Fuelman Fleetcorfleet fuel cards

P Oct 08, 2019

Price gouging on fees and unethical business practices. Signing up additional services without consent, I canceled said services, then they started charging them again. This company began a Fraud Protection campaign and and suddenly fraud occurred on one of our cards 2 times within 2 separate billing periods. This card was not lost or stolen, and no issues of this kind previously on our account. We then felt like we needed it so agreed to keep the charge. They price gouge on fees and automatically set us up for options that we didn't sign up for; Accelerator Rewards Elite and Fraud protection, adding $38 in fees. I personally called and cancelled the rewards and they started billing it again to eat a credit that they issued. The credit that the applied was for 2 extreme late fees that we were charged. One late fee for being 1 day late (1st time) was for $214.35, the 2nd and last time that we were late was by 3 days and the fee was $321.24, billing periods May and June of 2019, also this is when the fraud occurred. We were issued the credit back for this amount and then they proceeded to increase our monthly fees by the following: Fleetdash Subscription $29.97, Card Fee $26, Fraud Protection Fee $26, and the Accelerator Rewards Elite $12. Mind you they started billing these once they knew that we were phasing out, our fees went from $13.83 to $93.97 so they could eat our credit. I only allowed 1 card to be used while we used up the account credit that we had. Fuelman only bills every 2 weeks vs 1 time per month and do not make it easy to go to a monthly payment. We asked 3 times before we were ever late, to be billed one time per month, and they said it shouldn't be an issue because we always paid Early. No one ever made the change and I asked 3 different people. They also do not make sense on the auto payment option, which we always opt for with our vendors. I believe that they have a motive in forcing customers to pay bi-weekly, this gives more opportunity to charge excessive fees. The customer service is lacking and doesn't get any issues resolved, the billing being the main issue for our company. I tried to call today and cancel the account and no one answers the phone, system updates once again. I sent an email with instruction to cancel our account and remove any payment options stored in their system. Very Unethical Practices.

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