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Gold's Gym review: trainer, trains client to cheat on husband

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It all started four months after my mother passed away from Cancer, unexpectedly, at the age of 58. My wife and I purchased a Golds Gym trainer, Raven Nelson in December 2008, from the Cedar Park, TX location. In February of 2009 my wife text me and said she wanted to go to Miami Florida with her trainer, "as support". Never asked for me to come with her. I then checked our cell phone bill and found hundreds of text messages between Courtney and Raven Nelson since December 2008 to February 2009. My wife had been deleting the messages before she came home each night. I confronted Raven Nelson, (Gold Gym Trainer from Cedar Park, TX), and told him to stop talking to my wife outside of work. Raven punked out and blamed it on his sister and other clients who used his cell phone. After I was ignored there, I spoke with the Golds Gym Cedar Park, TX Manager. A week went by and the Manager never passed the information on to Corporate. I contacted the Golds Gym Corporate Offices. I was given the run around and I was told my inquieries were investigated and action was taken. The action taken was, Absolutly Nothing. I was told it was the fault of my wife, Courtney and and not Ravens. I had given Golds Gym Corporate Offices pages upon pages of text messages. I gave tracking device information showing Courtney arriving at Ravens residence at 3am in the morning and leaving at 4pm, not before trying to score X. Video evidence of Courtneys car at Ravens the residence, and eye witness's placing Raven with Courtney downtown Austin on "Girls Night" while still living with me. Where is the responsibility and accountablility within the Golds Gym Corporation and it's employee's? Courtney could have moved closer to her work or anywhere between Austin, TX & Cedar Park, TX; but Courtney had moved around the corner from Raven, probably a mile or less. I gave all this evidence to my divorce attorneys to show her character. Speaking of character, Courtney took my mothers personal belongings and furniture while I was at work. I was told by some Golds Gym members that they have seen Raven Nelson act too touchy feely/flirty with some of the women he trains. Others thought he was Gay. Either way if a client is un-happy for whatever reason Trainers are not councilors. Having any type of Code of Ethics, a trainer should first advise he or she is a trainer not someone to tell problems too, much less give any advise to do anything. I'm sure the click at the Cedar Park, TX location just laughs at me. I was told by a Golds Gym Employee that this same thing happened in Round Rock, TX and the employee was fired! Personally, I think Raven used the Gay card, rather he is or not makes no difference. ME: Don't smoke, rarley drink, never mentally or physically abused, never cheated or gave reason to think so, went out on limb to build a home, used my credit for a new car for Courtney, bought all new furniture with MY Mothers Life Insurance money. (And I'm the bad guy!) What Goes Around Comes Around The Cheated One Leander, Texas


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Mar 15, 2010 10:35 am EDT

Just hope you find happiness...feel so bad that happened to you...i was just trying to complain smthing abt golds gym n saw your complaint...(hugs) forget everything...I know its easy said than done...She didnt deseve you...for sure...

Feb 03, 2010 3:03 pm EST

Corporate nor the management handle in wrong doings. All they care about is sucking money dry from members. One of our members is a thief who runs between Lakeline and Cedar Park that steal from our other members out of the locker rooms. Managers are fully aware but say it's not their problem. They cheat on their spouses so why would they care about some member who got cheated on by his spouse? Sorry guy but Golds staff mainly management dont give a damn about you. It's all about them.

Jan 04, 2010 10:35 pm EST

I don't entirely agree with the other 2 posts. Your complaint was regarding Golds not addressing the issue. True, Raven is gone, but he was an obvious liability and should have been handled sooner. He had coworkers that disagreed with his behavior while he was there. I'll be honest... I got a lot out of his classes and miss his unique ability to run bootcamp, however he was often rude to people who weren't his clients and was unproffesional with his clients and comments toward others.
I still workout at the facility, but I don't blame you if you don't. The manager should have been more proactive with regard to Raven and probably didn't contact Corporate to cover his lack of action...hoping it would go away.

Corporate probably was handling it, but unlikely knew about it before your call. It takes time to handle a situation properly and protect thremselves from a potential lawsuit for wrongful firing.

I do hope you find happiness. I remember the name Courtney, but don't remember which one she was. You (anyone) deserves better than being treated like that.

Oct 23, 2009 9:47 am EDT

I agree with summerloving. It's awful what your wife did to you, your wife is the one who wronged you. I wonder if Raven was the only other person she was seeing. Maybe she also had a fling with the guy behind the counter at the shoe store. Better check on that...then you can blame them for her infidelity too. This is a complaint against a person not a company. Gold's can't hold him accountable for what he does on his personal time. And I can second the fact that Raven no longer works at Gold's.

Oct 09, 2009 2:03 am EDT

Thought you should know that Raven was fired from Gold's in Cedar Park. However, I don't think it is Gold's fault that your wife cheated on you. Anymore then any other business would be responsible for what it's employees do, off the clock, in their personal lives (3 o'clock in the morning) that is not illegal. Sorry this happened to you but you should quit posting this as a complaint against the gym months later, action was taken. And no I don't work there, though I do work out there.


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