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Hamilton Select Insurance

Hamilton Select Insurance review: Fake overpriced insurance premiums and total lack of coverage

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Hamilton Select Insurance out of Virginia is a B-grade, shoddy, incompetent, corrupt, and dishonest insurance company run by imbeciles such as Torie Southall, and pushed on to unsuspecting vulnerable small businesses by vultures in the insurance industry such as Dennis Supraner, president of Professional Liability Consulting Services Inc at 45 Knollwood Road, Suite 202, Elmsford New York 10523, the latter of whom who preys on the needy while forcing them to pay 1000% in marked up prices for insurance premiums, at the same time denying 99% of every single insurance claim one submits under their fully paid for policies.

These insurance company scumbags are the quintessential con-artists and criminals in the business, and you would do well to stay away from them and avoid doing business with them whatsoever, as you will most definitely be over-charged and under-represented.

If you do decide to hire these thieves, be sure and have both the New York State Department of Financial Services and Virginia State Corporation Commission on speed-dial to file your ever growing arsenal of complaints, as these scumbags will continuously and systematically deny each and every claim you put forth and that ever comes up, leaving you naked, afraid, and unprotected from the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.”

However, also be advised that these 2 insurance enforcement agencies are as useless as tits on a bull, and are completely and totally corrupted and co-opted by the insurance lobby’s gargantuan oligarch billionaire money supply to serve the insurance industry, not the common man or small business.

Meanwhile the FBI, FTC, and other regulatory agencies, being equally co-opted and corrupted by the very same billionaire oligarchs, will also do nothing but stand idly by while you get anally raped by your insurance company with steep premiums and total lack of insurance coverage.