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I am writing this today, to try and resolve this discrepancy. It seems to me and some neighbors, there are some issues that need to be addressed.

One thing, is the maintenance. Do we have someone to go around and pick up after people litter? And maybe we can add some stands with bags and a trash area for people to clean up after their pets.

On another note, what about lawn care. I see landscapers come once every two weeks to mow. Shouldn't they be responsible to clean up bushes and hedges. And then when they cut them, pick up the remains?

One trash area had items from a home sitting by garbage area for two weeks! I finally seen a neighbor break the items up and put them in the dumpster. Then clean up glass on the ground, and empty a large garbage can, overfull, in the dumpster.

The place seems to need some TLC and someone to ensure that things get done.

The security people do a good job. Making sure to do their rounds and to see that people whom have no residence, are stopped before entering.

Thanks for the time reading this. We hope matters are soon resolved.

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