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CB Car Dealers Review of Ghabbour - Mazda dealership in Egypt
Ghabbour - Mazda dealership in Egypt

Ghabbour - Mazda dealership in Egypt review: Mazda 3 2021

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Hello Mazda, I am a big fan of the Mazda 3 car. In the past, I owned a 2015 Mazda 3 once it was released in Egypt. Currently I own a red soul 2021 Mazda 3, I purchased it from Ghabbour dealership in March 2021 with a warranty of 3 years or 100,000 kilometers. Now am still in the warranty period till 16 March 2024 and there is some issues in the car that the dealership is refusing to change in the warranty, in addition they cause a damage to my car color. I will try to state a glimpse of the history of the car with Ghabbour dealership as follows:

1. During the three years, I kept my Mazda in a perfect condition inside and outside and I do maintenance in time , the car needed to change two or three parts in the warranty, including the left car springs and a chip responsible to close the left side mirror. Recently, the chip responsible to close the right side mirror is not working and for the last 6 months the dealership is refusing to change it taking into consideration that the mirror is in perfect condition and has no external effect or damage.

2. The rear bumper was changed in February 2023 I changed it with the dealership workshop, and unfortunately the color turned out to be onion-colored not even close to the famous red soul of Mazda cars. The dealership justified this by telling me that Mazda is not giving us the material needed to match the color!, therefore it is impossible for the bumper to come out as it was. In addition to, they used a poor material as the color is changing by time, accordingly my car looks ugly because of their work. they also damaged my car front hood color while they were fixing the rear bumper, when i asked they said it was by mistake! a photo attached.

3. August 2023, a car hit the left side of my Mazda car, it was diagnosed and repaired completely by the dealership in Egypt (Ghabbour), all the parts that their ’s engineers requested to be changed were changed based on the technical inspection (except for left rim and left strut mount, which were ordered from Japan and have not yet arrived to Egypt for installation till the moment), so I fixed everything on my own, its OK. In April 2023 and before that, I went to the dealership twice complaining a noise in the right front side of my car, they said “we do not hear it, we cannot diagnose it”, the noise is like two voices come out of my right side a cracking sound & whistle sound (I have a video for this sounds since May 2023). if you send me an email i can send number of videos since May 2023 before the accident with the sounds from the front right side of the car as a prove.

Now the car is unstable on the road and the cracking & whistle sound is very loud. I took my car to the dealership and they asked me to leave it for the technical support engineers for a week to diagnose the problem. I received my car without any solution and they informed me verbally that the car front needs 2 rims and 2 strut mount and 2 car springs! And these parts is outside warranty cause my car have accident from the left side last august ! The warranty administration refuses to change it completely and now they are consuming time until the warranty period if finish next month.

I would like to comment that this report is illogical for several reasons: First, the complaint began in April 2023 that means 4 months prior to the aforementioned accident, and there are videos to the car in which the problem happen since May 2023 (before the accident). Second, the technical support engineer wrote a comment that the car was involved in a frontal accident In general and that give them the right to exclude the spare parts of the right side too, this is not true. The accident occurred in the left fender and rim, and the right side has nothing to do with the accident. Therefore, the description of the report is inaccurate. Thirdly, the car is still under the contracted warranty, and therefore I see that Ghabbour the dealership is trying to evade the time until I leave the warranty and charge me all the expenses for spare parts. i made a complain in the dealership and they consumed 3 weeks to reply with sorry the warranty policy has changed and we cannot help you now, the question is: when & who told me with the warranty new policy?

My second question is: why Ghabbout Egypt is treating Mazda car like this? They damage the car look by unacceptable color paint and they know I cannot do anything as a client, now they are telling me verbally no warranty for some spare parts without any logical reason. I need your support as a loyal client to your Mazda car. And I believe that if you ask made a quick survey along Mazda owners in Egypt you will not trust this dealership for the future, if they continue like this I believe that Mazda will lose their loyal customer segment in Egypt.

I would appreciate your direct advise & follow up on my complaint, appreciate a direct contact with the Middle East’s general manager or higher to discuss the continuous pending issues with the car and reach a satisfying solution.

My name is : Ahmed Ibrahim

Email: [protected]

Phone Number: +[protected]

Car chassis Number: 1114155

Desired outcome: fix the car before warranty expired

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