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Reviews and Complaints

Matchesfashion — customer service

Their shipping method(s) is atrocious considering we're living in 2020 and not the early 1900s. My parcel was stolen due to their couriers incompetence. They failed to secure the item in the mailbox (how hard is it to deliver mail into a mailbox... really...). I tried contacting them via phone because I was worried about my $450 USD purchase going missing. They never answered. I tried again and still no response. I then tried email which took a couple days and that's when "Anna-Maria" replied saying she'd look at the matter. Days go by and she emailed saying they had "no liability" because I didn't sign for the parcel... NO WHERE does it state that they're not liable on their site or after purchasing that I was obligated to sign for a parcel that never even made it to me. Matchesfashion is very misleading and sketchy for not disclosing the details and then leaving their customers with no resolution. Don't buy from them and go elsewhere.