Gipfel German Shepherd Dogs in Milawabreeder clearly does not hip score his breeding dogs

I Aug 22, 2018 Review updated:

Sadie is a pedigree dog that came from Gipfel GSDs in Milawa. Her name is Gipfel Royal Fantasy - we prefer to call her Sadie.

I rang the breeder to ask if he gets his dogs hipscored etc before breeding and of course he went straight on the defense. I told him we were up for around $18, 000 to fix the serious congenital problem his breeding dogs have (which is passed on to their puppies) and he suggested it would be cheaper if I had her put down and bought another one from him!!

I told him "don't worry, I will fix the problem you created and give my dog a life without constant hip pain" and he said " I don't [censored]ing care mate...your dog, your problem"

Please tell anyone you know who wants to buy a GSD from a breeder to never ever support GIPFEL GSDs !! What a vile human being, causing so much pain for the dogs he breeds. I'd like someone to check out his facility as he likely runs it like a puppy farm, he is a disgusting human being.

breeder clearly does not hip score his breeding dogs


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    Auxesia Jan 13, 2019

    I too have bought a dog from GIPFEL who ended up being seriously aggressive. Breeder was incredibly unhelpful and super aggressive himself. Horrible breeder.

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    Paul Paterson Jul 04, 2020
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    In stark contradiction, I purchased Bear (Gipfel Ice Condor) some time ago(2003). He reached 12 years old until he succumb to Cancer.
    Bear was the genlest and most friendly dog I have ever owned. He was strong and loving and would never hurt a sole. He had no issues with hips or joints except normally with age.

    The breeder was considerably protective of his dogs and their puppies and interviewed potential owners prior to acceptance and further assessed us as owners when we picked up our Bear.

    I found the breeder to be straight forward and blunt which made me feel confident in the breeder.

    I am currently engaged with the breeder for another puppy.


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