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GoodFellas Transmission Sucks (Online)
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Date: 2009-05-27, 9:11AM PDT

I bought a transmission from Goodfellas, a Ford AODE, there is an AAMCO by my house, so they agreed to install it. The tranny arrived it was installed it didn't work AAMCO called Goodfellas and asked them if they look inside. What they found was a missing accumulator. The transmission was sent back to Goodfellas. Goodfellas then accused AAMCO of sabotaging the transmission. They sent the transmission back suppossedly repaired. It shifted terribly. I took it to what's considered one of the best shops in the Sacramento area. They looked at it and basically said they could do nothing because it would void the warranty. The transmission started not going into overdrive 3 weeks later. Goodfellas said that they would send a special can of transmission fluid that would fix any sticky valves. A month after the fluid was added, the transmission started to shift better. 3 months after that, the transmission failed. No forward gears. The transmission was sent back to Goodfellas. Approx. 2.5 months later, they sent the transmission back supposedly repaired. The transmission was installed, and still had no forward gears. And now Goodfellas won't even return my calls!

I do not recommend Goodfellas Transmission online or brick and mortar!

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Goodfellas Transmission Sucks
Goodfellas Transmission Sucks


  • Da
    DavidCamou Jul 23, 2015

    I was also a victim of GOODFELLAS, I bought a transmission last December, when transmission was installed it shift terrible so I call them and explained them. Pete from goodfellas told me it was a problem from my mechanic that he did not clean well the lines (impossible) couple months later they gave me the Ok to return it (at my expense of course), then it took another 2 months for them to refund it but my surprise was that they only refunded 50% of the value, so I ate the 50% and the shipping cost to send it back.
    Another problem is the communication, they never pick up the phone, I guess this company is so small they do not have a person to take calls.
    Please DO NOT buy from this guys, they are a scam.

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  • Do
    doug d Jan 27, 2012

    after taking my "boss" tranny to a locale shop it turns out what goodfellas sold to me was a painted used tranny, do not do any kind of busness with these sheisters. they are phonys and give a bad name to whom ever associates with them. they are criminols.

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  • Do
    doug d Jan 26, 2012

    i also bought a ford aod (the boss) from them, it also has problems, overdrive acts like neutral, other times when i called them they responded and said i did not adjust the tv cable enough, now they are aware the problem is not the cable and will not answer or return my calls, my last message to them was do they sleep good at night ! it appears they have no conscience or morals

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  • Fu
    fuelco50 Jul 30, 2011

    I bought one of their trannys off of Ebay. It lasted 600 miles & quit shifting. Called Goodfellas & they started blaming it on install & then on converter, because it wasn't from them, . My trucks been sitting now for two months, cause they got their money & they just don't care!!!

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  • St
    stang1991r Jul 25, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They build Garbage, they built me a Enforcer Package for my 2002 Ford and had to send it back 3 time in less then 3 months, Got my bank, MasterCard, and PayPal to go after them for my money back. Here;s the letter i wrote my bank on the issue:

    Ordered a 4R70W Transmission (Enforcer Package) from GoodFellas Transmissions ($1500 bought via PayPal) on 30 Mar 2011 for my 2002 Ford F-150. Was to be installed by Red McCombs West Ford here in San Antonio. Purchased the transmission with the full intention that this unit was a plug and play unit. Unit arrived at Ford and had some issues. Shifted hard between 1st and 2nd, really hard. Ford tried to work with GoodFellas to resolve the issue. The Ford tech and GoodFellas tech could not seem to find the issue. One was blaming the other. Ford said they would pull the unit and advised me to either get my money back or send it back for them to fix. In order to do this Ford would have charged me extra for their labor. This would have been about $800. I decided to take it to another transmission shop here in San Antonio called Certified Transmission Repair. They did an inspection to find the issue with either the transmission or with the truck, maybe something FORD missed and they could repair locally. Come to find out the transmission was the actual problem. Certified Transmission said they would only charge me for the labor to pull the transmission and replace it when it returned for $320 (includes labor, troubleshooting, and fluid), only reason i got this price was because I was referred by a friend otherwise I would have gotten charged a lot more.

    Talked to GoodFellas and they suggested I send it back and they would repair the issue and send it back to me. Working under the full impression that this would actually solve my problems I sent the transmission back to Florida on the 12 May 2011 for $109.28. GoodFellas took 2 weeks before sending it back on 1 Jun 2011 for $110.00. They said they replaced some springs, torque converter, and some other problems they found.

    After receiving and installing the unit back into my truck, Certified found that now the Overdrive in the transmission is no longer working and it’s still shifting hard between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears and then when Overdrive kicks in its goes into neutral. Certified checked the computer, the harness, and all other parts of the truck to find what could be causing this issue. Certified narrowed it back down to the transmission failing again. Certified called GoodFellas to see if they could resolve this issue locally. No progress has been made so far. My truck has not been on the road since 2 Feb 2011, this is when I first took it to FORD to have it repaired. I thought I was purchasing a superior product from GoodFellas but it seems that it was more of a dog and pony show instead. It is going on 5 months that I have been without my Truck. Two months this is due to GoodFellas not full filling their end of the deal by providing me with a working product that is described on their website. They say they make the best but it seems just not for me. They do have other complaints but they are currently not my concern. Could you please get my money returned to me and they can have their product back? Their product has been crated and wrapped and ready for pick up. I think I have gone above and beyond before I resorted to a full refund. They promised a product and did not deliver anything close to what they promised. Both Ford and Certified will add letters describing the transmissions condition while installed in my truck and the actions that followed afterward between techs and Pete Tsikouris (Owner of GoodFellas transmissions)

    On 14 June 2011 @ 1400 we had a three way call with Certified, GoodFellas Trans, and me. Mostly Certified and GoodFellas talked and I listened. After Certified told him that the transmission was the problem again and described how they came to that conclusion, GoodFellas said they would talk about it on their end and would call us right back. We waited for about an hour and they never called back after that. I called numerous times from Certified Trans shop phone and from my cell phone. It seems like they are trying to avoid my phone calls now or they are trying to find some more excuses for not building me what they promised. I tried to give them a compromise but it seems that this is what it has come to.

    I tried to work with them as much as I could but I have come to my last nerve in getting this issue resolved. This was a last resort. So far I am out of pocket a little over $2000. Certified is currently building me another transmission for my truck. The GoodFellas Transmission is ready for pick up and I am looking for a full refund nothing else. I want nothing else to do with these people, to many broken promises and inferior product caused this to happen.

    I am disputing both the cost of the Transmission ($1500.00 4R70W Enforcer Package) and the shipping charges ($219.28 from and to San Antonio, TX for repairs).

    Total amount $1719.28

    Basically I was screwed, professionals--what a joke there's no way these people should be building transmissions for anyone.

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  • To
    topcat Jul 15, 2009

    In one of our last phone call you stated some of my facts weren’t correct, so that everyone can make an educated decision.
    These are the facts as I understand them:
    I bought a transmission from you, one rated at 500hp
    You sent it to the AAMCO dealer by my home, I had used them before withot any problems.
    When the tranny arrived it didn’t work. According to AAMCO they called you to get permission to look inside to see if it was something simple. They have phone records to prove they made calls, though we have no idea what was really said.
    The tranny was sent back becuz AAMCO didn’t want any more to do with that particular install with a tranny that was already missing parts, an accumulator, and you had hinted that they had SABOTAGED it. It left them with a sour taste. The tranny was sent back and you repaired it. When it arrive the tech at AAMCO stated he didn’t think I was going to like the way it shifted. I didn’t, it was like mush, AAMCO wanted it out of there, so I asked at almost a dozen hotrod shops in the Sacramento area who they recommended, they all mentioned ATO in Rancho Cordova, Ca so I took it there since you were so sure AAMCO was messing with it. Again we called to make sure we would not void the warranty(though you say that’s not so), but in about 15 or 20mins the tranny shifted fine. A couple of month later it started shifting erratically from 3rd to OD and back to 3rd . You said you thought it was a sticky valve and that you’d send me a special can of fluid, which you did. After about a month with the new fluid it started shifting fine again, but approx 2 months after that the tranny failed completely, no forward gears. I finally got you to agree to repair the tranny .I had it sent back, you said you repaired and tested it in a FORD truck you use to test by installing it and driving it then take it back out of this truck and sent to a customer, in this case me. You sent the tranny back to ATO. ATO installed it, and guess what, it didn’t work, no forward gears. I called you back upset. You said it must be the other shop messing it up, becuz you tested it, or so you say. Now again you’re talking about sabotage, and the other shops are all incompetent.
    Since this started I have received E-mail from other customers that have said they have had similar problems with you. I when I mentioned that to you, you stated he was the problem and not you.Maybe that’s true I don’t know but the story does seem the be similar.
    Then there is Mad Dog transmissions, now Outlaw transmissions, at [protected] they seem to have a different story as to your ethic’s, I believe you used to work for them.
    AS I told you before it didn’t have to get this far but you’ve been driving the bus and this is where we are at, so to recap you’ve said AAMCO are a bunch of saboteurs’, liars and cheats. ATO is a bunch of incompetents, and well you know what you’ve said. The other customers that have had problems are all liars and you’ve indicated that I have lied.
    Last but not least I still have my sons graduation present setting waiting cuz its tranny still doesn’t work and you are still calling everyone liars, cheats, and saboteurs, and you are still refusing to help, and even referring to yourself as a victim.
    After I informed you of this letter, you called me and said we’d work this out, that you had been out of town. I gave you that chance. John you said “We will build you a new transmission, that you would video tape the whole process and send it with the transmission. You also stated that you would notify me when it was to be shipped so that I could get the other tranny ready for shipping so it would be one delivery and pickup as to save you a few bucks but almost 2 weeks later on June 26 I get an e-mail from Pete stating that I was to send the defective back first, that was not our agreement John now was it, so my next question to you is who’s a liar now, Oh and by the way be very careful how you respond cuz you were on speakerphone. I then sent you an e-mail telling you what I wanted, A TRANNY THAT WORKS AS ADVERTIVED AND 575.00 for R and R(shopbook price not an number I madeup) but not you.
    You are a business with no honor, no integrity, and will lie for a buck. Well that’s just my opinion.
    And I’m told I can make a complaint to the Interstate trade commission and that maybe the Fed’s can stop you from shipping anything out of Well anywhere and you can bet I’ve already made the call and am just waiting for their response.
    Well have a good day

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  • To
    topcat May 30, 2009

    Check out the weblink about this guy again!

    DON'T BUY Crappy Workmanship from this guy unless you want to be treated like you've been scammed!

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  • binder May 29, 2009

    You agree with what guy...yourself?

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  • To
    topcat May 29, 2009

    I agree with this Guy. Do not buy a transmission from this guy if you want to save your hard earned money and many headaches. He no longer sells on EBAY in the USA so we went to EBAY Canada ( How pathetic is that? Now it seems like the Canadian will get a taste of this Greek reject.

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