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1 East Sussex Trading Standards, United Kingdom Review updated:

Graham Wolstenholme East Sussex Trading Standards blackmailed us to get our licence for our bar, there should be a investigation into his conduct, he said if we dont pay him £5000 he could make it impossible for us to operate our bar and we could have all sorts of problems.

East Sussex Trading standards should be ashamed of themselves, to employee people that blackmail or threaten to distroy business's like this is disgraceful. An audit or undercover investigation is needed these are powerful people which are abusing there position.

we had no option but to pay up or we would of been falsed into closing our bar and we would of lost or late night licence which is our only source of salary, we had to plead almost against this slimy character.

please if you have been a victim post the more of our us that expose Mr Graham Wolstenholme the better perhaps then we wil get our money back that we have had to pay him to leave us alone with his harrasement.

The man is a bully and should be ashamed of using goverment resources for his only personal financial greed and gain.

Graham Wolstenholme East Sussex Trading Standards

  • Updated by jenya dimitrov, May 05, 2019

    please if you have been blackmailed also by Mr Graham Wolstenholme of east sussex trading standards, don't bother writing to them directly write to the houses of parliament as there is serious corruption at this council offices and seem well organised at protecting each other.

May 05, 2019
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  • Ru
      May 09, 2019

    This is disgusting, how can this be allowed to continue someone to be abusing there position for financial gain

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  • Ru
      May 09, 2019

    East Sussex County Council surely the Police cannot investigate this officer of the council, I now feel like we were been bribed we had a small shop and sold pack of cigs incorrectly, and Graham told us he was a senior member and we need to please him, or he could make life difficult for us, I FEEL so ANGRY that this person is allowed to continue to work in there position and lost complete faith in government organisations, a School bully would not be allowed to continue yet this low life can!

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