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Guess in Turkey

Guess in Turkey review: Unauthorized debit card charges twice for a single item

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On 27th November 2022, I purchased a jacket for 2,660 TL from Guess shop at Sanko Mall in Turkey/ Gaziantep and the shop deducted the payment twice for a single item. I requested for a refund; however, the shop sent me to my bank of the card used for the payment, claiming they couldn't see the second transaction. After many backs and forth, I brought bank statement showing the two transfers to their account with the banks stamp and officials' signature. They again said they need receipt, went back and brough two receipts, still claimed couldn't see in their system. After a week they acknowledged that their bank deducted the money twice by mistake and cancelled it now. Advised me to wait for 3 to 4 days, then after 5 days, I checked again, and they told me sorry that they couldn't give me the money since they couldn't find the second transaction. Then they shared a one-page document from their bank that shows their full day transaction on 27th Nov, which doesn't reflect even the one-time payment of 2,660 TL. I went with it to my bank to explained and the bank said, for sure the money has been transferred twice and the paper they gave don't show one, while I have the invoice, but they couldn't help me. (I have attached all the documents in the below)

Desired outcome: Please refund my 2,660 TL

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