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They overcharged us, sales person said the roofing shingles were made just for hansons, and had a metal backing. That company employees would install our roof. All false.
The roof was done so shoddy that we had to call the finance company to make sure that hansons could not charge us since nobody would call us back or even send the people out when they said with no calls on way they would not be coming. They damaged our gutters which were in good working condition, they are seamless gutters and the drip edge is not long enough, they never fixed the rafter by the chimney.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Troy, MI No vents were put in, though 10 were charged and left on the driveway. We were told that it would be company employees coming out we got contractors and we don't even know if atlas shingles will honor the warranty. It has been the worst mistake of our lives to have gotten our roof from them, as the contractors took things from our job to use on another job, threw over a 1/4 of the roofing supplies in the dumpster, damaged my car by throwing wood off the roof, pulled a telephone line off the house from the telephone pole and never said anything. But then again none of them spoke English well enough to converse about the job.

Hansons Window & Siding

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