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I am co-signer for my daughter-in-law through Care Credit. She had been set up for payments through the hardship program - and she was paying them - Care Credit dedcuted the $51.00 every single month for a year and then decided that she had not been paying the correct amount. So they dumped her into debt / collection - along with me being dumped. They say that she should have been paying $52.00 a month and she was paying $51.00 a month - (they set up the payment and they told her the amount was $51.00) now she is a year later and they with interest charges up the gazoo! Nobody will speak to me because I am the co-signer - and all they keep telling her is that they will straighten it out. In the meantime - I am in the process of applying for a equity loan - and all my bank wants from Care Credit is a letter stating that I am the Co-Signer - and they have refused to send it. They say that is not their policy and also because they have turned the debt over to the attorney's office. The attorney's office states they are not responsible for sending out letters they are responsible to collect the money. Well what am I supposed to do??? I have filed a compalint with the Federal Trade Commission and I suggest that anybody who has any dealings with Care Credit - do the same. This is robbery and it has to be illegal -


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    Dn Mullins Sep 02, 2008
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    Writing to try and understandwhat's happening here. Company Bureau ID...404FF03795, Industry TYPE...Sales financing...Company is GEMB. What's up with this??? I don't think I have dealings with this company... was informed by Credit Inform Premier

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    Craig Rehnquist Feb 25, 2010

    I was totally thrown off just now when I got a "recent activity on your credit report" notification from BofA. It was the same: GEMB, 404FF03795, Sales Financing, etc.

    I had forgotten that earlier this week I had tried to finance some dental work that I had done to spread the payments out over 12 months. Turns out, this "activity" on my report is Care Credit.

    I have no dealings with Care Credit, so I can't say anything about how they do business... but the user story above sounds horrible.

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