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I have contacted them about missing rewards, more than once and have PROVIDED THEM WITH PROOF.

Please help me. I think they are ripping everybody off with the dozar dollars which are difficult to get but allow you to get things in the game, so they are important to players.

The add stated "download app and run" which I did, in good faith for what seemed a very good deal.

900 dozar dollars. Now what they do is they have to "review" it which can take between 15 mins and 24 hours. Well I know of quite a few people, including myself, who complete the download and run in good faith, only to be made to WAIT MANY DAYS. They DEMAND you provide proof via an extremely protracted email system, and NO MENTION of requiring proof, so unless you know, you don't take a pic!
Then, more often than not, and ALMOST ALWAYS on the very large reward adds, like the 900 dollar one THEY DENY IT, no reason, no explanation, just "REJECTED"
You would know how FRUSTRATING this is. Can you please look into it, my 8 year old Grandson who plays with me has been waiting for 2 days now for 900 Dozar Dollars. Thank you for any help you can give us, we are a bit poor and can't afford every game and it is just NOT FAIR.
We completed ALL the EXACT requirements, they can't just deny us our dues!!! I believe they are breaking the LAW.
Thank you again, from us both.
Regards, Stephanie Clarke and Stevie

  • Updated by 5T3V13 · Apr 28, 2017

    Sorry, but also, when you first go in to ask about missing rewards you go to submit and a MANDATORY field doesn't contain the 'offer' which is where they get you later on demanding PROOF.
    This MUST BE ILLEGAL. they just deny, thank you for looking into this, I am sure they will be worried now and will HAVE to look into their underhanded tactics MAINLY AGAINST CHILDREN. Again, sorry but I am so upset about this.
    Regards Steph


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    Chiyoko Louise Gussin Aug 10, 2018
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    I downloaded Toon Blast for 200 coins. Reading the comments here, is this a lost cause?

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    Wade Strassburg Oct 28, 2018
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    I've been playing coin dozer and I really like it but when I download another game for free coins I never get the coins. I've done 3 games now with no results. Please look into this for me and if possible award me the coins I've earned. Thank You. Wade Strassburg. Email address is: [email protected]

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