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My site has been Offline since 01/10/07.My account at GISOL was suspended on 15/10/07.I received this email from Gisol:send an email to [protected] to discuss the suspension of your account.I was threatened to have it terminated in 5 business days and all of my data deleted.I sent 40 emails but no answer .I asked for a phone number but Gisol informed only to get in contact by email to [protected] . I have the billing statement saying all payments where done. The hosting package they announce is Plan Unlimited-Windows (Annually $95.40,all included .I was able to contact Gisol by phone on the 22/10/2007 and SHAWN ANDERSON said he was going to solve it.I said my account was suspended .He said he could not activate the account again because it was linked with an domain which was no longer in use.I said I had a new one but he replied he couldn't use this in my old account and the only way to solve it ,was create a new account and transfer my credits into it to be able to use my new domain, He said he was going to make an account of 36 months and it was going to be even cheaper than my old one ,as the old was U$119,00 annually and the new one was U$ 95.40 annually. He asked the 3 digits of my card and said he was going to transfer my credits from my old account into the new one. So I realized it was going to be US$95.40 X 3(YEARS)=U$286,20 minus MY CREDIT OF U$119= TOTAL:U$167,20 But, when I checked the billing statement,there was a bill of U$1,078.20! I tried to get in contact again and I was informed by the General Manager(which has the same voice) that nobody could do anything and Shawn, was on leave. I said I wanted to cancel it and he replied, that none of the accounts can be canceled !He even mentioned Shawn had the conversation recorded at his computer so just him could take care of it. I was charged for SOMETHING I DIDN'T ASK FOR. My Domain I bought for US$ 9,95 was also MISAPPROPRIATED as it was registered on Gisol's name.

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Sep 16, 2009 3:01 pm EDT

I'm having the same problem as you guys. This just started last night, and I'm sorry to find out that it is apparently not going to be easy to resolve. Rather than typing it all again, here's just one of the emails I sent to them which explains the whole issue:

I have already left 2 voice messages with customer service and I have sent 2 emails to as I was instructed, but have had no response. The only response I have had was to the one I sent as a trouble ticket online, who replied stating that I need to speak to someone in customer service. I have been trying to reach customer service since 8:30 am CTS. I have tried contacting an online support agent but I just get a page stating that my account is suspended. This is certainly not in keeping with your claim online: "Contacting Global Internet Solutions has never been easier! You can reach us 24 Hours per day via live chat, phone, ticketing system, or e-mail." I have tried every one of these methods. I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE RIGHT NOW. Here is a copy of my last invoice, straight from your website, which clearly states that I am paid thru 3/2/11:

Statement #[protected] for your account from Sep 2, 2008 until Now

Account ID Plan Opening Balance Changes Closing Balance
1856082 Pro 2005-11-25 FBS (Win) $0.00 CR $0.00 CR $0.00 CR Your activity for your Pro 2005-11-25 FBS (Win) account from Sep 2, 2008 until Now Date Description Debits Credits Balances
9/2/08 4:13 AM Recurrent fee for Pro 2005-11-25 FBS (Win) plan (9/2/08 - 3/2/11)
Open new billing period (9/2/08 - 3/2/11) $238.80 -$238.80
9/2/08 4:13 AM Charge to Credit Card VISA # xxxxxxxxxxxx0968 Exp. 06/2009 $238.80 $0.00 CR
Ending balance as of: Sep 16, 2009 $238.80 $238.80 $0.00 CR

It appears that 'someone' thinks my account is due at this time which is not even true. When I renewed the account last year, it was obviously my understanding that I was buying another 2.5 years of hosting as I did back on 3/2/2006. This is a huge waste of my time, not to mention the damage to my reputation as well as that of my clients. I need for whomever can help me resolve this to contact me immediately at [protected]. I need you to explain why my account has been suspended. I know that the expiration date on my debit card needs to be updated, at which point I assume you are planning to charge me again. I need to know why you are trying to charge me in the first place when my account states that I am paid thru 3/2/11.

The first email I received from you guys was last night at 5:22 pm, then another at 7:22 saying that you have been trying to contact me, (I assume by phone) which is not true. I have had no calls on caller id from you guys, nor any voice mails or emails from you until the account was suspended – and as far as I can see, I am current on my account. And to top it off, you are threatening to terminate my account and delete all my files if I don't respond within 48 hours. I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO RESPOND EVER SINCE I NEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE SITUATION. This is an absolutely unacceptable level of service. I will have to consider taking legal action if this is not handled right away. PLEASE HELP ME RESOLVE THIS NOW! Call me at [protected], or better yet, first reinstate the account and then call me and explain why this happened.

I emailed them once again with this website address and the above complaints pasted inside in which I threatened to contact the agencies listed above. I guess I may be better off transfering all of my accounts to another host right away. Thank god the domains are not registered there and there is no datasource that needs to be retrieved. I would be very interested to know if anyone ever got a resolution to their issues.

Mar 10, 2008 4:46 pm EDT

In Dec 2006, I signed up for a 36 month hosting package for around $200 with “free” domain name with “free whois privacy”.
In Dec 2007, I received an email from Gisol saying my card had expired and my domain needed renewing. I tried updating the expiry date, and adding a new card, but it still said expired. I emailed them, so they sent me a link to a page on to pay for the renewal. All looked OK as after inputting my details it went to a page saying thanks for your payment. I realised that I didn’t get a confirmation email for the transaction, so emailed them. I didn’t receive a reply.
In mid Jan 2008 my website disappeared. I emailed them to ask why. At 0130am UK time I received a call from “Aaron”, saying that my domain had gone into redemption and my account had been shutdown. After a lot of obviously frustrated talk, I agreed to opening a new account which would cost me $42 for 3 years. HE confirmed several times that $42 in total would be all my card would be charged. He also said afterwards that I would receive a refund of $87 for the original contract.
He directed me to a page where I could sign the new contract. This is very difficult using a mouse or a touchpad. Anyway after about 4 attempts, which he said was because Visa wasn’t accepting it, he said it was ok, then put the phone down!
I got an email immediately saying thank you for my payment of $718.20!
I rang my bank immediately after the phone call. They were very sympathetic, but said they couldn’t treat it as a fraud case as I had done business with them in the past and supplied my card details to them. A dispute was filed with Visa International. What Gisol replied with to them and my bank is total and utter FRAUD! I also, like another person above, have proof to prove that it is fraud. I thought that they were pretty watertight, the way they have everything covered, with contracts and verbal agreements etc, but I believe they are getting a bit desperate about the amount of chargebacks they are getting and haven’t really thought through what they are doing this time. It’s NOW going through the Fraud Dept of my bank and Visa International. I hope the evidence is stacking up and they get sent down very soon. It can only be a matter of time.
I did the usual like emailing, ringing, trouble tickets etc but of course no help/reply. My domain didn’t come out of redemption as they said they would, and of course it was owned by them, not me. I’ve managed to get it back now which is a relief, as I have paying clients advertising on there. I temporarily ran my version, but it wasn’t ideal as search engines listed my .com version. It’s been down for about 6 weeks while the redemption/deleting process went through. I managed to get to get it back for me the instant it became available.
I can only urge everyone affected to dispute/chargeback the charges, report them to as many agencies (LA Attorney, California Attorney, FBI IC3, Federal Trade Commission, BBB, local police, press, TV etc etc etc) as you can.
Don’t be scared. Let’s do it and get them sent down!
I have now received the full charges back from my bank and they are passing the fraud details on to the police.

I've now started an anti-gisol website called:

Mar 09, 2008 7:18 pm EDT

I had Gisol hosted my domain since 1988 when the service WAS excellence but last year, 2007, they deleted my account because of a credit card expiration and they didn't notify me. After months of not able to get into my account and get passed around in their system, I finally got the answer that the account was deleted. I then tried to sign up again to save my domain since it was still registered under Gisol. I signed up for a $71.00 per year package and the salesman called me back to offer a discount of $49.95. I took the package not knowing that it is actually PER MONTH! The guy said it was a DISCOUNT! It is a total con job as they charged me for 36 months, that wasn't mentioned either, of course. So the total is now $1790. I called back and get passed around again and finally, they said to write to No answer after a few emails and I finally went to my domain name and saw that it is now parked somewhere else by some one else! They actually lost my domain!

Don't ever register anything with these people, let alone have them host you! They should be banned.