Hampton Inn Bridgeport, W. VA.irrational front desk personnel


My original complaint was how my son and I were treated at this hotel. My second complaint is how we have been ignored by both the actual hotel, the management company and Hilton Hotels corporate office.

My son and I were driving back from Florida to Niagara Falls, New York, which is about a 23 hour trip. We had decided that we enjoy Hampton Inns and would stay only at this chain on our trip home. Our routine was that my son would go in first to see if they have rooms available and the rate. My husband is in the hotel business and at all other hotels when he would mention this, they would give us a courtesy discount. At this particular hotel, the extremely rude desk clerk responded with "so what do you want from me?"...my son comes out to the car with the info and the quote. I go in (its late, I am tired from 10 hours of driving), the girl my son had spoken to was not at the desk, so I check in with someone else. We go to our room, then to dinner. We return, it is now approx. 11pm, to find that the double bolt on our door does not work...my son goes to the desk to ask for assistance...nasty girl is there and says "I will get to it when I can"...I want to go to bed and cannot wait until she feels she has the time to assist us. I go to the desk, not angry, just tired, I explain the problem with the door and she starts slamming things, pushing the chair into the desk, slamming drawers, its at this point that I realize that I am not dealing with a rational person-without going into our verbal exchange- I decided that I no longer felt safe in this hotel with this person behind the desk. We check out...West Virginia is very mountainous, and driving is dangerous...but she had me so upset that I knew I would not be able to sleep, so I drove straight through the night. She is a very lucky woman that we got home safely.
The second part of this story, is that when we got home I contacted the General Manager of the hotel, Paula Kisnser spoke with her and still have not received any response. I contacted the Management Company..Vim Management, spoke with and sent a letter to Kim or Sue, still no response. This all happened in August, '08. On Sept. 9th, I sent my second correspondence to Teranne Dowdell at the Hilton Corporation. Again no response...I think this is a disgraceful way to treat a "guest"...I will never stay at any Hilton afiliated hotel again...and that is sad because we truly enjoyed at our stay at the other hotel. If you want good guest relations and good corporate response DO NOT GO TO HILTON!!!


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    supermom Apr 14, 2009

    I live not far from the hotel you are talking about - and I have never stayed there - but I want to appologize for the rude behavior you experienced in WV - its not 'normal' to find people who are so rude. Its a shame - people like the one you are talking about is who gives WV a bad name.

    I do put my inlaws up in that hotel from time to time - and they haven't had a problem - but I will keep an eye out for it.

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