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Brothers and Sisters!

The story happened to me in my 32 years old, being a young high-educated girl, dreaming to make a career for the future, is true and no Hollywood movie at all. I was sure I could try myself in Muslim countries and did trust Muslims all over the world until I met one person “Muslim” who completely changed my opinion about it, he faced me in front of deep shame, financial and moral (healthy) damages, lots of problems. In addition my one and half years old son was denied by that so called “Muslim father” since I was 6th of pregnancy, and registered under my name therefore my baby will have to live with this shame to the end of his life.
I beg you to help me to find the truth and justice and prevent repeating this story with someone else!

After sending my resume to many companies of Gulf countries in February 2005, I got a job offer from the Qatari company GEACO, employer, introduced himself as a General Manager –interior designer, Mr. Fouad Mohammad Mally.
After 50 minutes interviewing with the above-said employer in UAE, referring to my high skills and long professional experience in administration positions, Fouad Mohammad Mally offered me vacant position as an assistant manager in above-said company with attractive job package i.e. 2000$ salary per month, accommodation and transportation at the expense of company in Doha, Qatar.
During our discussion, he briefed me with all responsibilities, prospects of this vacant position, friendly staff, showed me his full album of images of his art- work like as an interior designer; about Qatari people, culture and rules in Qatar.

Since my contract with my previous employer Auto-Express Co in Azerbaijan, was over on15th of May 2005 I was unable to start my new job in Qatar before May 2005. I informed Mr. Fouad Mohammad Mally about it by email and next day I immediately received a reply from him that new office would be ready in the middle of May so I could move to Qatar for working as soon as I would finish my contract with my current Azeri employer . He also mentioned the working visa for Qatar would be ready in March as he had my scanned passport copy and photo and he would send me in May by DHL and one copy by email. I arrived at Doha airport on 27th of June 2005, where I was met by him personally and shown my place for living in some hotel apartments.
I had with me 2000$ only when I came from Azerbaijan to Qatar, just in case if I wouldn’t be able to get salary in advance, but Fouad Mohammad Mally took it from me as if “for security reasons” and promised to open new account and put that sum in Bank for safety and to give my half salary in advance, what he never did, unfortunately. I expected next day I would be shown my working place, staff as he was planning previous day. Next days were so strange, because every time when I asked about my work he was referring to lots of reasons such as:
• You cant work now cause you need until getting ikama
• You cant work you until passing hospital checking
• You cant work cause your papers are not ok
• You are not allowed to enter the country if you are above the35, single woman, I paid for it 10, 000$ to solve this problem via some Qatari VIPs friends
• You are not allowed to come back to your country cause you will be catched by officers in airport, you have contract al least you need to work one year in Qatar
• You cant leave Qatar cause you don’t have exit permit from Qatari sponsor

In approximately 10 days, he ordered me to move another apartment in Al-Matar Al-Qadeem, close to Lulu Hypermarket. I felt myself like a prisoner in jail, no connection, no money, no moving, always stress and fear, that somebody would knock the door and appeared polices would catch me and put me in jail, as he described me before. At the end of July he visited me and was so angry, he faced me in front of one choice - marriage with him, sure I was in shock: I came to Qatar for working as employee but instead of it I was forced to get married! I wanted to go to police station and get to know about strange rules of Qatar concerning employees’ rights, but he prevented me and promised me to find the state lawyer in that day . Sure, he did not.
Next morning as if according to Qatari sponsor advice we immediately had to move to Lebanon for marriage and as if “it was my only choice” to avoid lots problems with government of Qatar. On the way to Beirut he was so polite, very kind, he told that he was single, had been working and living for 18 years in Qatar, as if he respected my personality and modesty.( He told me that he was 38 instead of 46) He also told me that his parents were waiting for us, they were so happy to hear the news about marriage. We stayed in Marriott hotel in Lebanon, and in 2-3 days we got married, but before he asked me in case I would be asked by sheikh about any sum to tell just 200$.(Unfortunately, I did get to know the reason after translation marriage certificate when he disappeared; he didn’t want to pay allowance for the future, he calculated all his steps very well). After all marriage procedures I asked him to visit his parents as a sign of my respect them and it made him angry referring to lots of meaningless reasons.
Moving back to Qatar at the airport we suddenly met his cousin Hussein, I was introduced to him as Fouad’s manager. It was unexplained feelings of shame and insult for me! What was the meaning of marriage with me in this case if you, Fouad Mally Mohammad, would hide from everybody later?

My next and remaining days in Qatar were so terrible and hellish, full of tears, insults, fears that I cant wish anyone even one second from my life !
He used to come to that apartment when he wanted, I disagreed with this style of living, and it was out of my understanding! He argued it that once our papers would be approved from Lebanon General Security then we could live together without any fears in Qatar. I begged him to move to that apartment, with all his belongs, but I could understand the reason later; he was still married which he denied at the beginning and his wife was moving between Beirut and Doha .Shortly later I became pregnant, this news made him as if happy, but it was only his next lie. Up to 6th month of pregnancy I lived alone with fear cause many times some guys (once I even saw their white car) knocked my door between at 3-4 am and run away as he said by order of his ex wife though I don’t believe it now, it was his order to get of rid me for sure. He left me alone in that apartment for a long time and did not care about me as I expected a baby. I never heard from him a simple but human question “How do you feel yourself?” Every time when I wanted to collect my suitcase and leave Qatar, as a rule he locked my door and left me without food, sometimes with no water about 6-7 days. It was his punishment to me. When my pregnancy was visible, he sent me to Dubai as if to cancel my Qatari working visa and renew visa under husband’s sponsorship, which he never did.
I was moving from one hotel to another one in my hard pregnancy days instead of rest. Sometimes he did not call me and ask about me 10 days. I was trying to call him but no way. My pregnancy was so hard and it could be a big risk for my life, cause of my high pressure. He knew about it but he did not care of it. He liked to repeat only one phrase “Pregnancy is not sickness, Ruba”. Once I even was hit by him by very rude way in hotel, he said that I would never come to Qatar again, because of terrible pain in my belly I went to “Belour” hospital in Deira, UAE and he didn’t let me go alone, he knew what he did. Hospital staff was in shock, one doctor advised me to call police and did complain against this person. I did not do it, cause I thought it was temporary difficulties, it would pass one day….It was my big mistake, unfortunately. Because of I didn’t have enough money for food, hospital I started to hunt for a job and I got a job in real estate “ Golden Sands” company in UAE.
For the time being, it helped me to keep away all problems and just to be alive. All company staff was surprised by my “husband’s kindness and care”, he never called me to my work to ask about me. Once he called me from Qatar, said about IATA “PTA” ticket, and reserved a hotel for us in Bahrain after as if we would be move to Qatar finally. God, I was so happy, I left job, family was more important for me, than anything else and I thought everything would be finished finally and I could rest. I was in Manama airport at but he did not come. Airport officers did not permit me to enter the country and asked about my husband and then I called him from airport he was sleeping his house in Qatar. Being a pregnant and having high pressure I was waiting for him since 9am up to 12 am mid night; all airport officers asked me one question. “Where is your husband and why he let you to come alone? What is your real purpose to come? “I swear my heart was bleeding I did beg from God only one thing, the death for myself. He finally arrived at mid night to Bahrain and took me the Diplomat Radisson Hotel. When we arrived there, he told the reception guys so loudly “I don’t want to be with this woman in one room, find for me another and separate, please” They were looking at me as if I did extremely something bad so I decided to put the end for everything, I couldn’t see any meanings of living. I entered to my room and asked the God to forgive me then I cut my hands by glass so deep that I can prove it all at present. I swear suddenly my baby started to move so fast cause I was loosing too much blood, later a reception person heard my crying, so he entered the room and tried to stop bleeding. I forgave Fouad Mally once again for God and for my small baby as I was thinking about keeping my family, though obviously I never had it. When he came back to the hotel he forced me having with him intimae relations cause as he explained he saw beautiful ladies somewhere, after getting refuse he catched my hairs and hit my head on the wall as much as he could, I looked at his eyes at that moment, I realized, my Goodness, I got married with animal, reboot, he has no right to be a human !

We left Bahrain, he begged me to forgive him for everything, and moved to Dubai, where he bought me flight ticket to one way Dubai- Baku and promised to visit my parents in 3 days and we would continuo to Lebanon and Qatar .In 3 days I was waiting for him with my father in airport for 7 hours, but he didn’t come. We tried to call him; he just switched off his mobile phone.
Being in hotel in UAE he asked me to leave my suitcase( as it was so heavy for me) with all my belongs, clothes and original documents such as references diplomas, certificates in hotel where we stayed Al- Deyafa Hotel apartments and was assuring me to collect it back to Qatar but he never did. In May 2007 the reception guys of above said hotel couldn’t find my suitcase referring to long time reason and they also said nobody called them about keeping this suitcase, though I begged him to send it to Baku or collect it from hotel by sms, emails!

I gave birth to a baby boy in May 2006. Despite my repeated attempts to reach him, he completely ignored my calls and my (SMS, email) messages until I informed his brother that I would be forced to take legal action against him. Shortly after I contacted his brother, he showed up and promised to come and take us from Baku as soon as possible however as usual; I was deceived once again by his fake promises for a period of one and a half years. During this period I constantly tried to contact him begging to provide me with documents for the sake of the child’s registration, because my son often was sick, I could not take him to the state hospital since my son had not birth certificate.

My pregnant and after pregnant period was full of insults, fears, shame. I was suffering each day spent in hospital, after delivery I sent SMS to him, to his brother Saleh Mally, only last one replied: “GOOD LUCK, RUBA!”

As I said before He appeared in July months when I called his brother Saleh Mally and told him about my complaint intentions against him in Lebanon and Qatar. Fouad Mally showed up and said that he was in hospital in Qatar though his brother, his worker Niyemed assured me everything was ok with him in Qatar. He started to promise again that he would come and take us from Baku. Many times, I begged his passport copy to confirm our marriage here and for registration my baby under his name and get for him birth certificate. His financial support up to now was close to 2000$, half of them I used for phone charges cause he never tried to call and ask us.
He could call me once or twice in a month with his promises and lies then he disappeared once again, repeatedly same story during few months. Once I understood that he disappeared again I left for him offline message in yahoo IM about my rights infringement as a mother of his son and about taking measures against him with the help of Authorities in Qatar, Lebanon and Azerbaijan. He called me back and said:” Ruba try to understand, you cant do anything against me I am so rich, I have VIP friends who will destroy you and your son”. I asked about help by email his brother Saleh Mally he ignored me as well.
On the 30th of May, 2007, I visited Lebanon consulate in UAE and submitted my complaint letter against Fouad Mohammad Mally, Madam Consul Farah El Khatib told me that he didn’t register out marriage in Lebanon General of Security so it means this paper hadn’t power, and after divorcing I couldn’t ask for monthly allowance for my son. I registered in Lebanon General of Security my marriage with the help of lawyer Mr. Ziad Edmond Farhoud.
I had to work in may 2007 in UAE in other to be able to send money for that lawyer for his work, unfortunately in July I had to leave UAE because of diploma what I lost for residence visa, I came back to Azerbaijan to get diploma duplicate from the institute . It took time.

Dear Human Rights Teams, Brothers and Sisters!
I beg you as a mother and Muslim woman For Great Allah to help me:
1. Prevent this man to spoil others young lives, as a false employer
2. Protect my rights as mother, Muslim woman according to all Muslim rules
3. Protect my rights as an employee

I am always ready to prove personally, what I said before and Fouad Mally Mohammad is responsible for his all moral and financial damage to me. He must know that female employee is someone’s daughter, sister and nobody has right to play and spoil her life! Please look at it very carefully, he is looking for Russian women 18-46, while I am suffering with my son, look at his age there…lie again.
All need papers will be submit upon on request .

Thanks for your spent time for reading this story.

Best regards,
Rubaba Ibrahimova




  • Ta
    Tah2002 Sep 21, 2016

    Were did u reach with ur case!

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  • Ru
    ruba_27 Dec 01, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nothing resolved...only broken lives...

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  • Li
    liban Apr 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    hi ruba. i feel with you. if u can send me your phone number ill give you my email

    1 Votes
  • Ho
    hohi Mar 26, 2011

    hi Rubaba, we're here to help you, if u need to talk to anybody am here

    0 Votes
  • An
    Antala Mar 26, 2011

    or give me your E-mail

    0 Votes
  • An
    Antala Mar 26, 2011

    I may help... give me your mobile phone number

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  • Ms
    M.S Apr 01, 2009

    I can't believe I read all that, I wish I could help you Ruba, I wish I could. I am 20years old I lived my whole life in Doha. I wish you thought carefully before coming to Doha. It's hard when you're independent and come to such country. I felt so bad reading this, it kills. I really wish I could help. I want you to be closer to God now, just think of your son and yourself. Pray everyday and night and God will never leave you. I am sorry for what happened, again; I really wish I could help.
    Don't ever give up, be strong, keep going and all cases don't forget Allah.
    And don't worry about him, he can run away from you, from this whole entire world, but he can never run away from the greatest Allah.
    Take care of yourself very well. You're a single mum and this is not easy, but believe when you're close to God everything is easy.
    My regards, M.S

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