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Global IncorporatedJob Seekers Beware

Global Inc. (formerly known as ZMS Marketing and Associates) is a predator on the unemployed. Do not fall into this scam like so many young college grads often do. If you like to work 80+ hours a week, drive all over the state of North Carolina without being reimbursed at all for gas, being a whipping boy for all of the Big Dogs in the company, walking in the rain/sleet/snow/heat, going door to door, or walking around the different home depots in the state, then this JOB is for YOU!!! No matter where they place you, you will walk walk and then walk some more. Losing weight is the ONLY perk of the job. I bet you could think of an easier way to do this right?

They changed their company's name recently, probably to avoid being labeled as a "scam" or a "pyramid scheme." They will tell you that you can make a ton of money, and you might be able to, but you will have to bend over backwards and try to impress a 25 year old ego maniac with curly blonde hair. Yeah that's right... the owner is 25. I am not sure how this company even exists still. They wil make you drive out for an initial interview and wait in the waiting room for over an hour. You will have a five minute interview, and then get called back for a second round interview. During this second round interview, you will be asked to get into your car and drive to a store ( Best Buy, Sam's Club, Home Depot) or a local neighborhood where your trainer, who has probably never done an interview before or is qualified to be doing the interview in the first place, will ramble on about the history of the business, and you will be expected to remember everything that was said. Then you have to drive back to the office and take a quiz about what you just learned.

If you get hired, you will learn everything there is to learn about direct marketing which is going door to door in neighborhoods, or asking total strangers in the stores mentioned earlier about what they want to fix in their home. Every day will be the same, with a variety of location, and you get $50 per person that you sign up, that is if his person confirms the appointment. It doesn't seem very hard to sign someone up for a free appointment, but people change their minds about home improvement during a recession.

This is a fancy pyramid scheme is you ask me. You learn direct marketing, you apply it to your every day job, you get good at it, you teach someone else what you know, you teach more people what you know, and then they promote you. Eventually you will own your own business. That is the formula. If it sounds good to you, GOOD LUCK!!!


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    Notbadnotgood1 May 05, 2011

    This is not really a scam in my opinion. It's far from ideal though. By the end of day two of the interview process, you know exactly what you are getting into!

    I went in for the first interview dressed professionally, as asked to do. And there were other people dressed in jeans for the interview. I had my typical 15 minute interview, where he basically asked me if I liked being outside. As I was driving home, I was convinced that everyone there probably got invited back for day two.

    I came in for day two, wearing comfortable shoes, as I was asked to do. I was paired with another guy who was interviewing, a guy who was experienced, and a guy who had been working there for a week. The experienced guy was to take us through a typical day.

    As we left the building, he actually asked me and the other guy if one of us could drive and follow the new kid because he didn't have his car and the other car was cramped. I ended up driving (and not getting reimbursed, I should have walked out right then). And we had to follow them, neither of them came in the car to give directions. This was VERY sketchy to me. I stayed to see what else would happen.

    After that, we spent the day at a college selling marlins discounted tickets. It wasn't that bad. But we had lots of kids telling us we suck.

    Lunch was actually paid for!

    Then after a long day. We went back to the office. The other kid was smart enough to say, let me think about and go home. I, of course, decided to see what else would happen. In the office, I had to fill out a "test" where the guy told me all the answers, partly because he obviously thought I was stupid and because he never actually told me much about the company. Met with Carl and was offered a job.

    I then left, and called and said I would not be coming back.

    I was never tricked or really lied to. But I did feel like they would hire anyone who is young, gullible, breathing, and can get around. I really didn't go back because I didn't feel special, the office was super sketchy, I didn't want to have to eventually give anyone there my ssn, and sales aren't my thing. Oh and driving myself was a deal breaker.

    If you like sales, you'd probably like this job. You get a good deal and the coupons as well. However, I felt unethical pushing the coupons on people and having to go door to door or business to business and pushing people who couldn't afford things to purchase anything.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled Worker 02 Dec 08, 2010

    This is in response to the 3 week remark: I was finally paid. It was minimum wage, but it was payment. I only received credit for 2 leads out of about 10, but that's water under the bridge. Good luck everyone on your job hunt, and please be careful.

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  • Di
    Disgruntled Worker 02 Nov 23, 2010

    Their name is now World Wide Vision. BEWARE!!!

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    Disgruntled Worker 02 Nov 23, 2010

    It's all true. I worked for the Company in Raleigh, NC 3200 Atlantic Ave. They haven't paid me in 3 weeks and they have given me the run around. I'm suing them in civil court. I've contacted a news station in my area. I will tell everyone I know to never work for them. They are a pyramid scheme and everyone should know about them.

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  • Ga
    gaspectre Nov 16, 2010

    Is the name of the girl in the "HR Dept" now Nikki Autry or Nikki Jones...whose listed phone number is her cell phone? Has anyone heard of a new business venture in GA called Live Green Properties?

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    notanidiot1 Nov 12, 2010


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    big_red27 Oct 13, 2010

    I got a call from Global yesterday for an interview and was excited being that I haven't worked in almost three months! Although when it came to researching its been a different story, because I came across this sight! Now when I went to contact the "HR Department" from the number that was given me I was greeted with a message that the number is disconnected or is not in service! In a day...seriously! So either it is a scam or they run a relly bad business! I'm just glad i didn't waste gas money that I didn't have going to B.S. interview!

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  • Bi
    big_red27 Oct 13, 2010

    Well I received a call yesterday for an interview, and being that I have been out of work going on three months now, I was excited. Although when it came time to research the company because I had never heard of it I found this sight and became rather bothered. So I call to question the job requirement and the number that is attached to my email is not a working number!!! In a day, seriously! Sounds like a scam to me! Just glad I didn't waste gas money I didn't have going up there!

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  • Ji
    jimbodinna Sep 24, 2010

    WoW..this soundz all too familiar...I almost got suckered twice. I recently dealt with a similar company..but in the need of money i was going to give this a chance, but i knew what it was before i read these comments. This just confirms my suspisions. Funny my first red flag was the fact that they sent me an e-mail sayin that they where interested instead of calling me..very unprofessional..real companies never do this. my second flag was when i contacted them..the hr girl wudn't give any info about the position, saying just come to the interview and bring my questions with 3rd flag was when i tried looking for a website; there was not one to be found, niether in the email..or just searching online. so i tried searching the name they advertise "Global". not or globy globe "Global" i knew i would get everything with the words global in it..and i was right! But i did find this.

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  • Gl
    Globalisapyramidscam Sep 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think you got screwed by a different company with a similar name.

    It all sounded right until you got to the part about company "tests."
    Believe me, if you went to an interview with "Global Marketing, " you'd have left with a "job" (if you wanna call it that). They don't do any tests.
    They are so desperate to fill crappy jobs, they will take offense to you or your experience/skills.

    You got screwed alright...just another example of how "companies" are treating job seekers like personal play toys.

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  • Do
    Donatello99 Sep 16, 2010

    I'm both happy to see complaints about this "service" and also still extremely angry with the jerks who approached me from "seeing my resume online" and yet, still needed me to email them a copy of, resume.

    I was called, excuse me, stalked by an over-enthusiastic young guy who couldn't tell me a damned thing about the company that I was "so right for." I wasn't even told that this was being done through a referral service.

    When I took the online test, I was told that it was one of the fastest replies they got, and that my scores were very good. Then I had to drive over an hour to meet with someone who also couldn't tell me anything about the job. But, since I've been recently laid off, I, unfortunately, was hopeful, and took it least, to a point.

    Each day I would receive two or more phone calls, getting me to tell him that I was "100% sure" of being able to go to the next interview. When I went to the actual employer, and took test after test, (in which I finished firstly, and proficiently), I was told with incessant phone calls that "they were all impressed with me."

    Then, surprisingly, I received a phone call after that weekend saying that I didn't make the next step. This, after being told each damned time that everyone was so impressed with me and driving for hours and hours for nothing. With my 20 years of experience - right there in plain view on my resume, somehow, the people who interviewed me at the company didn't know anything about it. When I asked the Global Insight representative for an actual "reason, " he didn't have one. I emailed him, phoned him, but there was no response.

    I'd like to shove a telephone down the throats of every creep who lied, and misled me unnecessarily. I don't give a damn what anyone else's experience in working for or with them is, I was led on for nothing other than this guy's quota. I look forward to karma returning this back to those responsible. In the meantime, I'm filing complaints through all of my associates who work in television and in the newspapers.

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  • Gl
    Globalisapyramidscam Sep 02, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I got sucked into one of these scams soon after I graduated college back in the early 90's. The "interview" was held an earshot away from kids coming in the office "dinging" bells and "whooping" about a "sale."

    The "interview" was pretty much exactly as described here. (First round...I smelled crap when the barely 20 year old "manager" started mapping out the "management structure" pyramid on a scrap of paper.
    I knew it was bunk and walked out...left them with their mouths hanging open...pen still in his hand...look of disbelief on their faces...

    That was 15 years ago, which shows this scam/pyramid scheme is nothing new, they just keep coming back with different names. Well, I didn't buy it then and don't now. Basically, Global is the Amway for the 21st. century.

    Cut to now. I was applying to Marketing ads a few days ago (very few REAL marketing/advertising jobs advertised on Craigslist, BTW) and pretty much accidentally sent one to Global. I'd sent out dozens all morning and was bleary-eyed from reading countless ads (very few choice, most crappy).

    So, I go out to get some lunch and when I get back, have a message from "random HR Global girl, " wanting an interview (I'd just sent the resume' an hour prior), so, not to diss my resume' (I've worked in REAL marketing jobs: ad agencies, Director of Mktg. for a dotcom, Project Mgr. in charge of millions of dollars woth of advertising, etc.) --- but I'd JUST sent the thing...they got back THAT quick?

    I get all excited. Alright! A call for an interview! (Few and far between these days, as you know...) Then hear the company name and go back to check the CL ad...oh, no...
    There it is...the ever-present ad that SCREAMS in countless newspapers and websites:

    CALL (insert a random girl's name here) AT BLAH BLAH BLAH...TODAY!!!

    Uh, no...I've smelled that stench before. So I do a very small bit of research...bland, vague website...bland, vague ads...same HR contact but different company name, and in Greensboro (that one was "Command Marketing, " but same HR girl in Raleigh for "Global."...fishy...)
    Working inside big box retailers, pitching customers Direct TV, etc.

    Nope. Not falling for this one. I'm not wasting my time with this crap. I need a job, but I need a real job. I need a salary. I don't work on 100% commission...fool's game...that's working for FREE!

    So I call random "HR" girl's number, get voice mail, explain that I'm a real marketing professional and expect a salary, not hourly, not 100% commission, etc. Tell her I've worked on multi-million dollar ad that I actually helped create and have bought ad space with tv stations, magazines, newspapers, web, etc. You know...ACTUAL ADVERTISING/MARKETING...I'm not interested in working for peanuts, pitching random customers in a big box store.

    Random HR girl calls me yesterday, leaves msg.
    (saw the # ID on the call; I didn't answer)

    (Her) "We are wrapping up our interviews this week and would REALLY like you to come in. These jobs will be filled SOON! We are very selective in whom we hire and I don't want you to miss out!"


    I check my email...same message, only this time more urgent/desperate.

    "We've gone through many resumes and only a select few were selected for interviews due to great experience.
    We'd love to have you come in as soon as possible for an interview! Can't wait to meet you!"

    (Uh, gee, wow...such an honor...)

    I call random HR girl back...

    (Her) "Hi, (my name)! When can you come in to interview?"

    (Me) "Did you get my voice mail?"

    (Her, going from very chirpy to a little nervous sounding) "Uh, no...when did you leave it?"

    (Me) "Yesterday...I left if right after you stated your name and the beep."

    "No, didn't get any voice mail.

    (Yeah, right...)

    (Me) "So, anyway...your ads are vague, as is the website and job description. What IS the job, what is the pay grade, and what does your company do???"

    (She's sounding very nervous now)
    "Well, all that will be explained in the interview...your hiring manager will be happy to explain the process..."

    (Me) "Uh, you're HR...don't you KNOW what the job is?"

    (Her..starting to sound a little pissy) "Everything will be explained in the interview...when can you come in???"

    (Me) "Check your voice mail. I'm not wasting my time or yours if you can't explain what it is your company even does or what the job is that you advertised..."

    (Her) "I understand...what was your name again???"
    (Me) CLICK...

    You get the picture. They don't tell you what the job is or what the company does because they are desperate to get ANYONE. The fact that they prey on the young, the new college graduates, anyone naive, and middle-aged folks who have worked in, or run REAL companies, is deplorable.
    And they sould be ashamed of themselves for trying to run this scam in a time of unprecidented unemployment.
    Nobody wants to go IN THE HOLE by not taking a salary and driving here there and everywhere, gas and car wear and tear out of pocket...for a "company" like this.

    No offense to the poor souls who were duped by this company and others like it (and there are MANY). Lesson learned eh? Bet you won't fall for it next time.

    Then I discovered this website and the many, many complaints. Who knows how many complaints were posted about this company BEFORE they changed names so many times.

    Bottom line...this is for suckers. Fall for it at your risk. The one or two people who "LOVED" Global are probably company shills or "HR, " and are trying just as desperately to manage some shred of a reputation, as they are to desperately fill these bogus, fake, sorry-[censor] "jobs."

    By the way...looks like Mr. company Lawyer who was shilling for them and promised to get these posts removed "in two to four weeks" failed...his post was over 180 days ago...
    Guess they didn't pay him either...

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  • Ch
    chrisraleigh Aug 26, 2010

    I just went for the first round today and they have a new hiring manager named "Jeff". I did see the HR dept, namely Lexi lol. She was hott btw.

    Happened exactly the way people on here said it would. I am still deciding if I want to amuse myself with a second interview.

    When he drew it out on the paper is when my red flags went up.

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  • Wo
    woopwoopp!! Aug 17, 2010

    I LOVE Global!! I have worked with them for 2 years now, and honestly it is the funnest job I've ever had! I f your looking for a fun team environment, and much ability to move up very quickly..than this is the job for you! Seriously!! I'm guessing the people that have had issues with Global really didn't believe in it and give it there all, which I believe you have to do with ANY job you have! Do not let these people above steer you away, just come in and see if it's a right fit for you, you never know!

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    ScammerOfScammers Jul 23, 2010

    Happened Exactly Like Professional Deviant says.
    In this case I accually knew it was a scam, as I had done my research.
    Well long story short, I needed a job to verify income to move into an apt.
    After weeks of posting resumes and applying to no avail, global contacted me and left a voicemail.
    I've learned to always google screen job calls when posting on a site like monster. Or you will fall prey to scams right and left.
    I found this site and decided to scam the scammers for my own means.

    Day one - Keep in mind, the waiting room is littered with 5 or so others, from the 18 year old who looks like he spent his last 20$ on brand new dress shirt and pants - To the 30 something professional looking woman/man in full designer suit, etc. I wait for 30 min, i sit myself in the chair closest to the hallway to listen down the hall and see if i can here the other interviews, which as it turns out, are worded near IDENTICAL to mine. I finally get called in, asked some random standardized questions, they act impressed but tell you they only have a few spots open and they will call back if i have a chance.
    I thank them, shake, leave, as they call back a young woman who looks dressed up straight out of college like this is finally her shot to make something of herself. Poor girl, I almost felt like I should blow my cover just to tell her to run far far away.

    Late Day One - They call me back for a 2nd round, starting at 11:45am next day

    Day Two - I arrive and wait in my usual chair, again listening to other interviews, and as each eager applicant is ushered back, I hear the same lines in the back room. "I want to introduce you to someone, this is " ", They will be interviewing you today in the field and testing you on leadership, management, sales ability, etc. This is the Person you want to impress." Finally I'm taken back and told the same thing, lucky for me I know exactly what to expect and play the part.

    So I meet my interviewer, who is 24 and a few months younger than myself, he seems timid and unsure of himself, which makes me wonder why he is working with this company, but no matter i brush it off and continue to seem eager.

    We go to his vehicle and drive 20 or so minutes to a neighborhood while he asks a few questions about previous employment. When we arrive he gives me a quick breakdown of what were selling and how its a great deal. We get out and knock on the door, nothing, next house, knock, nothing, 3rd house nothing, he tells me 'well you get the idea' and we head back to the car. (Man he must really hate knocking on doors, guess thats why were suppose to do it).

    So we get back in the car and he tells me it's lunch time, so we go to lunch at Mc donalds.
    We order and sit down as he explains the process etc etc.

    Let me break it down in literal terms for those wondering.

    You Start at "Entry Level".
    If a card costs 21$, you get 7$, Your "Manager" gets 7$ and
    Corporate" gets 7$, keep in mind he says ' i think' before each amount,
    Now with this in mind I am told you should get at least 1 sale per 10 people you talk to.

    so, your looking at selling 1 per hour minimum to make just below min wage.
    subtract gas, and the like, and consider that you could go all day not selling anything, and
    you could walk door to door in 100 degree sun or rain, snow, w/e. and if you don't, you didnt make anything.

    Chances are your not going to sell much of anything, unless you can talk at least 1 in 10 people into spending money to so see a baseball game they might have 0 interest in, and doing so at least once an hour for how ever many hours a day, if you didn't sell many, your probably going to miss dinner.

    If your good at sucking up and walking around knocking on doors selling stuff to people who dont need or want it, then you might have a shot at getting somewhere, but for most people, this is going to be stopping you from having time to find something more constructive.

    Imo everyone has the right to know upfront exactly what they plan on having you do, before they lure you into their office in a suit and tie thinking your finally making it somewhere.

    Also, I wouldn't say they lie, but they do decieve, they try to make you think things are better than they are, while they might not directly lie, DO expect alot of phrases like:

    "We aren't hiring for entry level persay.. we really are hiring for Managers but we cant start you there.."
    "We are acually hiring for our Manager training program, we have to start you at entry level but we really try to move you up to manager"
    "The program lasts about 6-8 months to make Manager"
    "I'm really impressed, I think you would fit in perfectly here and move up in no time'

    Supposedly Managers make about 120k a year, amazing, you can go there for 6 months and make 120k, who needs college?

    Long story short, I blew right through the process, and you can too, in fact I don't think a single person walked out of there without a chance.

    And almost everyone of them that i know of were fed the same lines.

    If you need a job THAT bad, or if you need to verify income for your apt, this is prolly a easy way to do so in 2 or 3 days.

    But please don't be fooled, this isnt your dream job, and they will try very hard to sell you a crock to get your doing their dirty work.

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  • Th
    thinkaboutit123 Jun 30, 2010

    I worked for this company directly out of college and at this point during the recession was just glad to have a job. Little did I know that this was a Soliciting firm. In short there are multiple divisions in which you have “potential” to rise into management, while not receiving any compensation for gas, mileage, or phone costs and working 60 to 80 hours a week.

    The first is their SEARS division where you go door-to-door getting residents to sign up for a free quote. When you finally do get one person to agree, they have to establish a time and date and go through with the appointment and only if they do will you be paid. Sears pays Global $100 for the appointment and the sales rep (YOU) only make $50, if its a correct product. If you sign them up for a door quote or any non-high value product it may be $20 or $35. This division is tough bc you are going door-to-door and thus taking a lot of rejection as well as facing the outdoors. Rain or shine you will knock on doors; Monday through Saturday.

    The second division is for custom cabinet refacing inside of Home Depots. Much like the SEARS division you walk up to customers in the store and pitch them trying to get them to sign up for a free quote on refacing their cabinets. This division is based indoors but sometimes the stores can be as far away as Fayetteville or Greensboro. There is no compensation for gas, mileage, or phone bills.

    The third division is based with Direct TV. Just like the Home Depot division you stand in retail stores like Best Buy and Sam’s Clubs and pitch customers into purchasing direst TV, over cable or other providers. This division has Wednesdays off and works through the weekend.

    The fourth division is one that they reserve for people who have criminal records or lower education levels. The previous three divisions have an initial background and drug test while this one does not. This is considered the “sports marketing” division in which you go business to business soliciting ticket packages to anyone you can talk to, including employees and even customers within these businesses. The tickets are from anything to Durham Bulls, Carolina Hurricanes, NASCAR, Spas, and Family Event centers. The managers encourage the employees to make the sale regardless of NO SOLICITING signs and I believe there were two occasions while I worked there that employees had the police called on them. This division also encompasses “corporate events” in which you sell items to employees of large businesses like Wal-Mart throughout the day on their lunch breaks. The largest profit ever gained from one of these events was at a female prison complex. Yet again there is no compensation for gas or mileage.

    While this company does provide just about anyone with a position, there are some things that stifle your ability to make any money. Everything is based off commission which is fine but on this pay scale you have to realize that one day you can have the potential to make $1000 and then the next make $50. Also within the SEARS and HOME DEPOT divisions getting a customer to sign up is only half the battle of getting paid. They have to keep their appointment as well for the commission to be issued. The company is also on a pay period that is based 2 weeks prior meaning that right after you start you wont be paid until your third Friday. They also pay with checks, no direct deposit, on Friday nights! This forces you to go to the sketchy Check into Cash place at 11:30 at night. To advance into management you are expected to make a certain amount of revenue weekly and work everyday (Saturdays included). I distinctly remember having a call in that the district manager saying, “if you don’t work Saturdays you might as well forget ever getting to management.” In the first two divisions there is no phone compensation and you have to call the Sears or Home Depot call centers to schedule appointments. This quickly eats up even the best 1500 minute phone plans. This company does prey on recent college grads bc they understand that they have work ethic as well as the potential to manage. At the same time this is a 70 to 80 hour a week job with minimal pay and no benefits. If your looking for a salesman boot camp then this is the company for you.

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  • Gl
    Global=BSscam Jun 29, 2010

    This post is probably one of the most accuarate ways I've heard someone describe this company, a SCAM!! I think it is absolutely sad how they promise you the world and then actually give back a small percent of what they promised! I am a recent EX employee of this BS company, and I must say, leaving it was the best thing I've done in awhile! First of all, during the interview (round one) you are told to wear Business professional, and yes, you do drive up to a beautiful building, so of course, you're a combination of nervous, excited, and sad so say, but gulible! They sure do a really good good of painting a pretty picture of what the business is or could be. And for the person who stuck up for the "high-rise" building it is in, yes, like i said, I do agree with the fact that it is a very nice building, but I was also informed by one of the "managers" that a few of the business suites on the same floor were and have been vacant since they moved the business to this particular building! thats a few suites on one floor, who knows how many other floors have empty suites. And honestly, just because it's in a nice bulding doesn't mean sh*t! Anyway, after the first round interview, where they explain nothing about the business or what it even is, they call you back for a second, in which they go into a long drawn out line of BS about how great this piece of crap company is! Then, poof, ur hired, and supposably ur life will change for the better! What they don't tell u, is the ginuie pig you will become! I was fortunate enough (ha) to work in the retail end of the "business" which means I was in various wholesale clubs, trying to sell a bunch of BS to people that have no want or desire to stop and see what you have. I was essentially begging people to come look at the sh*t I had to sell, then had to try and get them to buy it. Anyway, they also fail to mention that this side of the business you are required to work "retail hours", so, they have a morning meeting at 8am every morning that u have to attend (which is also the dumbest shi*t ever, because all you do is stand in a room with music playing and practice "pitching" all this crap to other people, their office is in a nice building, but the office is so damn small ur all stuck in a room like sardines!!), anyway, after this meeting, which is sooo essential to ur training process, you may not be scheduled to actually work until later in the day, so u get to go home (but wait, .don't let me forget to tell you, you are NOT paid for time you sepnd in the office, so, go ahead drive all the way there, for a 2 hr meeting, which u don't get paid for, then drive all the way home, but soon after, you have to drive all the way back to wherever the stupid club is to work until 8:30pm). I wouldn't worry about this side of the business anymore in our area however, because it was such a scam and none of the employees hired for it would stay, so the "manager" looking over this "division" of the company, decided to remove herself and start going in a different direction. Most likely because this side was complete BS!! I workied my a** off, , paycheck was ridiculous!! You get paid every other week, so by the time I got my check I was expecting something decent, ..HAHA!! Was I wrong!! for two weeks, I was paid sh*t. I think the gas money I had to spend cost more than I was paid! Neatless to say, I am a very passionate HATER for this company!! It is the biggest scam ever! So just as a fair warning to all of u job seekers out there, this is def not worth it!! Don't feed into the BS, you will regret it!!!

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  • Bg
    bgrossmedia Jun 15, 2010

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  • Su
    SuchaSCAM May 18, 2010

    Soooo I hear Global Inc is about to change their name... Prob bc nobody wants to work there anymore... Also heard amber is about to get canned.. she needs to be shes a two faced fake [censor] that needs to get a life!

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  • Th
    TheProfessionalDeviant May 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, just wow. I was unemployed until recently. I did my research on this company after being contacted by the supposed "HR Department" via craigslist, and

    was markedly unsurprised - this had CRAP written all over it, and I'd gone only as far as my inbox. However, given that I was unemployed, I figured - what

    the hell? Since they have such a terrible reputation, why not go through the process for my own entertainment?


    I went in for my interview after being told to dress "business professional" via the fabulous HR girl - I didn't wear a suit-jacket, just an unironed dress

    shirt and pants, ugly tie, and socks that in no way matched any other attire. I also wore my most professional Rockport slippers. Quite seriously, but they

    look like shoes. That aside, here I am sitting in the waiting area/lobby after filling out some silly little form essentially repeating every bit of

    information already available on the resume I was told to and did bring with me. No matter, seems like a great "administrative" ploy. Who knows where that

    information gets sold down the line. I sit for a solid 3/4 of an hour watching CNBC on the lobby television (maybe this was supposed to amp up my pretention

    of the business world, what with all these fast-paced yuppies and millionaires running around) and am told by the receptionist to meet a gentleman named

    "Kyle" downstairs, when the "HR Dept." told me my contact was a certain "Zach" for my interview. I knew things were about to get fun.


    "Kyle" meets me in the lobby on the floor below. Well dressed, but as he later came to admit, was only 2 years my senior. If this company actually was

    legitimate, good for him!
    Well dressed, "Kyle" leads me to his office and asks me to sit down and reviews my resume. He tells me that he has just recently moved offices (and by the

    way there is nothing more than a cheap desk, a laptop, and useless knickknacks on the desk ---- no filing cabinets, wall fixtures, inbox/outbox for important

    documents, etc.) and is getting accustomed to his new office. I played along and meaninglessly made a joke something like "such is life!". He gets serious,

    and begins drilling me on my resume, and I expand on my previous careers (I'm 21 by the way, current college undergrad, and have legitimate corporate

    marketing and sales experience --- which I informed my interviewer of). "Kyle" acts impressed, and asks me why I'm there. Well prepared for this curve, I

    tell him that the corporate atmosphere of my previous sales and marketing job was unpleasing, and the company was so small that I did not foresee room for

    growth like I believed there was for me in Global, especially after reviewing their mission statements on their website.
    "Kyle" looks at me as if he has never had an mildly articulate statement float past his ears that was in any way unrehearsed. Nonetheless, he proceeds to

    tell me that though he "does not normally disclose details like this in first round interviews" that he sees real potential in me. He then asks when I would

    be available the following day provided I was called back for a second interview. I told him I was available the next morning.

    To be fair, "Kyle" did tell me that this was three-round interview process, and that getting called through to the second round was a testament to my resume

    should it happen.


    The interview ends, total time approximately 15 minutes. After "Kyle"'s questions had been answered, I had asked to be informed of the basic corporate

    structure regionally. He had briefly sketched a diagram for me on a barely-used memo pad, but seemed rather hesitant to explain income models for those

    higher than an entry-level employee. Interesting, no?

    I thanked him for his time, sparkle in my eyes and all, and left for the day.

    I received a phone call around 3PM from "Kyle", telling me that I had been selected to be part of the 2nd round interview process. I laughed silently. He

    asked if I was available at a particular time in the late morning, and I let him know that I would absolutely be there.


    I showed up to the office building, parked my vehicle in the visitors lot, and walked into the mini skyscraper that is Global's residence. I was purposely 10

    minutes late. Upon reaching Global's floor, I walk to the receptionist's desk, and without mentioning a word, she asks me "Round Two"? I couldn't have been

    more excited, and almost wish I had said no, and inquired further. I did not, and acknowledged that I had returned for a second interview with "Kyle". I was

    then asked to fill out a sheet that described that a particular "Eastern Group" wished me to observe it's business practices for the day as unpaid personnel

    that has not been contracted, but was willing to provide their time up to a particular time set for that day. Again, what the hell, why not? I signed the

    form and returned it to the "undercover HR" at the desk.

    Deja Vu. I sit for roughly half an hour to 3/4 of an hour waiting, for "Kyle" who I was told by the receptionist was busy interviewing a small team of


    My first thought? Praise the Lord, I'm going to be able to people-watch a room full of folks compete for employment that does not serve them whatsoever.


    Minutes pass, and I (along with a professional young woman close in age) am called to meet with "Kyle" once again. The two of us keep light conversation in

    the elevator on the way downstairs, and in the lobby waiting for Master Kyle. He leads us to his office where we are introduced to "Ryne", an account

    manager. We hand him our resumes. He glances at them for a fraction of a second, almost as if to make sure they aren't finger paintings, and actually say

    something on them. Among other things, utterly hilarious to me.

    "Ryne" leads us out of the office and to the building lobby, where he amiably interrogates the lady and myself regarding what qualifies us for a position

    with Global. We generically answer his questions, which seem to appease the 20-something. He then tells us to exit the building to the parking lot, as we are

    going to be educated on company history, and what really happens in the field.

    I was having so much fun. Almost textbook plays to what I'd read in my research. It was like reading cliffnotes, then letting the teacher think you'd never

    read the book, and were fascinated.


    I don't want you to have to read much more. However, here's the essence of what happened:

    "Ryne" took myself and this woman on a drive to a random, but affluent neighborhood, which we were told was where Sears was pushing the need for a "Community

    Awareness Program". I literally almost lost it. Brilliant phrasing for whatever suit came up with it, clever psychology to use against us obviously ignorant

    "college kids". We were informed that we would see what "really happens in the field".

    The account manager parks on a cul-de-sac, knocks on a single door. A man answered, asking if he could help our genius at the door, all the while the dynamic

    duo I had become a part of watched in awe. The home0wner expressed his non-interest, and all of us headed back to the vehicle. We are then told that we will

    head out to lunch.


    We arrive back at the office complex. "Ryne" instructs us that we will eat at the local Panera Bread, within the same complex. I'm thinking, "Sweet, Panera

    is delicious. Sounds good for lunch to me."

    Now we're inside Panera Bread. It's lunchtime, it's busy. Trying her best to be fiscally conservative, the woman tag-teaming with me expresses her lack of

    hunger. All the anticipation was killing me, so I order a sizable sandwich and coffee.

    As I indulge in my overpriced eats, "Ryne" presents the overall corporate structure up through the position of "Business Owner". He explains there are much

    more lucrative opportunities beyond that (really? wow) but that they were irrelevant to our conversation. My sidekick looks more confused than I do when I

    pick my dry cleaning from the lovely woman who does my dry cleaning, but struggles with English.

    About 20 or 30 minutes of my life that I will never regain pass by. Internally, I'm dying of laughter. Well spent. "Ryne" has proceeded to tell us two goofy

    college kids that management may in fact ask us to sit down for the 3rd Round of interviews today! He also says he can't guarantee it; his job isn't hiring

    people, it's interviewing them in the 2nd round. Oh em gee. We bid "Ryne" adieu and are instructed to return to Global's floor in the corporate building.


    Upon returning with my cohort to Global's floor, we are asked to fill out a questionnaire by the now infamous receptionist. It seems like a standard quality

    control/assurance survey, mainly regarding the account executive who interviewed me this fine day. The last section was left for open comments. I shared with

    Global my insight on paper, told the receptionist I was no longer interested in the position, all within direct earshot of my counterpart. I didn't look to

    see her reaction, but in my mind it was priceless. I proceeded to the elevator, and smiled the whole way to my vehicle.

    Since no one else was willing to post their name, I'll at least give you my pen name.

    Questions? Email me, please - [email protected]

    Do your research.

    - The Professional Deviant

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  • Ma
    madashellatGLOBAL May 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hey do they pay you to be their cheerleader or do you wear that skirt for free. Since we are being juvenile and name calling, I figured it would be appropriate to ask that. Now first Global hasn't changed nobody's life, because no one has been there for over a year. Second who wants to work at a place for 6 weeks and not get paid? Third, I had great sells, I just want more out of life. As far as the McDonald's joke, you got me all wrong...I am college educated and have never worked fast food. But thanks for assuming. Now let me make an accusation, I believe that you are one of their managers from the inside trying to help Global stay face...Oh yeah what will you be calling yourselves next year? I am just asking because you change names so much... Let me finish by saying I am not trying to take down Global if you like not getting paid for your worth and like saying things like"hey guys" "hey what" and clap your hands be very loud then you will be a vet in no time!!! There are jobs out here but if you want a pyramid scam go to Global if you want more out of life keep looking it will happen for you. Nice meeting you "nottoobright" (that's not a lie) and I am sure that we will talk again very soon!!! Can't wait :)

    -1 Votes
  • No
    nottoobright May 07, 2010

    I used to work there as well. Don't really feel like they slave on the unemployed. If you can't sell a card that is 30 dollars that gives the individual over 800 dollars in savings then you might need to go back to Burger King or Wal Mart. You sound like a jealous little ### that will always blame other people for never making it anywhere in life. Go look in the mirror and stop blaming everyone else for not amounting to anything. Why try and take down a company that you obviously know nothing about. Global has changed many peoples lives for the positive over the last couple years. I have a couple friends that still work there and the surrounding areas that are very grateful for what they have been able to gain from the business. You and all these other ### that have nothing better to do than bash companies that you couldnt succeed with need to really get a life.

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    madashellatGLOBAL May 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am a former employee of global, the business to business side.. first let me say that it is a scam. They tell you that you are gonna make an hourly wage plus commission when in actuality you make 100% commission. The cards are 30 to 40 dollars and you make 10 to 12 dollars off each card. They give you 20 card the beginning of the day and tell you to go to some random ### ###ing place where the economy has hit bad and most businesses are closed down. They want you to sell 20 cards a day, if not this [censored] bag Bryan curses you out and tells you that he doesn't give a ### about your family obligations. I think he is bi-polar. They slave you and then don't pay you. Some people have been there over 6 weeks and still no pay. Amber is the most stupid ### woman that I have ever seen. She wears the same thing everyday and makes a ton of money. They have their golden children Luke snd Sydney and they are their personal robots that make all the money because they kiss ###. What legitimate job can you go to and be a leader in a week... give me a break, lol! Employees have been arrested for soliciting because that's exactly what they do. You come in the office for two hours "pitching" to eachother (not paid) then go into the "field" Drivers are not reimbursed for gas or mileage on your car, and if you make 1 sell you only made 10 dollars for the day!! Unless you connect yourself to the "high rollers" you are not cared about or paid according to your work. They make you feel like you can make a ton of money then all you hear all day is..."its a reccession, or you should have came on payday, or it's not in my budget." They want you to talk poor people into paying money for spa packages and baseball tickets that are not worth it. People are on a budget that's the reality. Global preys on the unemployed and while you are in the field not making money they are sitting pretty off of your hard work!! You could be finding a REAL job!!! Please don't ever work for Global INC you will live to regret it. It is the biggest pyramid scheme that I have ever seen. I have a real job now!!!

    0 Votes
  • Ho
    Honestyisthebest policy Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm just curious because my boyfriend was working there & I was curious if it was the same owner.

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  • Ho
    Honestyisthebest policy Apr 20, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What was the name of the owner DrestonPavis?

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  • Ho
    Honestyisthebest policy Apr 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is absolutely ridiculous. The initial interview process that was described is exactly what happens. This company lies and acts like they're doing you this huge favor by giving you this "unparalleled business opportunity." Honestly for the amount of hours you work there, you could take a minimum wage job and make more each paycheck then you would here. Since it is high turnover, they aren't a company that cares about who walks in and out of their office. All of their employees offer the same rehearsed answers to questions and make it seem as though YOU'RE the dumb one if you don't see the opportunity in going door to door. They parade the very few young "owners" they have around and make it seem like everyone can reach the goal of owning their own office. Obviously that's not realistic. The most accurate way to describe this company is a cult. These poor young graduates are brainwashed into thinking that they'll all move up and be working from their Blackberrys in under a year. All in all, this company is full of empty promises and is a dead end job with no actual career opportunity.

    1 Votes
  • Hd
    HDMgr Apr 11, 2010

    Memo's are released monthly in my Home Depot asking that coworkers report any individuals from these firms harassing customers. Get a real job leeches.

    1 Votes
  • Ch
    checkingout Mar 19, 2010

    They are a B+ when I checked. They also have zero filed complaints in over 2 years. (legitimate business complaints)
    I am going to check them out.

    0 Votes
  • Ha
    hatencscams Mar 19, 2010

    5... 4... 3... 2... 1... SCAM! Global you currently have a C- with the BBB! How can you deny these true accusations? And please don't dis me because i do my homework and i am in no mood for your scam. And to you mike thomas you are not even sure of who you are representing here??? Are you one of those "wanna be" atterneys? It's like being dressed up like a cop and then you are caught and charged with impersonation! That's what truly i see you as an impersonation. "Poser" for short. And to bring this matter to the truth here you go i have proof and you want proof i got it without even walking in your scam of an office. I am not ganna fall in your scam and i defentately will post the truth for others to see and THIS IS MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO DO SO. So please stop scamming people and remember that life on earth plays a big part on what life will be when we pass away in others words "You will reap what you sow" how you treat others will be the same unto you. Read the Bible dude and get yourself some real education on how to treat others and stop scamming people this is so annoying to even read your message talking about other companies and Elvis! Elvis was the king and that's something that you won't ever get to be by scamming people because those you do scam will wake up and see. IT IS MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO POST THIS ON THIS SITE... I am not a cop i am not an attorney i am me a citizen who obeys the law and pays and files my taxes just like all the other citizens that you are scamming! and one more thing how dare you ask for peoples names on here! that is confidential info and that just gave you away about you scamming people because why otherwise would you wanna know their names? I get the idea that you have lots of exp. about stealing identities huh? Global do yourself a favor and shut down leave and never return please you are so annoying and i am spamming you from my email account! *IF I GET ANY MORE LITERATURE FROM YOU ALL IN MY EMAIL ACCOUNT I WILL FILE A CLAM WITH THE BBB AND THE ATTOURNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE LOCATED IN RALEIGH, NC.* This is my final warning to not contact me and to leave me alone!

    BBB® of Eastern North Carolina
    5540 Munford Road Suite 130
    Raleigh, NC [protected]

    BBB Reliability Report for
    Global Inc.

    BBB Rating C-
    BBB issues Reliability Reports on all businesses, whether or not they are BBB accredited. If a business is a BBB Accredited Business, it is stated in this report.
    BBB Accreditation
    Businesses are under no obligation to seek BBB accreditation, and some businesses are not accredited because they have not sought BBB accreditation. This business is not a BBB Accredited Business.
    BBB Rating for Global Inc.
    Based on BBB files, Global Inc. has a BBB Rating of C- on a scale from A+ to F.
    Reasons for this rating include:
    BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating.
    BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business.
    Business Contact and Profile for Global Inc.
    Global Inc.
    3100 Smoketree Ct Ste 802

    Raleigh, NC [protected]
    Owner/ Manager, Contact
    Customer Contact:
    Owner/ Manager, Contact
    File Open Date:
    January 2010
    Type of Business:
    Marketing Agencies
    BBB Accreditation:
    Global Inc. is not a BBB Accredited business.
    The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current information about the company.
    Customer Complaint History for Global Inc.
    BBB processed a total of 0 complaints about Global Inc. in the last 36 months, our standard reporting period.
    Government Actions
    BBB has no information regarding government actions at this time.
    Advertising Review
    BBB has no information regarding advertising review at this time.
    BBB Copyright and Reporting Policy
    As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

    BBB Reliability Reports are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Reliability Report is believed reliable, but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

    BBB Reliability Reports generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Reliability Reports are subject to change at any time.
    If you choose to do business with Global Inc., please let them know that you contacted BBB for a BBB Reliability Report.
    ID: [protected]
    Report as of March 19, 2010 07:34
    Copyright© 2010 Better Business Bureau

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  • Ha
    hatencscams Mar 19, 2010

    I had an interview today with this company and i am more now to not even go... Talking about being discuraged! I want a real job making real money and not no door to door scheme and most of all i will stick with real employers! Thanks everyone for warning me before my interview today!

    2 Votes
  • Us
    usedtoworkforzms Mar 16, 2010

    The website you provided says absolutely nothing about the company. Sketch? I think so!

    3 Votes
  • Mi
    MikeThomas Mar 15, 2010

    Once again that is false information you are providing the public...First off Global clearly states they changed their website from to because there are a ton of companies named Global and this would only help to clear up the confsusion.
    Secondly, every employee fills out an I-9, like you stated it is illegal for them not too. Your accusation is once again false.
    Lastly, like we always state why don't you let everyone know your name if you are so sure of your information on the company? Like I stated before, it is odd that job seekers like yourself remain anonymous when making such claims on a company. Good luck

    -3 Votes
  • F2
    f2veloce Mar 15, 2010

    This company is absolute crap. The interview process is exactly as described above and they can't even get themselves organized enough to make it seem legitimate. Their website that they tout so much no longer exists, their bimbo of a secretary is also their "HR" department, they don't remember who they hire a week after doing so, and their "HR" department stated that there were no benefits (which were discussed in the interview) and that an I-9 form wasn't needed for the hiring process (only a little illegal...really?). Long story short, it's either a scam or a company run by absolute ###s, either way a waste of time.

    3 Votes
  • Ma
    man after the truth Mar 02, 2010

    I disagree. I had interview #1 recently and read your review before I went. Though I did face resistance to my more probing questions, I do not feel I was lied to. I've experienced companies with similar business models. Global is, primarily, in the business if providing a labor force, and they go after so many young people because entry-level sales is a high turn around position. The managers must play things close to the chest and exercise information inequalities if they want to retain employees long enough to have them properly trained for expansion. I think you were blinded by the silver lining, and unwilling to put in the months of effort required to see promised gains. Their hiring process could be streamlined to take up less time, but it would be less effective at retention. As I hopefully continue through the hiring process I will continue to reassess my evaluation, and do not expect to see any immediate returns because the business would fail if every little action by the bottom employees was rewarded heavily.

    0 Votes
  • Mi
    MikeThomas Feb 24, 2010

    It’s a shame you guys believe everything the internet says...look up Elvis, I hear he's alive. Try googling other companies such as Wal-Mart and Geico. Don't be so naive guys, they are a legitimate company and changed their name not to cover their "scam" but because they are now a 3 part business with 3 separate divisions. Yes Sears and Home Depot is one, as well as DirecTV, and also sports teams and entertainment venues. They branched 3 different ways and switched from ZMS to Global because they have grown quite a bit. They currently run 65 employees and expanded throughout the South East. Not bad if you ask me.
    Now for a little insight and thought. Don’t you think the building they are in, with Clear Channel Radio (G105) being below them and IBM above them, with BB&T a couple floors away would do some research before putting them ("a scam that scams people") in one of the only 3 high rises in North Raleigh? The building and building’s owner wouldn't risk their reputation just for rent money. It’s unfortunate how ignorant you guys are portraying yourselves in the fact that a pyramid scheme is illegal business and one must understand the clients listed above wouldn't hire or out source a "scam" or a "pyramid scheme." It wouldn't be worth their reputation either. Just a thought.
    Whether the people reading this believe me or not, that’s not my concern. I am sure others, who will remain anonymous, will post more non sense comments after this post. So everyone knows I am a hired attorney for Global and within the next 2 to 4 weeks these such postings will disappear, but I figured I would try to educate the public and job seekers on the truth. It’s unfortunate that because of the internet anonymous people can slander companies without even publicizing who they are. You would think if they were so sure of what they know about a company they would not remain anonymous.

    -2 Votes
  • Ae
    AEraleighnc Feb 24, 2010

    Thank you SO MUCH! I knew that ZMS and Associates was a scam, and I didn't realized that they changed their name to Global, Inc. I interviewed for CK and Associates before which is exactly the same thing, another pyramid-style scam. Thanks again for posting this, so I wouldn't waste any time on Global, Inc.

    3 Votes
  • Wa
    Waste of time Feb 13, 2010

    LMAO...! This could not be put any better. Exactly how it went. Lucky for me during the second interview I was asked if I could see myself going door to door selling window treatments, my answer was "Absolutely Not!"

    This company is screwed when unemployment trifles back. I guess they could always send felons door to door when that happens.

    3 Votes

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