Gunther Vw Coconut Creekfraud


In my opinion gunther vw has committed fraud for the following reasons: on 11/20/07 I purchased a 2005 honda accord from barry gunther. I should also mention that they showed me a "clean carfax" report at the time of purchase. I decided to sell the car and listed it in auto trader as a clean carfax vehicle. I got a few calls but no one came to look and I was asking a fair price for a low mileage, what I thought was a clean car. Finally a person did call me back and told me that my car showed a accident! I told her that I had my copy of the carfax that the dealer had given me and that there must be some mistake. I than put in a complaint to carfax who then did their investigation and come to find out the car had been in an accident before with the previous owner. I called gunther vw and they turned me over to steve meadows the used car manager. I also took the car to a body shop and found out two things. Number one is that the bump under the car (That I thought was minor when I noticed it the day after purchase) was almost a $900 fix and two was told that if they had the car up on the ramp at gunther vw they had to have seen that the car had been in an accident and had been repainted. I went back to gunther vw and fist talked to a guy "woody" I think his name was and he stated that unless the frame is bent it is no big deal etc etc. I talked to meadows and he more or less said the same thing. I presented a letter to gunther vw with 4 options to solve this matter that I thought were fair but have had no response. These people knew that the car had been in an accident they represented that they had "gold checked" the car. They put new front brakes on the car and could not have missed the cross member damage and the fact that the car had been repainted the body shop inspector stated that it was obvious. They handed me a carfax knowing that it was not a true representation of the vehicle and now they are ignoring the facts!!! They are crooks and liars. This vehicle has diminished value and gunther vw could care less!!! 1


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    VISTA Oct 01, 2009


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    Ronnie T Nov 03, 2009

    Yes, I have met Seve Meadows also . All this idiot could do is stare at my 16 year old daughter's chest.
    This ### practically begged us to buy one of their cars. My wife said to me, even is this pig gave us the car for free we would not buy from from him, or Gunther Volkswagen... Ever!!!

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    toomuchalready Dec 21, 2009

    I know Steve Meadows and he is a honerable person who has sold me several quality cars. The above discription does not match him. I think Steven Bayne is writing these comments and needs to have his head examined. Gunther Volkswagen (Gunther Mortor Company) has been in the car business a long time and has a fine reputation. We bought our first car from them in 1990 and one last year. In no way do they compare to ruthless car dealers and as a matter of fact very non confrontational.

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  • Do
    DONNIEB Dec 22, 2009

    If you are just a customer HOW IN THE WORLD would you know who is having the dispute with Gunther !!! NICE TRY MEADOWS YOU IDIOT.

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    toomuchalready Dec 23, 2009

    If you look at the original poster his name is Steven Bayne... That is how I know his name and really the above comments go beyond complaints and are slander. He is the same idot posting derogitory remarks on Craigslist but not man enough to sign them. I know you are posting these Steven and you should really stop because no dealer is 100% but there is alot more that is right about Gunther Volkswagen (the gunther motor company) than wrong compared to most other dealers. Steve Meadows is a very nice professional man and goes out of his way to solve customer problems as I have first hand knowledge. You are obsessed with slandering Mr. Meadows and the dealership. Anyone who reads this should know that this is a family run dealership in business for 40 years. I would not buy my cars anywhere else especially preowned.
    Terry Casey

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    Steve Bayne Dec 24, 2009

    Hey Casey,

    I posted the ORIGINAL COMPLAINT if you can read you should get your head out of your ### and put yourself in my place. I just took the car to JM Lexus and tried to trade it in on a used Explorer. Want to know how much I can get for a 2005 Accord LX with 54k miles that has been in an accident? $6500.00. Ever heard of diminished value you idiot. THEY KNEW IT HAD BEEN IN AN ACCIDENT AND I CAN PROVE EVERYTHING I HAVE STATED SO FU. Also the above statements/remarks are other people writing THEIR OPINIONS you ###
    so again FU.

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    toomuchalready Dec 25, 2009

    Well Steven,
    Your statements go beyond being intelligent and demonstrate you are not a very reasonable person. Given your language and rudeness I get the impression you are the one who is out of line here. Frankly I am surprised the complaint board even allows your posts given you are so vulgar. Your writing style is repetitive and I would not be surprised if anyone thought you wrote all the negative comments.

    Even though you are rude and cursing me I can still be nice to you. To tell you the truth I do not always like what I'm offered when I trade in a car but know that it is easier than trying to sell it myself. I just move the tag from one car to another and save the tax on the trade in value. I imagine JM did not want your car so I bet you were angry with them and they saved face by knocking the car.

    Given that it does not matter what you can prove... You either try and resolve your problem in a nice way or torture yourself on Christmas eve cursing a happy gunther customer on the complaint board. Having been a customer of Gunther for many years I admit I've had a few problems but being a reasonable person they always honored their responsibility and resolved my problems. The hardest thing I do in my life is deal with adversity with a sense of peace or a peaceful attitude. I find when I am upset about situations it is always harder to find a resolution and solve problems. Sometimes I do not get what I want but I take my lumps and move in a positive direction forward. No sense in dwelling on the negative or the past... You can call me what you want but I do not need to call you an idiot or ### or drop an F bomb on you.

    So having said this and given it is Christmas night a good tip for you is to find some peace Steven. Move on... You are entitled to your opinion but a company that sells over 4000 cars a year is also entitled to have a few unhappy customers. Nothing is ever 100% in life that is all we can ever be sure of...

    Happy Holidays,

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  • Sb
    S Bayne Dec 26, 2009

    Well Well,

    What we have here is a combination of Dr. Phil, Oprah and The Monk. It must be nice to be you. Let me guess-----mid-forties, youngest child of a dominant mother. Mid-management never quite reaching your optimum, probably cause of your irritating personality. Divorced and your kids never talk to you. Just snobby enough to drive a VW that you can not really afford (keep up appearances just in case that big promotion comes your way). Not very good at sports when young and always picked last and put in right field etc. How my doing so far ????

    You seem to know a lot about Gunther hmmmmmmm wonder why that is ???? But as you so cleverly stated above nothing is 100% and you are really probably just one heck of an upstanding citizen that jsut happens to have a REAL PEACHY relationship with the GOOD BOYS AT GUNTHER. So happy holidays back atcha Terry ole boy.

    Oh by the way if you reply I could care less as I have wasted enough time on your sorry butt.

    Your Friend,


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  • To
    toomuchalready Dec 26, 2009

    You are way off but nice to read you are cheering up. That's the Christmas Spirit... :))

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  • So
    sotrue47 Jun 03, 2010

    Whoever too much is, I have to agree with them and would second guess going to gunther. I had my car serviced at VW and tried to get a fog light fixed. They told me they never saw it like that before (probably because it has been like that since I bought the car), and because of that they couldn’t send it back to VW to get it covered under warranty. So I contact VW and they tell me Gunther told them the light was completely broken from a crash because they didn’t want to deal with it. News flash the light still works and looks fine exactly from the day I bought the car. SO in conclusion the service guy who helped me was nice but who ever runs the shop is an idiot, I have 4 outstanding issues that should be covered under warranty, but they can’t figure out what is wrong because it is a new model car. Will probably take it someplace else before my warranty is up to someone that will give me a straight answer and not lie because they don’t want to waste time.

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  • Pa
    PAT DELPRETE Jun 24, 2010


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    Salesmenblow Nov 23, 2010

    This dealership is probably the biggest waste of time that I could have ever imagined. If you are into playing reindeer games with the salesmen all day, then this is you place. In late October, a salesman (ALI), began playing all the textbook sales games in the book. Gave me a price to buy the car I wanted, and when I returned the next day...this salesman could not even remember what price he quoted. When I reminded him of the previous price given the day before, then he suddenly stated that the price given was not including taxes. That was a total lie, because I specifically asked that question and even wrote it down to confirm this price. These swindlers are no place to buy your next me. Go ahead and waste time with these guys and I promise you will regret it. If your not going to fatten their wallet sufficiently, they will lose a deal before negotiating with the customer. I have never been treated so rudely before as a customer. Your a car salesman Ali, one notch above a cab chill. Thank you very much Mr Ali for your lack of professionalism. Because of your behaviour, your vehicle was totally not worth the aggravation and trouble of dealing with you and your sales games. I will never recommend anyone purchase a vehicle from this dealership. I was so disgusted that for a little extra $$, I chose a higher quality, new BMW instead. Mr Sales Manager, thank you and congratulations for pushing me away to another car company.. I guess VW does not need to sell cars during this recession..

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  • St
    stssee Oct 02, 2012

    Steve Meadows is a dirt bag, a piece of garbage, and a low life pig ! Obviously Gunther does not have high standards

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  • St
    steve meadows Oct 10, 2012

    Steve Meadows is just a miserable piece of ### ! Gunther obviously does not have very high standards.

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  • Do
    doug t. Jul 21, 2013

    steve meadows from gunther vw is a piece of ### !!! even his wife thinks he is a troll !!!

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  • Jl
    JL Nel Feb 19, 2015

    Purchased a used vehicle that was overpriced due to Gus Menchaca sales tactics. Once in his office he never explained exactly all the fees and what was the sale price of the car. He just said work with the bottom price while he left a lot of blank spaces on the contract. We went back and forth on the sale price for a while and after an hour of them holding my trade in keys, being pressured, not having the correct figures in front of me. Did the deal. After I noticed they used my trade in to bring up the sale price of the car. Ended up paying $4000. + More than I should have. Also they said all the maintenance was done on the car, It wasn't according to the dealer they took it too. Missing $600. Worth of 30, 000 mile service. I had purchased another car from Gunther Mazda 3 years ago, but will not go back. they have lost my business for good. The first Generation Gunther Family would not be pleased.

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    Maria sobo Jun 12, 2015

    This dealer is the wors dealer in florida, sellers are liers and sell bad preowner sertified cars.

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    NeverbuyGunther Feb 28, 2016

    I purchased a vehicle from Gunther in November of last year and financed the vehicle through VW credit. Approximately 45 days later I received a call from the finance guy, Clyde, who advised they had not filled out all parts of the contract and therefore "the contract was invalid and couldn't be funded." I called VW credit to verify and was told they had no record of an account for this car. I drove to Gunther on Christmas Eve and was told "Clyde" was unavailable and they did not have the necessary paperwork on hand. At the end of January I had just about enough and decided to turn the vehicle in. This time "Clyde" was available and accepted the vehicle. Approximately 3 weeks later I received a call from some guy named "Steve Meadows" who advised "Sorry for the mix up but your contract was submitted and is valid now." I called VW credit and they advised that a contract had been submitted after I returned the vehicle and was back dated for November. They stated, "This is an issue for you to work out with the dealer." I have purchased 4 cars from Gunther and will never ever buy another one from them. I have decided to seek some type of arbitration and attempt to see what exactly "Steve Meadows'" role in this whole apparent fraudulence actually is. I would be more than happy to name him in some type of civil lawsuit.

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