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Gary Spruill review: The Luxury of Leather - Warranty - No response

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On 8-9-2014 we purchased a recliner for $2200 from the Fort Worth Store. Was delivered and all was fine.
Order number: 41833

On 7-1-2015, we noticed the foot rest of the recliner not pushing out and retracting correctly. When we lifted the chair up on its side, we found large amounts of wood chips under the chair?

We called the normal "service" number on 7-2-2014 and listened to the message saying: The luxury of leather was out of business.

We sent letters to all three of the address listed on the web site and all three came back to us as "return to sender" "Unable to forward".

We had to contact an outside recliner repair person to come to our home. He opened the chair up and found where the recline arm attached to the frame, brace, the frame itself was made of plywood and had broken in 3 places. It has now costs us $350 to have the recliner rebuilt to function. So much for our lifetime "cover your hide warranty".

Since Luxury of Leather will not accept phone calls, since they will not accept letters from the Post Office, this is going to leave us with one last resort.

As soon as the repairs are finished and paid on the recliner, we are going to be filing a "small claims" suit in the County of Tarrant against Luxury of Leather. We know that most likely we will never see the funds back that we paid to cover the warranty on the recliner, but most likely, meaning in my opinion, there will be a judgement filed and will be there on the "owners" credit report/name for the next 10 years.

For all others looking for warranty work on their purchased goods from The Luxury of Leather, you may have to go through the same process.

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