Goodwill storeI am complaining against goodwill store assistant manager named grace.

Ja Oct 02, 2019

To whom it may concern: my name is jasette reddix and I am a customer at the Goodwill store on 8th Street and La Brea Ave. I would like to file my complaint against the Goodwill assistant manager named Grace. It all started on Saturday, August 31, 2019 around 12:00pm. Whenever I come to the Goodwill store. She would always follow me around the store and always harassing me by making me feel uncomfortable in the store by being way too close to me and breathing down my neck and standing too close to me by looking at me in appropriately like I was going to steal something at the store and accuse me of cutting in front of the line too, so I want her to stop harassing me and not follow me in the store anymore and not accuse me of any wrong doing at all and not only that, but I really want to stay away from me by not talking to me, or even look my way. I want her to leave me alone;otherwise, I will file a lawsuit against the Goodwill store and the assistant store manager Grace for harassment and discrimination against her because I am a disabled woman and I will not put up her harassing me inside the store nor stalking me inside the ever again. Otherwise, I will full restraining order against her harassing me and stalking me inside the store.

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