SUBMIT A COMPLAINT (Global Internet Solutions)Beware of this company!


13 month ago I sign up for a 30 month package which include a "free domain" and a 1 year automatic domain renewal option. Last month I suddenly couldn't log into my website. I contacted them by email and they responded that my account was into redemption and that the sales department was going to contact me. Which they did, by phone , the same day. The Gentleman who call me on my foreign cell phone certainly never expected my caller id picking up his number (as it is unlisted and caller id blocked...) but the number came on my screen. He told me that they made several attempt to contact me to inform me that my domain was going to fall in redemption (which is false, I checked with my email provider and none of GISOL email went through their system..) and now I will have to pay $399.95 redemption release fee and $9.95 to renew the domain. I questioned the fee, he told me that GISOL didn't get one penny of tis money and that it goes all to... ICANN!!! I needed my website as it was my professional tool so I call back the next day the number who was on my cell phone to pay. The guy was extremely surprise when he pick up the phone, he was the same than the one I spoke with the day before. He told me that my credit card will reflect two charges : one of $99.95 to the order of allindomain and on of $309.95 to the order of GISOL... and he hung up ! I contacted ICANN to have some explanation, was answered that my domain was registered with allindomain and that their fee was certainly $90 to release and $9.95 to renew, so I assume that GISOL just screwed me from $309.95. I sent an email to sales and admin, to question the fact I was billed that kind of money and the fact that I had a 1 year automatic domain renewal option and that they didn't respected it and let my domain go in redemption. Their answer was just unprofessional, aggressive and threatening: "WE TOLD YOU THAT WE DON"T GET ONE CENTS OF THAT MONEY!!! Do you want us to cancel your account? Sales department" I told them to do not cancel my account, that they didn't responded to my question, therefor I was filing a complaint with the BBB. Next email from them was : "Your account has been suspended. Please contact the admin department to discuss your suspension" I call the number, the guy made believe he never spoke with me and he didn't knew me, he told me that their system was in upgrading so he couldn't have access to the file, and to call back after 5pm pacific time. I did... their office was closed. I call back the next day, when the guy pick up he recognized my voice, he hung up! I tried again it was of the hook, then tried again he hung up again, tried again had an answering machine, tried again few hour later: number has been disconnected. I contacted them,asking to reactivate immediately and they send me another email saying :"we are whiling to continue working with you if you contact the BBB and tell them that our issues have been resolved". I did it, I knew I shouldn't had but I really needed my site to work, so I send them the proof of it asking them to reactivate. They answered one week later :" decision have been made by our management to do not provide you service. We strongly recommend you to govern yourself accordingly and to use the service of a lawyer for future correspondence with us. " I cannot transfer my domain as I found out they never registered it under my name on the first place but under their name and that "they were renting it to me" (dixto). End of the story!!! I am disputing the charges on my credit card, as I paid for a service they choose to do not provide less than 24 hour after payment, and I filled complaint to the IC3 (which is the FBI related unit regarding internet crime) as well as the National fraud Bureau, the office of the attorney general of California and the district attorney of Los Angeles, the NFIC, webassure, e-consumer, and FTC. I strongly recommend to anyone who's having problem with this company to do the same, as I said above, more there will be people filing, more the authorities will look into and investigate them. I believe it is a one man operated company, they move a lot, the address where the company is registered is a private residence where a Mr. Lee is living and he never had anything to do with this company. The address listed on their website (on Santa Monica Bvd) is a virtual office where they only retrieve their mail. All the phone number of this company are unlisted and caller id blocked. I managed to trace few of them with addresses attached to them but, some are disconnected, some have an answering machine on, and some have Madonna music on... The company is hiding and moving from one address to another one so nobody can trace them (I should say "him", as every single phone contact I had was always with the same person who changes his name everyday to make believe there are 800 employees in the company... Voice recorded proved me it was the same person!!!) They only have 2 server and I believe they are from a very small size. So to keep the flow of money coming in, they eliminate already paid customer to make space for other future victim! They have a "F" with the BBB , because they have close to 300 complaint against them. When you live outside the country, like myself also, you are more at risk to be their victim.


  • Ma
    Marsha Savage Jun 25, 2007

    I have just been the recipient of the same type of phone call - on Friday evening at dinner time. Told that I either upgraded or they would shut down my two web sites. No option! I did opt for the $24.95 combination of the two sites. At no time was I told that it was for 36 months. I decided to write to the [email protected] and send everything I could remember about the phone call. I did that on Friday evening. On Sunday morning at 5:30 a.m. I received a return e-mail telling me to call the quality assurance department. I did that today (Monday) and spoke to someone. They did nothing but tell me the same thing the sales person did on Friday. That they had been trying to contact me by e-mail (even gave me two dates back in January and February) and by phone - but would not leave a message for me to call back. I failed to get dates for those phone calls. They seemed to have an answer for anything I thought to ask or tell them. I also received today a certified letter with an invoice for $898.20 being billed to my credit card. I was shocked because at no time was I given a total in this amount, only a monthly total of $24.95. So, this is for a 36 month period, which you cannot cancel until after 7 months. When I asked about why 7 months, I was told it cost them $150 per hour for a technician to do the upgrade and about 2 hours to perform this. So, no cancelling until you have paid them enough for this upgrade cost. I have checked my credit card on-line today and so far no charge has been made. I will check again before going to bed tonight. I will be disputing this charge with my credit card company and reporting to any agency and signing onto complaint boards and notifying people of the strong-arm tactics of this company. Both web sites were not due for rebilling until Nov. 27 2007, and Dec. 5 2007. Paid until then! No credit was given on this invoice for that time. One site was their special which bought the domain name through them, and I wonder now after reading others, if we will receive that domain name. This will cause a problem for an art society. The other site is my personal site which I bought the domain name through another art site and had it transfered to GISOL. I recently renewed the domain name, but I think through the actual site, but hosted by GISOL - and I bought for 10 years - and I chose to also by the domain name of my e-mail address to keep it for future use. I wonder if I will be able to use these.
    I would suggest that anyone thinking of using GISOL not do so. They are not customer friendly, and they are strong-arming people into terms that are not friendly and doing this by phone where you feel you have no choice but to do so. Don't do it!

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  • Da
    David Jul 11, 2007

    Mine is a little more complicated.

    I signed up last night for the 7.95 per month account + 10 domain + set up. They called me an hour ago to tell me that their American Express terminal wasn't working and they needed a different card. I hesitated but gave it and then they explained that the account I signed up for was 32.00 per month because it was a one month package which had a set up charge each month and I "agreed" to renew for 12 months. I asked to cancel my order and that's when it got really ugly.

    Some guy claiming to be the top boss in Hollywood, "Sean Anderson", said that my card had already been charged $500 and I could cancel if I wanted but they don't give money back. I was amazed.

    Long story short, I never received the service, a password or even accessed their servers. I offered to pay the full amount for the month and walk away, they refused.

    I called my credit card and sure enough, they charged my card $400 and change. I will reverse the charge and play it through to the end.


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  • Gi
    GISOL SUCKS Aug 14, 2007

    I have had the same dealing with "Sean Anderson" who has been with GISOL for over 6yrs and their are in the business to make money any way possible.

    They did a bait and switch on the domain name redemption, which seems to be their bread and butter scam. Tried to charge for an upgraded $24.95 per month plan even though I had hosting left on the current account. They said the hosting account could not be used with the domain name and had to setup under a "new business plan".

    They are very deceptive and know their craft well.


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  • Ci
    Cicily Janus Aug 31, 2007

    My husband signed up to use this GISOL company in order to have some one to manage domain names etc... He agreed to a 8-9$/month charge. He never agreed to pay anymore than that. After 24 hours of looking into this company he called them to cancel all services. The guy, named "adam" told him that the cancellation was fine and everything was taken care of. Today I received our credit card bill and found out that they charged us 898.20$ When I called them, very upset, they told me that I could call the billing dept. which would only be available M-F 9-6PST. I asked the man further about the account and he said that the account can only be canceled through the website. My husband went on there and proceeded to cancel the account on the website as well. And the man said that my husband received a phone call and agreed to these charges of 898.20. There was no such agreement. I told this man that this was a fraudulent company and he would be sorry as they would have to speak with my lawyer on Monday. He said he understood my frustration but couldn't do anything since we agreed to these charges. We have never ever signed anything, we never agreed to anything. I called my credit card company to cancel these charges as well as seeing how we can press criminal charges towards this company.

    The credit card company is going to work with us. We told them we called and spoke with someone from their company and told them to cancel our account within 24 hours of setting it up and she said she would look into it. But the frigging sad thing is, is that with this "internet" only cancellation policy that they now have on their site, it is going to look like we canceled the account today as opposed to weeks ago when this all got started.





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  • Ad
    Adam Mulholland Oct 05, 2007

    GISOL has been my website host for 4 years and I have no complaints till now. They identified my account as breaking their policy and terminated my account. I never violated their policy. I host 20 national sites that are very successful. They suspended my account and asked for $1,400 to restore it without issue. They told me since I am making enough I should be able to give them money without any issue. They tried to extort me because they identified my account as doing very well. They even told me while I was on the phone how many hits I was losing while they have my account suspended to encourage me to pay them. They said they are keeping everything I built and paid for. I have potentially lost millions of dollars because of this along with several companies. I have no where else to turn. I paid with my debit card over the last few years and have a billing receipt of every url I bought and services I bought. They still owe me years on the urls and 15 -20 months on hosting services. I bought their 30 month hosting services in Feb 2006. They did all of this yesterday Oct 4, 2007. They have all my creative ideas, urls, traffic, and everything that belongs to me and it's for ransom. They told me all of this over the phone during 4 separate phone calls.

    There are several other victims that I worked on their sites that have lost their creative property, business names, and websites, and finally customers. I just filed the IC3 complaint and hiring a lawyer. I am going to sue them for everything they have. We really need to go in full force and sue them in class action.

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  • Si
    Silence Dogood Oct 07, 2007

    After the verification process you should be able to join.

    In the meantime also look into filing a complaint with the attorney general of your state, the attorney general of California, the district attorney of Los Angeles, the LA better business bureau, the United States Attorney in Los Angeles, and feel free to tell your story in depth to numerous news organizations both local to Los Angeles and national.

    Make noise!

    The ###s who run this company need to be brought to justice - whether it be through civil litigation or having to expose these people for who they really are - remove the masks, remove the credibility.

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  • Ma
    Marsha Savage Nov 07, 2007

    I have just been denied for the third time a reversal of the charges on my Visa credit card. They say they can no longer help me because I did not use the "cancel" button on the site as I was told to do in their service agreement. I sent them a certified letter within a day or two and that is not enough according to the credit card company. I no longer have a credit card because I reported to my Visa company that the number has been compromised. And, it is a good thing, because I have just received an e-mail from GISOL saying one of the web sites will be renewed automatically for $95. and change for the next year. Even though they charged me in July for 3 years for this web site and my personal one for $898.20 which is what was charged to my VISA. I went to the "cancel" button and looked, but if you follow their instructions, you sign away your rights for a charge back on your credit card or any legal action against them. They "refund" money at the "discretion of their managerial committee" and it will be "prorated". Bull. We know that will not happen. No one seems to have ever received any refund from this company according to many "complaint" sites and the information people are giving. I will not at this time use their button because of this signing away of my rights. I am getting very stressed out about this situation.

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  • Ro
    Rodney Collins Jan 12, 2008

    I reckon I have been ripped-off big time by GISOL. Here is my story:

    On a photographer's forum someone was asking about a good ISP/Host where they could purchase hosting for their website. Someone replied saying that they were with GISOL and found them to be good with reasonable prices.

    I was also looking to purchase hosting so I signed up with GISOL for a BEST ANNUAL account at $95.40 per year. This account could only host a single domain but that was fine by me as I only had one website.

    Two months later I built another website and purchased another BEST ANNUAL account for $95.40 per year.

    Then I suddenly had a lot of clients and I discovered GISOL's PRO account that could host multiple domains multiple databases so I purchased a PRO account for $119.40 per year. I had toyed with the idea of canceling the first two accounts and moving the domains and databases into the PRO account to save money on the annual renewal of the 2 BEST ANNUAL accounts. However I decided that these 2 accounts were for my personal sites and I preferred to keep them seperate from my PRO account which hosted client's websites.

    Apart from some serious problems with the server hosting my PRO account (fixed by moving it to another server), I had good service from GISOL.

    Then the troubles started. On July 2, 2007 I got rudely awaken at about 3am (I am in Brisbane, Australia) by a telephone call from GISOL. Because it was from the USA and from GISOL I tried to wake up and listen. The man on the phone said that he could save me money by 'combining' my three accounts into a single 'unlimited' account at $24.95 per month which was less than what I was paying per month for three accounts. I said I had already paid in advance for the three accounts and he said that the money from the original accounts would offset the cost of the new account. Well, if it was going to save me money and make life easy by not having to log in to three Control Panels, I asked a few questions and the answers seemed satisfactory so I agreed. He said that he would do all the work and 'combine' the accounts. Okay so lets say the accounts were A, B, and C. He said he would make a new accounts called 'A1'.

    The next day I got the email in respect of account 'A1' and it was an Unlimited Upgrade (24.95) for 36 months. Yes, that's right, I was billed for $898.20 which was taken from my credit card. There was no mention of 36 months during the phone call. There was also no rebate or the remaining un-used monies from the three original accounts. I queried this by email and the following morning at 3am I got another phone call and the man said that if I wasn't happy they would cancel all my accounts. Of course, I couldn't allow that because my clients websites would have gone down.

    Okay, now it gets worse. On December 28, 2007 I raised a Support Ticket to have one of the domain names renewed and my credit card got charged the usual $9.95 on the same day (I have done this often without complications). However, on January 3, 2008 I got a telephone call from GISOL (the man called himself 'Steve') and he said that he noticed I had a few accounts and he recommended that I 'combine' them into one account. I informed him that they had already been combined into one account back in July 2007. He said that there were still 4 accounts (e.g. A, B, C, and A1). However, he said that by combining them all into a new unlimited account I could get a rate of $3.57 per month instead of the current rate of $24.95 per month. He said that the account was actually worth $49.95 per month BUT he could give it to me at $3.57 per month for 36 months. I said that I had paid in advance for 3 years for account 'A1' and he said that the remaining un-used money would be used to offset the new account. I said that the remaining un-used money exceeded the new charge and I asked if a refund would be given to me. He assured me that I would get a 'rebate'. My quick calculation estimated that I would get a refund of $600 - $700 and he said it would be refunded to my credit card account.

    Well, I thought my lucky day had come. Here I was being offered a continuation of the same service at a much lower rate AND that I would be refunded a nice sum of money. Anyway, on January 3, 2008 GISOL created a new account (let's call it 'A2') BUT the next day my credit card was hit wih a charge of $1,789.20 ($49.95 x 36). I had been expecting a refund of $600 or more, not a huge charge like that.

    I started sending emails to [email protected] and [email protected] as well as raising Support Tickets. The reply to the support tickets was that I should email [email protected] which of course I have been doing every day since January 04, 2008 and have yet to get a single reply. I managed to telephone GISOL's help line and asked to speak to 'Steve'. The man who answered the phone ('Adam' he called himself) said that 8,000 people work there and he doesn't know who Steve is. Anyway, he said that a letter had been posted to me and that it contained a code. I was supposed to phone back with the code in order to claim 12 months worth of rebate (the difference between $49.95 and $3.57 x 12 months). I said that I neded 36 months worth of rebate but he said I could only claim a portion each year or the next three years. I said that in actual fact I should be getting a refund and should have to pay nothing because the remaining un-used money on account A1 was worth more then the new fee of $3.57 x 36. He then said that refunds are never given for cancelled accounts. Okay so I just lost $600 - $700 and I guess I have lost the remaining un-used monies rom accounts A, B, and C. I didn't cancel the accounts. GISOL recommended 'combining' them into one new account. I have lost a lot of money. How bad is that!

    Okay now it gets worse. Remember the request to have a domain name renewed. Well I noticed that it had not been renewed and only had 6 days left until expiry. I raised a Support Ticket asking for confirmation that the domain name had been renewed. I got a silly reply. I got onto the Live Chat window and the agent said that there was no record in my billing statement and that was why the domain name had not been renewed. I explained that it was in the billing statement of account A1 and not the new A2. He said that all I needed to do was raise a new Ticket asking for renewal and that they would charge my credit card and then they would see the charge in the billing statement and renew the domain. I am still trying to resolve this issue - my emails go unanswered, the Live Chat agents can't help because there is no billing info in the same account as the domain (A2). I will have to pay again and lose the previous $9.95 because it is in an account where no refunds are given.

    There's more. The other day I got a charge on my credit card for $95.40 for hosting renewal of one of the original accounts that was supposed to have been 'combined' into account A1. When I queried it, I was told that I had to cancel the account. I said that there wasn't an account to cancel because they had been 'combined' into a new account (not at my request but at GISOL's recommendation). Okay, so have you tried to cancel an account at GISOL. They hit you with a fee of $250 (or was it $500, I can't remember) for 'breach of contract' because you are ending a contract. I just can't believe it!

    Then I had a domain name that expired even though they are supposed to send reminders. They told me it had gone into redemption and because it was a client's website I had to pay $474.95 to have it redeemed. Since that time I have discovered that it had only gone into the period of grace and it would have been simple to renew it. GISOL tricked me by saying it had gone into redemption.

    Okay, so in summary, I have paid a few thousand dollars to GISOL for a lot of pain and suffering and far in excess of what I have in the way of hosting. they have stolen money by saying it would offset the new account charges and yet they don't give refunds of canceled accounts. I have canceled nothing - the accounts were combined into one. However, I still get billed for the old accounts and will have to pay a large cancelation fee. The whole thing stinks of a scam. It looks like I am stuck with them for another three years because they also say that they own the domain names. The old control panel allowed you to enter the owner's name or each domain name but the new control panel has one area for the owner of the domains but they register it with either AllInDomain or TuCows under their own name.

    They should be investigated by whoever in the USA does scam investigations and Fair trading investigations.

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  • Kr
    Kris Ormond Jan 13, 2008

    I have also been scammed by GISOL and definitely interested in a class action suit.

    Briefly, I pd for a 3 yr subscription, it concerned me, but, I wanted the site up. I was also told by Sean/Shaun Anderson that a refund, into my account would be issued, if at the end of 7 months I wanted to cancel the site. Not true. No refunds.

    Since then, the site being paid, has been suspended three times, Oct, Nov, and Dec. Communication is difficult, long periods of being put on hold, they can't find your account, the servers are down - call back later, the phones are disconnected, they can't help you, need to transfer, and of course no one answers. These are just a few. Friday, Jan 11, after being given another hassle, I asked for the name of their Attorney, as my Attorney would be contacting him. I was hung up on, they are refusing service. I have $884. in unused service. Think I will get this back??

    I will file with all the agencies listed.

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  • Ro
    Rodney Collins Jan 16, 2008


    My saga with GISOL is listed above (its the loooong post - sorry about that). Anyway I now wish to let everyone know that their Domain Names have probably been 'stolen' by GISOL. Do you remember the previous Control Panel? It allowed account holders to maintain Domain Name information (owner, admin contact, technical contact, etc) for each and every domain in your account. If you did a WHOIS lookup of your domain names, you would perhaps see that GISOL were the 'registrant' but you would still see your name (or your client's name) as the owner of the domain name and you would see your details as the admin contact and the technical contact.

    Then GISOL came up with a new Control Panel and the feature to maintain Domain Name information had disappeared. We no longer had a way to maintain this info. I have been querying this with GISOL for ages and never get replies to my emails and the replies to my Tickets say that I should email admin.

    Okay, now this is where we need to be concerned. If you do a WHOIS lookup on any of your domain names, you see that GISOL are the owners, and they are the admin contact and the technical contact.

    Try to get GISOL to give you the Transfer Authorisation Codes for your domain names so that you can transfer the names to a registrar of your choice and they refuse to give the names. Try to contact ALLINDOMAINS ( and TUCOWS to get the info and they say that they can only give the codes to the registered owner who they say is GISOL.

    This is theft of your domain names. GISOL have let one of my domains expire today even though I ordered and paid for its renewal almost 4 weeks ago. They are now refusing to renew it which means it will go into redemption. It is my main business site and source of income. They don't care one iota!

    Can everyone please lodge a complaint against GISOL here:

    I lodged 7 (seven) issue with the IC3 today regarding fraudulent charges for several accounts with GISOL that shouldn't exist because GISOL combined them into one. Domain Name Theft. Refusal to provide Auth Codes. Offering an account at $3.57 per month and then charging $49.95 per month pre-paid for 36 months (zapped from my credit card) and many other issues.

    Lets take this company down while insisting on the release of our domain names and full refund of all monies that we have been tricked out of.

    That scoundrel Adam Johnson needs to be locked away and his assets need to be used to pay back the money he scammed from his account holders.

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  • Re
    Report Gisol Mar 10, 2008

    In Dec 2006, I signed up for a 36 month hosting package for around $200 with “free” domain name with “free whois privacy”.
    In Dec 2007, I received an email from Gisol saying my card had expired and my domain needed renewing. I tried updating the expiry date, and adding a new card, but it still said expired. I emailed them, so they sent me a link to a page on to pay for the renewal. All looked OK as after inputting my details it went to a page saying thanks for your payment. I realised that I didn’t get a confirmation email for the transaction, so emailed them. I didn’t receive a reply.
    In mid Jan 2008 my website disappeared. I emailed them to ask why. At 0130am UK time I received a call from “Aaron”, saying that my domain had gone into redemption and my account had been shutdown. After a lot of obviously frustrated talk, I agreed to opening a new account which would cost me $42 for 3 years. HE confirmed several times that $42 in total would be all my card would be charged. He also said afterwards that I would receive a refund of $87 for the original contract.
    He directed me to a page where I could sign the new contract. This is very difficult using a mouse or a touchpad. Anyway after about 4 attempts, which he said was because Visa wasn’t accepting it, he said it was ok, then put the phone down!
    I got an email immediately saying thank you for my payment of $718.20!
    I rang my bank immediately after the phone call. They were very sympathetic, but said they couldn’t treat it as a fraud case as I had done business with them in the past and supplied my card details to them. A dispute was filed with Visa International. What Gisol replied with to them and my bank is total and utter FRAUD! I also, like another person above, have proof to prove that it is fraud. I thought that they were pretty watertight, the way they have everything covered, with contracts and verbal agreements etc, but I believe they are getting a bit desperate about the amount of chargebacks they are getting and haven’t really thought through what they are doing this time. It’s NOW going through the Fraud Dept of my bank and Visa International. I hope the evidence is stacking up and they get sent down very soon. It can only be a matter of time.
    I did the usual like emailing, ringing, trouble tickets etc but of course no help/reply. My domain didn’t come out of redemption as they said they would, and of course it was owned by them, not me. I’ve managed to get it back now which is a relief, as I have paying clients advertising on there. I temporarily ran my version, but it wasn’t ideal as search engines listed my .com version. It’s been down for about 6 weeks while the redemption/deleting process went through. I managed to get to get it back for me the instant it became available.
    I can only urge everyone affected to dispute/chargeback the charges, report them to as many agencies (LA Attorney, California Attorney, FBI IC3, Federal Trade Commission, BBB, local police, press, TV etc etc etc) as you can.
    Don’t be scared. Let’s do it and get them sent down!!!
    I have now received the full charges back from my bank and they are passing the fraud details on to the police.

    I've now started an anti-gisol website called:

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  • To
    Toni Apr 21, 2008

    A person at Global Internet Solutions manipulated and lied to me, I became so afraid that I was about to lose all my money, "at that point it was only $1789.40" that I believed what this person told me. He open 4 accounts by the end of the conversation, that cost me over $7000 cash as I used my debit card. I am 61 years old I was sick with the flu and I had been with this company for 4 years I didn't expect to get scammed. The Attorney General office can't even find these people. So any info you have please report it to the Attorney Generals office to help them catch these people.
    Thank Toni

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  • St
    Steven Jun 12, 2008

    You purchase a free ecommerce package with a free shopping cart for $142 for two years, then they pull a bait-and-switch and charge 1080.00 if you intend to use the free ecommerce package and shopping cart for ecommerce and shopping. They lie to your credit card company that you agreed to the “upgrade.” Everyone scammed by these crooks should write the CA Attorney General, LA Consumer Complaints, and the FTC. If they get enough complaints they will move. Most important, write your Congressman asking for a congressional investigation into VISA for continuing to profit from a company that violates the law and their own merchant policies, with a copy to your CC company's customer service dept.

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  • To
    Tom Jul 24, 2008

    There are several websites dedicated to exposing this company. See

    They guys have scamed a lot of people, me included. If there is a class action against them I want to join.

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  • Gi
    Gisol Nov 05, 2008

    To GISOL customers

    We have incorporated a new Customer Relations Department designed to resolve outstanding customer issues and complaints pertaining to services, fees, domains and account suspensions.

    Please visit our new Customer Relations Ticketing System. By filling out a ticket, the Customer Relations Department staff will investigate your claim and contact you via telephone within approximately 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays. Claims pertaining to various issue may exceed the 72 hour response time, however, a response to your issue will be provided in a timely fashion.

    Global Internet Solutions
    A Gisol, Inc. Company

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  • Re
    Report Gisol Nov 14, 2008

    Please be vary careful if you contact Gisol on the above link. You know what they are like, what they have done, and will you trust them again?

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  • Sl
    slug Nov 17, 2008

    ### you gisol ### face

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  • An
    AnneB Feb 16, 2009

    I too am fighting this company to the tune of $1798. My credit card company will not help me pursue it either. I'm livid and looking for a class action lawsuit as well.

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  • Gi
    gisol_victim Oct 23, 2009

    I went to the Los Angeles Better Business Bureau's website to file a complaint against GISOL but for my surprise nobody had filed a complaint there yet.

    Their website is listed below:

    Payed 600 dollars on 2007 for a 3 years supposedly UNLIMITED plan. Last week they suspended my account because I made an upload to their servers that they said "used too much of the CPU and RAM MEMORY". The files were for a website and were normal, clean and had nothing wrong. If they don't have qualified staff to manage their server pool performance and resources then it's not my problem. Or, even worse, if they don't have the required HARDWARE to promisse UNLIMITED plans then don't make big lies online on a website promissing a service that CAN'T BE DELIVERED.

    THEY SAID my services would go back to normal IF THE PRICE WASN'T MUCH FOR ME (TRYING TO GET ME TO PAY THEM MORE MONEY FOR A SERVICE I HAD ALREADY PAYED). Now my website files and every piece of data is locked in their servers because I have no access to my payed account anymore.

    When they told me that I "used too much of the CPU and RAM MEMORY" they didn't know they were speaking to an IT professional and that that made perfect non sense, unless I was someone who didn't know the IT business, their prefered target for this type of scam. Finally, I remember seeing in their site a huge banner saying THERE ARE NO LIMITS!

    Remember to go to the site below and file a complaint. It's your right!

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  • Sa
    Sandee Stewart Jan 08, 2016

    These people are the worst. Please avoid at all costs.

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  • Sa
    Sandee Stewart Jan 08, 2016

    I paid $275 and these people did nothing there was no ad nothing. I tried to cancel the credit card and the sent a collection agency after me. When they called the identified themselves as Google, the would not allow me to read the contract, I was rushed through the process and tried to cancel almost immediately. Thieves downright thieves.

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