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Gincci Shop review: Vendor refusing to ship correct product 1

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3:42 pm EST
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Gincci Shop an online vendor is refusing to ship correct product. They are wanting for me to pay for shipping to ship back the incorrect product they sent to me. I have been emailing them explaining to them that it was due to their mistake I shouldn't pay for the shipping that they are the ones who should cover that expense. I have done everything they have asked for by emailing them the pictures of the product that was ordered and how it still has all the tags still on product. The other bad thing is that they don't have a number listed on their website and the only way to contact them is via email. Which is kind of wrong for a vendor to have.

Desired outcome: I would like for vendor to send the correct product and pay for shipping to send them back the wrong size product they sent.

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Mar 03, 2023 12:33 pm EST
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My friend purchased a pair of shoes from gincci in dec 2022. Sje prder a size 43 and they sent a size 40. Exactly the same scenario.

Up date about 19 emails sent back and forth to no avail. First they offer 10% discount and keep shoes and say give them to charity or sell them/ whats 3 dollar off 38 dollars = 3.80 dollars discount... This is an insult

up tp today still battling with them to give address to sent them back and point out their error so they musy honour the payment of the return postage.

It says in their returns and refund policy that the buyer has to pay return postage unless it is covered by the warranty or it is their error!

they obviously don;t read the emails sent to them because they totally ignore what you say and keep answering with what must be an automated answer but is always sent in the name of liz!

this has still not been sorted out ade now they appear to be ignoring the emails...

They started all over again asking for photos,offering 10% asking to choose another item, say they will give a refund but the customer has to pay for the return postage and to let them know to arrange. They have been asked for the return address yo return them but they are not dorthcominf with the address.

What else can be done about this? this is definitely acceptable and other buyers need to be made aware not to purchase anything from this company

your advice as to the law on this subject would be much appreciate.

Please respond to hodaisrael151@gmail.Com - this is my friends email address

thank you

barbara smith

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