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Gaffney Mediation / citi bank

1 United States

This private caller calls with no number, saying someone is complaining about my cards from more than ten years ago. There were storms everywhere, not including cancer in the family and the September 11 attacks. I was robbed, broken into, thrown out, my car was stolen and the police were notified then. I had wallet guard insurance, life lock and a post office box. I have always used the police too. The bank at four locations closed or had yellow crime scene tape. It still does. It was terrible here after war. We got hit with disaster many times too. This man yells at me, like my debt is what shut down his Citi bank. They are judging me. I explained that I am protecting myself and family. I am a trustee for the Kennedy administration in honor of my Aunt. She handled ma y things for the family, they're cousins. I have helped the White House because of our company Antero Resources. I was a representative and social media activist for Barack Obama. He called me a liar. I hate Citi bank always. I hate Gaffney meditation. Burn in bell.

  • Updated by Amy G. Davidson, Mar 14, 2019

    Please excuse my typos . Pray for us . Thanks. Amy.

Mar 14, 2019

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