for a large size Chihuahua. Do not trust Paula from Happy Chis www.chihuahuateacup.net

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