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CB Animals and Pets Review of Hands N Paws - Sophistication Alley Scottsdale, AZ
Hands N Paws - Sophistication Alley Scottsdale, AZ

Hands N Paws - Sophistication Alley Scottsdale, AZ review: Rude, unhelpful and very unprofessional service! 1

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Rude, very unhelpful, and no way to contact to call by phone to try to resolve an issue. Below is one of the email and the response I received. At first I was very excited to purchase the clothing for my new puppy but after this experience I will only shop at local retail stores. All numbers I have found for this company on the websites that use them to handle their product are not in use. The phone number they supply cannot reach a real person. I didn't know in the United States it was considered a threat against the company and employee to cancel the order and refuse the charge on your credit card. Judge for yourself at the comments to my email. After many emails and insults my account was credited the $28.00 dollars but the amount of money they lost from someone who owns 6 dogs is much more. I don't need the $28.00 dollars I just happen to work in customer service for a large corporation and I know how to handle a customer and If one of my employees sent back an email like I received they would be written up. I never did receive an apology for their rude behavior and that could have solved a lot. At this point I will tell all my friends and family about them and contact as many of the companies they deal with by sending them a copy of the rude email that I received and ask them if this is who they would like to represent them.

Thank you,
Lorrie Miller

This is in regard to #519 order [protected]. How long will it take for my credit card to be refunded the $28.00 dollars for the tee I ordered and did not receive? Your site states I will not be charged for back orders but my banking account shows the entire transaction fee. I have to say I have never be treated so rudely by a company. I received back a very rude email in response to my email. All the responses I received back from you came in on the same day, 3/12/17. At this point I would like my refund and forget that this has every happened. Attached is the email that I received back. I in no way threatened your company or your employees. I simply stated as is my right that I would refuse the product and contact my bank to have payment stopped. Bottom line I was charged the full amount and would like to know if I will be refunded and when. I'm very disappointed in the whole experience with your company. Please read the attached and I really hope this is not how your company wishes there customers to be spoken to.

Lorrie Miller



You really need to calm down. And also try reading your order confirmation and site terms and more importantly the email that we sent you. We have none from you on file. Why are you calling the phone order line? BTW. That's not the way to reach us. Also, did you try the help desk as recommended? Did you also check the processing time on the order confirmation? Our processing time is 1 to 4 weeks. You ordered Feb 22. We sent you tracking on Sunday. You really, really need to check your emails. Your tracking number, AGAIN, is 1Z224F9R0398740441. If you threaten our company, or our staff we will cancel this order and charge you the restocking fee. You agreed to the terms on checkout. You should re-read them again. Have a good day. No need to reply.

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Adrienne Shaw
Apr 18, 2008 8:22 am EDT

I totally agree! They are absolutely terrible as their UNSATISFACTORY RATING ON THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU can attest:

Seriously, do not order from HandsnPaws aka Sophistication Alley, Ltd. You WILL be ripped off.