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Google A! MemberI want to know why and how I got ripped off?

Hi, I am Tyler Tarkington and I am 18 years old. I live in Peterborough, Ontario which is in Canada. I am seriously pissed off, pardon my language. But I have a pre-paid mastercard which has recently had a an unauthorized charge from an A1 Google Money Government Grants sort of thing, well that is what they told me. They said that I have signed up for a google business internet job in which I had nothing to do with, I think this actually happened because of clicking into a bad line, because I was investigating some internet businesses but stopped ago from it's gambling sort of issues. They told me that to cancel it, you would have to go to which is a damn art site? Can you explain that to me, HUH< HUH!! By the way, these were fast talking pakis, pardon my racism but I hate PAKIS!! I don't hate blacks or asians but PAKIS!! They are dirty, smelly, hurting, crazy religious fanatic people and half of them are terrorists and don't give a ### about us whatsoever. I am sorry but I got ripped off for 70 dollars out of my own earned money. It took me a month to get a 100 dollars saved up and they just took it, well not all of it but most of it. I want to know why did I get ripped off, how can I get a refund and I want to know if this iws a really bad, deep scam that makes me unable to open any credit.debit card or bank account? I know you might frown on me for being racist there but this just ticks me off!! AND I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!! Please e-mail me soon and get me some information to get myself out of this ASAP!!
PS They said that my cancellation no. was #052509/4042520 and their number was 1.[protected] but I think that was fake, I hope you could maybe prove me wrong on that.
Tyler Tarkington


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    Vzmachine2 May 26, 2009

    I just read my bank card statement an noticed the same charge on my account on may 21st but refunded today! i think it has something to do with Google Treasure Chest. I ordered a disc for $1.97 never got it and then they took $72.00 from my card I called on May 1st to get a refund and cancle the account still have'nt got it yet! been out of town for a few days going to call today! I have to locate the phone # when I do I'll get it to you hope it helps you out!!!

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